Building Resilience in Response – Week of June 7-13 2017

With the world uniting against terrorist activity, the need to build resilience becomes an equally essential goal. Institutions such as schools and hospitals have to be protected and guarded.  With Saturn in Sagittarius, higher education could be narrowed in scope, perhaps more focused and traditional. Saturn retrograde suggests that there is an internalized focus of self-assessment in court organization and in higher education. Traditional religious and philosophical approaches gain favor. There may be a more limited influence in general, however for these matters. This could also be a limited application of court rulings and educational achievements.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

June 7, 2017
3 Quincunx Aspects

Wednesday June 7thMars in a sextile aspect to Venus (60 deg) gives a close working companionship in marriage and other relationships.  Venus is strong in her own sign of Taurus, promotes the appreciation of beauty, good food and company.  Mercury in his own sign of Gemini, semisextile (30 deg aspect) to both Mars and Venus, includes good conversation in the social gatherings. Still, we are unable to relate to powerful entities (Sun quincunx Pluto – 150 deg) generally feeling disconnected and exposed to the radical elements of extremism (Moon quincunx Uranus). Also, there is another quincunx that is a longer term influence- Jupiter retro quincunx Neptune, resulting in a greater sense of anxiety about the future. (See chart image above.) More radical, non-traditional or innovative approaches to healing may be successful now.  

Thursday June 8th – The Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mercury today, with eager exchanges of data, sports competitions and travel for business or pleasure. Limited or local travel is preferred with Saturn in Sagittarius. Speaking and publishing efforts succeed at this time. A nighttime Full Moon illuminates the sky. Venus and Mars remain in the sextile aspect as yesterday, moving in synch through the zodiac. A focus is on a political resolution at this Full Moon today or tomorrow. The Sun quincunx Pluto suggests that the current power is causing anxiety, and changes in organization are well underway.

Friday June 9th – The reelection of Theresa May (her Jupiter is at 17 deg Virgo– the focal point of the Full Moon opposition) is in the balance, while there could be upsetting news for Donald Trump, with the Sun conjunct his natal Uranus. However, he is sure to be in the spotlight with his natal Full Moon (see chart here) ignited by the current Full Moon. His character is fully visible today. Jupiter turns direct in Libra, another trigger for Trump and Putin in a bromance. Putin’s natal Sun (Putin’s chart below) is conjunct transiting Jupiter.  He won’t be able to keep his mouth shut.  

Vladimir Putin
Natal Chart

Saturday June 10th – With the Moon ingress to Capricorn today, opposing Mars in Cancer, a police force may be necessary to keep the peace. Chaos may erupt in various locations. The feminine (receptive) power is strong with the Moon disposing of Mars in Cancer and Venus in the home sign of Taurus. The Full Moon becomes sober, with Saturn’s presence conjunct the Moon, by mid-day (late afternoon in Europe and Middle –East).  Saturn wants to control and limit activity that is more hedonistic or Dionysian. Imposing a travel ban and limiting freedom of religious expression is one outcome of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn may be more rigorous in freedom-loving Sagittarius. The lunar aspect could strive to modify Saturn’s legalistic approach in these matters.  The VenusMars friendly aspect continues, although conforming to political and governmental policy is within the overall picture. As the Moon moves into Capricorn, a more stable situation evolves.

Sunday June 11th – The Moon opposes Mars in Cancer early today, with conservative responses to opposition voices. While approaching Pluto in Capricorn, there may be an attempt now to address concerns of more fundamental governmental policies, attempting to modify or reform the structures and the system of legislating law.

Monday June 12th – The Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn in the morning hours US times, as reforms are announced affecting travel, court rulings and discrimination based on religion. The travel ban proposed is modified and may now become more acceptable.  Jupiter in Libra voices concern about equality concerning the immigration ruling, and affecting the refugees seeking opportunity.

Tuesday June 13thMercury and Sun in Gemini, Jupiter in Libra and the Moon now in Aquarius (the three Air signs), as well as the Sun’s opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, are indications of attempts to appeal and overturn any travel ban and assert immigration rights. Compromising security is still an issue, with Mars in Cancer, withdrawing into self-protective stance, quincunx the Moon in Aquarius, is less able to launch a counter-appeal. Personal security concerns may be left to the individual.  An effective universal security system is still elusive.

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June 6, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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