Calming Waves for the Greater Good – Week of May 10-16 2017


It’s an exceptional time for many of us. The best advice is to think clearly and creatively this week as Mercury transits Uranus in Aries again. Implement ideas that were important in the past two weeks, try a new approach. At the Full Moon on Wednesday, results can be realized. This may be actual income increase, or a step toward fulfillment of a longer range project. The Moon in Scorpio is an indication of profit from joint ventures. The Sun in Taurus plans for business or personal profits successful. Ventures of an earthy nature, from material goods and profit from land are favored. Upsets later in the week are calmed as new policies are put in place. 

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday May 10th – The early Springtime Full Moon today with collective power and resources as the Mars trine to Jupiter in air signs (Gemini to Libra) as focused (Mars) communication (Gemini) has better results (Jupiter) in social and legal claims (Libra).  Revelations may proceed with Mercury conj Uranus, leading to an inevitable outcome. Revelations and actions are inter-related as Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception until Mercury leaves Aries on May 16th. Courts (Saturn in Sag), covert power (Pluto in Capricorn) and combined social justice (Jupiter in Libra) are working toward an outcome that may be achieved in the coming months. It is a pivotal day. Venus in Aries is the dispositor of Jupiter and disposed of by Mars, so action in reining in political power seems inevitable.

Thursday May 11thThe wheels are set in motion. With Mercury trine aspect (120deg) to Saturn (narrow focused action) in Sag (political and philosophical) we might expect some more judgments from the courts or from congress and parliaments. Uranus is also trine to Saturn (traditional focus) so there could be a restraint of revolutionary judgments and possible reversals in range of power due to constitutional (Pluto as the highest power) restraints. The Saturn trine to Uranus will be partile by May 19th. Court deliberations carry weight and power. Mars trine aspect to Jupiter is partile by the 12th so this weekend should get more action in the realm of individual and collective actions, both through Internet and print, individual (Mars in Gemini) and collective (Jupiter in Libra) protests, twitter accounts and news media. The Moon moves into Sagittarius later today as more of the above in legal and published opinions are influential.

Friday May 12th – The Moon forms a trine aspect (120 deg) to Venus today, as the importance of the feminine point of view in political realms is recognized. Then the Moon travels on to form a square aspect (90 deg) to Neptune and opposition aspect (180 deg aspect) to Mars. This Tsquare formation brings to light the sufferings of the underdog element in the economic spectrum. Exposure of the damage done through lack of social reform and the dangers inherent in social neglect are made real. Can we open the door to reform without exposing the faults of the current policies? Desperation leads to crime and a moral failure.

Saturday May 13th – The quincunx aspect (120 deg) is an aspect of ill ease. The elements are of opposite polarities, and unlike elements that sometimes force action in a creative way.  It is not the kind of creativity of natural talent, but more often on necessity. Working with groups that do not normally relate to one another is one way the quincunx can work in a political environment. Today there are two quincunx aspects operating. Pluto in Capricorn quincunx Mars in Gemini while Sun in Taurus is quincunx the Moon in Sagittarius.  If we have common goals we can work to produce results regardless of former affiliations.  Motivation overcomes difficulties. Later in the day, the Moon transits Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. This activates the trine aspect of Saturn to Uranus and Mercury in Aries (fire signs) disposed of by Mars in Gemini.  The final dispositors Mercury and Mars are still in mutual reception. Release of court documents or other documents through an electronic media (Uranus and Mercury) can still stir a controversy.

Sunday May 14th– Today the Moon enters Capricorn.  Saturn rules Capricorn so the dispositor of the Moon and Pluto is Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, currently in Libra, therefore disposed of by Venus in Aries. So we see democracy at work in the astrological formations. Again, Mars and Mercury are the final dispositors. Working with public opinion and media with a humanistic approach to social structures and government helps to bring about greater individual freedom, and the goal of democracy.  Jupiter quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Neptune is the third quincunx in operation this week, as social pressure to relieve humanitarian injustices continues.

May 15, 2017
4:00 PM Jerusalem

Monday May 15th –Early in the day, the Moon forms square aspects to Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra, resulting in a formation, the T-square, that while fleeting can have an impact, as Jupiter and Venus begin to relate to one another in an opposition (180 deg) aspect. Venus is outspoken in this conflict, while the force of public opinion is not very receptive, and may even counter the role of Venus. If Venus represents a voice in a high position of power and wealth, this could be part of the controversy today. Venus is Aries is very self-assured, although her place is only assured through social acceptance. The result is one of instability. Mercury in the final degree of Aries (29th degree) which is an unstable degree as the Planet is moving into the next sign (Taurus) with an opposite polarity (-). Taurus is centrifugal in nature, drawing inward, while Aries thrusts outward. Saturn in Sagittarius is trine Uranus in Aries (fire signs), as upsetting political developments may produce chaos in some quarters. Media (Mercury) seems to keep a more passive distance at this time.

Tuesday May 16th – The Moon in Capricorn is trine (120 deg) aspect to the Sun in Taurus (earth signs) while square aspect (90 deg) to Uranus and sextile (60 deg) aspect to Chiron. This could be a settling of accounts, stepping back and taking a new assessment of the situation.  Acceptance of the rules, legal issues and high court decisions, moderates the Uranus rogue power 0f the non-conformist. Limitations are placed as no one is above the law. Reversals of orders that do not comply with higher laws maintain peace. Mercury moves into the earth sign Taurus disposed of by Venus. Acceptance of legitimate positions and restrictions for conformity has the calming effect of compliance. Sun and Moon sextile Chiron as the voice of wisdom prevails.


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May 9, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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