Changing the Trajectory  — August 10-17 2022


In the next week, the Moon transits from Capricorn to Taurus. On this journey, it encounters Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. The planets that are “activated” represent facets of human endeavors. More importantly, however, are the aspects that result when the “activation” relates by degree to a third planet. The Moon/Pluto conjunction, for example, is in a 180 deg opposition aspect to Venus in Cancer. The modifying influence of the Moon resonates with this aspect. Natal planets for a person, nation or entity can also be “activated” by the lunar transits, modifying innate tendencies. Each day, as the Moon transits the ecliptic, issues are brought into the discussions and thought processes, uniting or conflicting with personal, social and/or universal configurations. Astrologers assign the interests of government, for example, largely to the outer planets that have an impact of the entire culture or world. While Eris, a planet beyond Pluto, a relatively new discovery, transits slowly through the signs, and therefore, has not been known to have a very significant relationship to our present process, it is significant for era or epoch. Eris ingress to Aries in 1924, and remains in Aries until 2044, 120 years.  In 2044, as Eris ingress to Taurus, it is projected that the earth will undergo drastic change. If humanity doesn’t adapt to the environmental decay, survival is in doubt.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week.

Wednesday August 10th — The Sun is in Leo and in a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus today, while the Moon transits a conjunction aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Major reversals or even transforming events are triggered. The Moon trine aspect to Mars early in the day (pre-dawn US time zones) indicates warnings of activated conflicts. Mars in Taurus is sextile aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, focused efforts to deescalate a tense situation, to calm nerves, where there is much disarray. Natural disasters could be overwhelming to many, as Mars doubly approaches the trine aspect to Pluto retro.  The Moon ingress to Aquarius and a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, late in the day, or morning in the eastern hemisphere. Innovative solutions are sought.

Full Moon in Aquarius
August 11-12 2022

Thursday August 11th — The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs in the evening hours (US time zones). Aquarius is the natal Moon sign for the US. In the morning hours (US time zones), the Moon makes an opposition aspect to Ceres in Leo, signaling the conflicting views of younger generations prior to the full Moon, as the future remains in doubt. The Moon is square aspect to Uranus at the full Moon, in an opposition aspect to the Sun in Leo [see the above image]. In the afternoon, the Moon approaches a conjunction aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius. This becomes a defining moment for the nation and its future, anticipating the final passage of the health, climate and tax bill, a key legislation for the next decade, and with Uranus conjunction aspect with Rahu in Taurus at the pivotal point of the Full Moon opposition aspect. Uranus is not only a symbol for reversals, but also a path breaker for the future, with lightening-like discoveries. Jupiter in Aries in a trine aspect to Ceres in Leo, provides a boost to the aspirations of the younger generations. Mars in Taurus doubly approaches the trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, indicating economic power to transform and unify an organized contract with the nation’s citizens. Chiron separating from the trine aspect to the Sun, as the guiding principles that helped form the legislation, and Neptune in Pisces sextile aspect to both Pluto and Mars, indicates the inspiration for the transfer to focused energy into a comprehensive plan to rescue the nation’s future. Venus’ ingress to Leo late in the day, heralding an new era.  

Friday August 12th — The Moon in Aquarius makes a square aspect to Mars in Taurus early in the day, while Mars is doubly approaching a trine aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn (the two planets seem to be moving toward one another due to the retrograde phase of Pluto). Mars has a focus on economic stability in Taurus and energizes the more complacent Pluto. Anger could be aroused from opponents to events that impact personal wealth.  Mars could expose secretive controlling alliances, represented by Pluto. The lunar aspect, a harsh square aspect, could be a trigger for Mars to expose corruption. The Moon ingress to Pisces and a quincunx aspect to Venus in Leo, with cautions praise for achievements, amid criticism.

Saturday August 13th — The Moon in Pisces reaches the opposition aspect to Mercury in Virgo, drawing on critical comments, and in a sextile aspect to Mars energizing the discovery motive of Mars trine aspect to Pluto retro in Capricorn.  Suspicions may be confirmed. Legal tools are implemented. Health issues could also be exposed, affecting political judgements, or effecting innovative treatments. Many possibilities concerning what surfaces on a personal level, especially if natal planets are activated by transiting Moon or planets. The Moon in a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus signifies scientific discoveries in the medical field, as funds are released to assist those who suffer from disease. The Moon in a quincunx aspect to the Sun in Leo, as creative approaches to therapies are advocated.

Sunday August 14th — The Pisces Moon is conjunct by aspect to Neptune in Pisces late early morning hours (US time zones) afternoon in Europe and Middle Eastern nations, sextile aspect to both Mars and Pluto, seeming to clarify issues of power and resources. Mars supersedes the trine aspect with Pluto in Cap, transiting slowly in Taurus, while the Sun in Leo paced at the measured rate avoids the square aspect to Mars. The Moon ingress to Aries makes a trine aspect to Venus in Leo overnight, as dreams are made possible now. The Sun reaches the opposition aspect to Saturn retro in Aquarius, applying standards to archetypal parenting roles. Mercury in Virgo is quincunx aspect to Chiron retro in Aries, possibly adjusting to a changed environment, negating past doubts and concerns.

Monday August 15th — The Moon transits the conjunction aspect to Jupiter in Aries early in the day (afternoon hours in the eastern hemisphere) energizing activities that are personal, although also favorable for the community. Mercury in Virgo approaches the trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as service occupations are utilized to promote a radical economic revival. Environmental concerns are met with new occupations to meet the challenges. Mars in the separating trine aspect to Pluto as more detailed adjustments are realized.

Tuesday August 16th — The Moon in Aries is trine aspect to the Sun in Leo, and Mercury in Virgo is trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus as rapid progress in practical innovative work moves lives forward. Enthusiasm is central to the ability to achieve successful outcomes. The Sun makes quincunx aspects to Neptune in Pisces and to Pluto in Capricorn. A Yod formation could be active, as innovation is transforming consciousness.  Venus in Leo is doubly approaching the trine aspect with Jupiter retro in Aries, increasing the orb and the influence of this beneficial aspect, extending its effectiveness over the next two days.  The Moon ingress to Taurus overnight (morning on Wednesday in the eastern hemisphere), as practical measures are taken to apply new legislation.

Reminder: While lunar aspects are in effect only for only a few hours, the aspect of the outer planets can last days and weeks. I post a reading for a day in advance in order to give a preview, also because the aspects may be in effect a day prior to the exact partile degree.

Hope you navigate the week successfully and share the joy! Thanks for reading. 

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August 9, 2022
Jerusalem, Israel

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