Conflicts and awards at the solstice — June 21-28 2023


Saturn in retrograde digs into the Pisces depth, demanding structure, rejecting Pisces’ lack of boundaries. A struggle to define limitations in the eroding environment presents challenges. Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn, while Saturn is disposed of by Neptune in Pisces, a final dispositor (in the sign of rulership). Ships of state are also endangered, leadership under increasing pressures from opponents, stretching the limits of constitutional law. The former president seeking re-election while under indictments also follows this pattern — Saturn in Pisces, makes the attempt to regain status (Saturn retro) as opportunity recedes. Mars in Leo makes the square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as disagreements are inflamed. Neptune remains in Pisces until April 2025. Saturn resumes direct transit in November 2023, ingress to Aries May 26, 2025, although returns to Pisces for 6 months before its ingress in February 2026. Neptune makes its final exodus from Pisces the same month. For another three years we continue struggling to rescue the cultural and environmental disasters we are facing this quarter-century. It may be a time to go with the flow, as resistance (Saturn), is increasingly counter-productive, as we each struggle to maintain our self-respect and dignity, possibly reaching a re-definition of life goals.  

Wednesday June 21st — The Summer solstice begins today, as the Sun transits from Gemini to ingress Cancer, quincunx aspect to Pluto retro in Cap, an indication of the unsettled environment, both political and ecological. Ceres ingress to Libera makes a square aspect to the Sun as demands for generational equality surface. The Moon in Leo in mutual reception with the Sun, is quincunx aspect to Saturn retro, early in the day (US time zones) afternoon in Europe and the ME. Ceres at 29 deg Virgo is trine aspect to Pluto, pushing forward for universal recognition. Jupiter in Taurus is sextile aspect to Saturn retro as the Moon makes a square aspect to Jupiter. Mercury in Gemini is sextile aspect to Mars in Leo. Careful planning for desired achievements or for travel is favored.

Thursday June 22nd — The Moon in Leo makes a conjunction aspect with Mars early today (US time zones) evening in the Beijing. Moon and Mars are trine aspects to Chiron in Aries, indicating a passion for uncovering hidden truth. Aggressive instincts may be moderated by the lunar transit, expressing creative appreciation. Personal relations reach a peak moment. The Moon in the fixed-fire sign Leo supersedes Mars and then makes a square aspect to Uranus in the fixed-earth sign Taurus. Mars is brought into the aspect with Uranus, indicating radical and possibly violent events.

Friday June 23rdMars in Leo moves closer to the square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, an aspect notorious for violence occurring under its signature. Economics may be mixed with romantic affairs, with Taurus v. Leo. Unexpected gain or loss may occur. Perhaps high-profile marriage contracts abridged. As the Moon in Virgo is cautious, and in an opposition aspect to Saturn in Pisces, triggering the Jupiter-Saturn sextile aspect that is close to partile. Jupiter in Taurus amplifies the financial involvement, trine aspect to the Moon, could indicate that a settlement is reached, after all. Jupiter and Uranus are disposed of by Venus in Leo, while Venus is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon in Virgo, disposed of by Mercury in Gemini, a final dispositor (in its own sign). Again, a settlement seems to have been arranged. Mercury represents the ambassador, or messenger, a solicitor who, in performance of duty, arranges for a settlement.

Mars square Uranus
June 24-25 2023

Saturday June 24th — The Jupiter sextile aspect to Saturn retro doubly separating, while Mars continues to approach the square aspect to Uranus, separating from the trine aspect to Chiron in Aries. Despite proposed agreements, conflict is even more apparent, and likely to erupt. The Moon in Virgo makes a semi-sextile aspect to Mars in Leo and trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, close to midnight (US time zones) morning on Sunday in UK, EU, Ukraine, Russia, and Israel. The semi-sextile is an uncomfortable aspect, while the Moon trine to Uranus could provide allies in a violent response, as the square aspect is ignited. Safeguards seem to have been eliminated until the Moon transits to the opposition aspect to Neptune in Pieces. A dissolution then takes place, with Mercury in Gemini at the focal point.

Sunday June 25th — The Moon in Virgo makes a square aspect to ambassador Mercury in Gemini, and an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The resulting T-square configuration in mutable signs indicates attempts to reduce ideological conflicts. Mercury is the dispositor of the Moon as well as in its own sign, a final dispositor, strengthening the hand of the mediator. Mercury in a square aspect to Neptune rejects asylum seekers or may find the situation overwhelming. Misrepresenting a position in any confrontation is likely, while emotional distortions are also likely. Arguments and conflicts with Mars square aspect to Uranus resolve around financial compensation for creative work, artistic or literary. The Moon ingress to Libra and a conjunction aspect to Ceres promotes healing. The Moon square aspect to the Sun in Cancer near midnight western time zones, Monday morning in the eastern hemisphere, as open conflicts are recognized.  

Monday June 26th — The Moon in Libra forms quincunx aspects to Saturn retro in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus, a Yod formation. Creative interventions could promote healing, even as Mars partile square aspect to Uranus signify open conflict. Mediation may resume in attempts to reduce conflict. Mercury separates from the square aspect to Neptune, representing opponent’s positions with more clarity.

Tuesday June 27thMercury ingress to Cancer makes a square aspect to Ceres in Libra. This harsh aspect may be beneficial for expressing pain and promoting healing. The Moon in Libra is in an opposition aspect to Chiron in Aries, seeking balance may draw out wisdom from those who have experienced the issues involved. The Moon sextile aspect to Venus in Leo, compliments beauty, and the sextile aspect to Mars in Leo that follows could also relate well to creative instincts. The Moon quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus reaps unexpected benefits. The Moon and Uranus are disposed of by Venus in Leo, while Venus is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon. Mutual appreciation restores a measure of peace.  

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