Conflict and Fate Intertwine — August 2-9 2023   


All planets this week are posited in two distinct opposing groups, following the Full Moon on August 1st (chart for the full Moon in the previous week’s letter). The is a typical see-saw type of chart. The Moon in Aquarius occupies the larger group of planets, from Pluto in Cap to Uranus in Taurus, with the heavy retrograde outer planets Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune. The opposing group of four planets, Sun and Venus retro in Leo, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo. There tends to be give-and-take or tug-of-war with oppositions, indicating major divisions, or conflicts of interest. The Moon separating from the opposition aspect to the Sun begins the disseminating phase of the lunation. What was brought to fulfillment earlier, now begins the distributive phase, a process of disbursement or pay-off. What was sown is now reaped. The Moon transits through Pisces, Aries and Taurus, conjunction aspects to Saturn and opposition aspects to Mercury and Mars in Virgo, conjunction with Neptune and at the 3rd quarter Moon phase, a conjunction aspect with Jupiter in Taurus. The Moon traversing the outer planets indicates an opportunity to influence the outcome of fateful events. The Moon in conjunction with Jupiter at the crisis point increases the opportunity for effective implementation of policy.

Looking ahead: New Moon in Leo on August 16th; Mercury turns retro August 23rd; Sun ingress Virgo on August 23rd; Mars ingress Libra August 28th; Uranus goes retro on August 29th; Full Moon in Pisces August 30th-31st.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday August 2nd — The Moon in Aquarius makes a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, then moves to the opposition aspect to Venus retro in Leo. Venus retro is separating from the quincunx aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, as the Yod formation of the past week fades. Mars is separating from the trine aspect to Uranus. The Moon is disposed of by Uranus, and with the harsh square aspect could trigger volatile economic activity, and violence overall. Venus is disposed of by the Sun in Leo, adding grace to power. Mercury is doubly separating from Saturn retro in Pisces, as with Saturn retrograde, the two planets are transiting in opposite directions. Pluto in square aspects to the lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) maintains a force for regressive transformation unifying us in tragedy. The Moon ingress to Pisces at 03:07 UT (7-10 PM US time zones).

Thursday August 3rd — The Moon in Pisces makes the conjunction aspect with Saturn retro early today, a warning to desist, or reverse tactics. Mercury in Virgo is in opposition aspect to Moon and Saturn, with the conjunction aspect. Self-inflicted pain may result with over-analyzing and paranoid thoughts. Service and kindness to others helps to overcome conflicts. Mars in Virgo is in a separating trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. Benefits may yet result from diligence. Venus retro in Leo is in a separating quincunx aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces. Humanitarian deeds of kindness, altruistic support for the underprivileged, immigrants, suffering, whether a great or small deed, helps to overcome feelings of unworthiness. The Moon in Pisces opposition aspect to Mars in Virgo promotes selfless service. Mars in a trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, although a slowly separating aspect, indicates rewards for bravery. The Moon makes a quincunx aspect to the Sun in Leo, and a sextile aspect to Jupiter. Rescue operations are likely to succeed.

Friday August 4th — The Moon in Pisces makes a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus early today (western hemisphere) or afternoon in the eastern hemisphere. Retribution for violence, condemnation for aggression, increases as the Moon transits to the quincunx aspect with Venus retro in Leo and then to the conjunction aspect with Neptune retro in Pisces. Intervention in conflicts and /or peace proposals could be made today. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Pluto in Cap to complete the day’s events. The Moon ingress to Aries at 03:20 UT (23:20 EDT).

Saturday August 5th — The Moon in Aries is disposed of by Mars in Virgo, as we prefer useful activities today, with a goal in mind. The Sun in Leo is approaching the square aspect with Jupiter in Taurus, signifies pride in accomplishments with a tendency to exaggerate the effect, accompanies office seekers. The Moon in a quincunx aspect to Mars indicates efforts to discredit opponents. Critical thinking is required with Mercury in Virgo, a sign Mercury rules. The Moon is in a trine aspect to the Sun, late in the day. a time for personal satisfaction and ease. The Moon makes an opposition aspect to Ceres in Libra, allowing that aggressive actions are modified or denied. 

Sunday August 6th — The Moon in Aries makes a conjunction aspect with Chiron retro, possibly a time to reflect and reconsider actions, as looking out for self, and future goals. The Moon then makes a transit of Rahu, square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon is semi-sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus and trine aspect to Venus retro in Leo. Unexpected opportunities could lead to a desired offer. The Sun in Leo makes the square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, a sign of significant gain. Plans come into place, solidifying, as fateful decisions are made. The Moon ingress to Taurus about midnight EDT.

Monday August 7th — The Moon in Taurus makes a sextile aspect to Saturn retro in Pisces early today, while the Sun in Leo remains in the square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus as challenges accompany a new job, or a windfall. Venus retro approaches the square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as possible renewal of relationships, or relationships take an unexpected turn with a change in circumstances. The Moon in a trine aspect to Mercury in Virgo indicates a valuable time for communication with significant others, partners, or children. The Moon catches up to Jupiter, adding personal rewards to the favorable situation, under discussion with the trine aspect to Mercury as the quarter Moon phase arrives, with the Moon square aspect to the Sun [see chart insert]. The Moon and Jupiter are also quincunx aspect to Ceres in Libra, as plans that evolve include adjustments to a balance of time.

Third Quarter Moon
August 7-8 2023

Tuesday August 8th — The Moon in Taurus is trine aspect to Mars in Virgo as implementing goals, such as starting a new employment, indicates material gain. The Moon in conjunction aspect with Uranus follows, indicating that technology and advanced skills are required. The Moon in a square aspect to Venus retro in Leo indicates challenges in relationships. While you may overcome obstacles to success, relationships may still be difficult to reform. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Neptune retro overnight or early Wednesday (depending on location) and then a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. A deep understanding is required and a surrender to the choice and the power of fate.

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