Breaking Free from Limitations while Retrograde – Week of April 4-10 2018   

As Mars in Capricorn transcends (goes beyond a point in the zodiac) Saturn there is a sense of progressing beyond limitations. Dealing with the status quo as an institution itself that we seek to reform, we could break tradition as it were.  Although Capricorn loves order and Saturn demands conformity, Mars disrupts and challenges that solidity of power, the basis of law and order. However, if we break tradition, we must have a clear reason or goal in mind (Mars). Border issues are highlighted now everywhere worldwide. Limitations are threatened with violence, in some cases. The Moon moves through Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius alerting international concerns. Mercury continues retrograde in Aries until April 16th with the New Moon in Aries. These events cause us to feel burdened and powerless, or give a sense of inertia, awaiting the unknown future. 

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday April 4th – The importance of the moment looms large. If one limits focus (Saturn) to personal goals (Mars) opportunities may be found and a plan forward devised. Mercury is in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to the MarsSaturn pair. Conflicting views are expressed freely. The Moon in Sagittarius is optimistic, with a quincunx aspect (150 deg, complex) to Venus in Taurus and then a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Ceres in Leo and Mercury in Aries, as we are attracted to finding resolutions to persistent roadblocks to personal success. A grand trine in fire signs is favorable for effortless progress. Taking advantage of the prevailing winds, as it were, roadblocks are avoided.  While deeply embedded issues remain, personal development is necessary for success.

Thursday April 5th – The Moon trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to the Sun for good energy in the fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries. Yet your mood may be dampened by the Moon square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Neptune.  A persistent illness or depressive world-view may inhibit your expression. This could be only temporary. As the day wears on, you have more opportunity to become involved in social activities. However, Mercury retro in Aries and in a square aspect to Saturn in Cap could be a harsh awakening as past conditions may no longer exist. You may find that your skills are not up to date, or that your resume is inadequate. Re-aligning your self-presentation or acquiring new skills may be required. A minor set-back as new possibilities will arise in the future.

Friday April 6th – The Moon makes a square aspect to Chiron before leaving the sign of Sagittarius, as well as a trine aspect to Uranus. Court rulings could give individual rights more power now. The Moon enters the earth sign of Capricorn. Venus forms a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) with Saturn in time for the Moon’s transit, as Saturn’s impact is further modified. Venus is the ruler in Taurus, strong by natural inclination to preserve personal resources. The Moon may then be a co-defendant in the controversy for secure borders. Jupiter in Scorpio is in a close sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Pluto in Capricorn, expanding (Jupiter) resources (Scorpio) perhaps with a transformation (Pluto) of power (Capricorn).

April 7 2018
Major aspects

Saturday April 7th – The lunar transit of Saturn and Mars in Capricorn reaffirms the recent conjunction and could also change some relation or reassessment of issues of the past few days. Venus in Taurus is in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Saturn and the Moon, extending the contact to Mars as the Moon moves forward. Thus the three planets and the Moon are blended in a more compatible scheme, benefiting a financial arrangement or material goods transfer that has promise of reciprocity. Mercury retrograde is receiving a trine aspect from Ceres, so that harvest and produce (Ceres) are recognized as vital products. Negotiations are reestablished for greater benefit. The MarsSaturn conj with the Moon could trigger disasters such as earthquakes or man-made disasters such as migrations and homelessness      

Sunday April 8th – The Moon transits Pluto in Capricorn early in the day, with a sextile aspect (60 deg, helpful) to Jupiter in Scorpio concurrently. The necessity for disaster relief unites disparate entities, and removing restrictions on sharing information as well as on goods and services. Venus in a trine aspect to Saturn (120 deg, easy) allows for compliance to demands.  Venus moves ahead to a trine aspect with Mars, bringing more open access for the needy.

Monday April 9th – The Moon enters Aquarius as the Sun in Aries is in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto. Awareness of the situation for those in distress increases with the Moon‘s opposition aspect (180 deg, polarized) to Ceres in Leo. Venus (care) in Taurus are then in a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Mars (goal-directed) in Capricorn as forces are motivated into action. The Moon transits to a trine with Venus and conj to ketu (the south lunar node), as the significance and depth of the disaster becomes known.

Tuesday April 10th– The Sun in Aries is in a square aspect (90 deg, harsh) to Pluto in Capricorn, while a sextile aspect (60 deg, favorable) to the Moon develops, helping the supply side of the equation.  The Sun is also in a quincunx aspect to Jupiter (150 deg, complex), as a deeper analysis is called for. Migrants may be turned away, but their situation has to be taken into account.  Jupiter continues in the sextile aspect to Pluto as the pressure for a solution is enlarged. A dialogue continues with Venus in Taurus trine aspect to Mars in Capricorn as solutions must be found.

Thanks for reading my forecast and have a good week.

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April 3, 12018   
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