Communication By-Pass – Week of May 11-17 2016



The Mercury pass-over of the path of the Sun caused some Internet problems, apparently.  My connection was affected. In fact, I found out today that all Internet in Israel (perhaps only for my service provider) was down for several hours due to national equipment failure. This is very rare. It is similar to the Sun-spot activity that has been documented. In general, communication problems developed.

Summary of major aspects of the week:  

Wednesday May 11thMercury retrograde is in trine aspect to Pluto retro today, suggesting a renewal of resources in the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn. Perhaps even the renewable energy sources that provide for large populations, such as the African continent. A company in Spain has developed a generator using solar energy to create electricity, distill water and connect to the Internet for basic needs. Perhaps you saw the article about the Watly. Venus in a trine aspect to Jupiter (easy or beneficial aspect) in earth signs suggests the distribution of resources as well.  Clearly, a landmark development. The Moon in Cancer will oppose Pluto today, as we try to balance home and public life, some merging of the two, or greater attention to universal service and universal participation in defensive measures.

Thursday May 12th – The Moon in Leo in a trine (120 deg easy) aspect to Mars in Sagittarius could produce an even more charged debate, adding more energetic urgency to the air, hopefully to combat negative or destructive forces.  Jupiter, now in direct motion, is doubly approaching a square (90 deg harsh) aspect to Saturn retro in Sagittarius. This slowly developing contact has been active for the past 6-8 weeks, will reach its culmination on 22-23rd of May. This has slowed the pace of natural development, and has also coincided with a harsh political debate. Conflicts develop easily in the workplace, or in interpersonal and cultural relations. Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn in Sagittarius, while the dispositor of Jupiter is Mercury, now inhabiting Taurus. along with Venus, its own dispositor, and Venus is a final dispositor. So we do need to work hard to repair infrastructure. Taurus is the sign of personal resources and basic material and physical needs. The Sun, Mercury retro, and Venus are currently transiting Taurus. Repair, with the Mercury retrograde, is a current necessity, of major infrastructure.

1st Quarter Moon  May 13, 2016

1st Quarter Moon
                                                May 13, 2016


Friday May 13th – The first quarter Moon denotes a conflict developing, in the fixed signs of Leo and Taurus, this can be around particularly difficult, seemingly irresolvable issues. Demands to limit political debate, to define issues and put structure in place arise now.  While Mercury retro is trine to Pluto, the overall issues are aired, with a goal for greater clarity and precision. Technicalities are debated. New rules may be devised.

Saturday May 14th – The Moon transits into Virgo today, adding to the influence of Mercury, its dispositor, while Mercury has progressed beyond the conjunction with Venus in Taurus, Venus remains in relation to Pluto, a trine aspect, giving more appreciation and understanding of problems of a universal nature. It is the individual in relation to the whole, and not only a particular social or national structure. The human needs and desires are universal and universally applied laws govern us all.

Sunday May 15th – As the Moon in Virgo transits Jupiter today it will also complete the grandtrine configuration, giving a situation of ease of movement on a physical plane, as the three earth signs are connected. Material goods, finances and personal awards are involved in the outcome, adding to grandeur and comfort for many, as some problems of the physical plane are resolved. Political status for some may be demoted, as greater power is generated outside of the political issues.  

Monday May 16th – The Moon trine the Sun today, promotes more ease of self-expression, and more gain on a material level as well. The Moon is also trine to Mercury and Venus and opposed to Chiron, giving a more complex day, with increased personal attraction and opportunities for greater interaction. You may feel a compulsive need to reach out to assist others.

Tuesday May 17th – The Moon in Libra today focuses on partners and finding balance accepting the humanity of others. While underlying issues are being resolved, you may feel alone in your personal goals, although able to work more objectively now than at other times, gaining a deeper philosophical understanding of the relationships, as the Moon is sextile (easy 60 deg aspect) to Mars retro in Sagittarius.

Hope your week is super agreeable.

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May 10, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel

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