As Chaos Reigns Peace is Proposed — January 11-18 2023

January 11-18 2023 — As Chaos Reigns Peace is Proposed


A grand-trine in earth signs on Wednesday, with Mercury retro, speeds up the process even with the retrograde Mercury. Complicated issues start to fall into place. Mercury square aspect Chiron opens old wounds. The Moon opposition on aspect to Neptune on Thursday, with a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, could dampened ambitions. The Moon trine aspect to the Sun could overcome doubts, as good energy continues to flow. Mars returns to direct apparent motion, released from the trine to Venus, in Gemini, speaks on his own. The Moon ingress to Libra early morning (US time zones) on Friday the 13th, with a conjunction aspect to Ceres, and an opposition aspect to Jupiter in Aries evidences a generational divide in support for peers. While encountering good luck is favored, maintaining a well-balanced response is necessary, as one could easily fall foul. The Moon transits to aspects with Mars (trine aspect) and Mercury retro (square aspect). The Moon then trine aspect to Venus and quincunx aspect to Uranus could find balance difficult, with Venus in Aquarius, square aspect to Uranus in Taurus, as accusations, once again, fly. Peace is difficult to maintain. Mercury and Mars are in a quincunx aspect that holds for more than a week, as Mercury slows to turn direct on the 18th-19th, as adversaries fail to see eye-to-eye. The Moon ingress to Scorpio on Sunday, making a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Aries, with acrimonious retorts from injured parties. The Moon in an opposition aspect to Uranus on Monday, a ceasefire could be called with the square aspect to Venus in Aquarius, at the focal point of the opposition aspect. The Moon square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius later in the day with sextile aspects from each to the Sun in a truce is proposed. On Tuesday, the Sun in Capricorn approaches the conjunction aspect with Pluto, the Moon in Scorpio is sextile aspect to this conjunction, as agreements are sealed, with the Moon ingress to Sagittarius trine aspect to Jupiter opposition aspect to Mars in Gemini, semi-sextile aspect to Mercury in Cap, as Mercury turns to direct transit.    

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday January 11thThe Moon in Virgo makes several aspects early today, a square aspect to Mars in Gemini, early today (US time zones) triggers action, as Mars slows to stationary, and the Moon becomes trine aspect to Mercury retro in Capricorn. Mercury is the dispositor of Mars and the Moon, thus reaps the consequences of the harsh contact, the fallout of actions settles on the owner, with the obligation to clarify his or her words. This relates well to the author of “Spare” who will continue making statements in interviews about his expose. Political activists may also be called out to justify statements. The Moon makes quincunx aspects to Venus in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries to make a brief Yod formation, and then a trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, forming a grand-trine configuration with Mercury retro. The author of “Spare” seems to rise to the occasion, his natal Moon/Ceres are trine aspect to the transiting Sun. The Moon transits to a trine aspect to the Sun, for a grand-trine formation. We should hear a lot from Harry. Mercury retro in a square aspect to Chiron exposes personal wounds, providing for a catharsis that could promote healing.

Thursday January 12th — The Moon in Virgo is trine aspect to the Sun in Capricorn early today, and an opposition aspect to Neptune forms at the same time. Even the most sincere critics harbor disbelief. The Sun in a sextile aspect to Neptune indicates that more efforts are focused on dispelling dis-information. The Moon in a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Aquarius is an indication that many people face a deteriorating situation and request assistance. The Moon trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn as massive rescue efforts get underway. The Moon ingress to the air sign Libra overnight, morning hours in Europe, Ukraine, and points eastward, as solutions are sought that balance rights and responsibilities.

Friday January 13th — The Moon in Libra is in opposition aspects to generous Jupiter and unresolved Ceres in Aries, on this fabled bad-luck day. Opportunities are weighed for possible good fortune. Either choice may be successful, however, maintaining proper etiquette leads one to reject inconsiderate invitations, as Mars in Gemini trine aspect to the Moon might provide.  The Moon square aspect to Mercury retro in Capricorn could force unacceptable responses. Venus in Aquarius is today square aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, evoking a painful repartee.  Saturn in Aquarius and semi-sextile aspect to Neptune retro in Cap could place limits on the exposé, deepening the pain, while Sun semi-sextile aspect to Saturn indicates urgency, as conventions are disbanded. 

Third Quarter Moon Phase
January 14-15 2023

Saturday January 14thVenus in Aquarius is square aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, intensifying today, with fixed signs, as neither party is giving flexibility. Property, status, and money issues are all in the open. The Sun supersedes the sextile aspect to Neptune, however Saturn remains semi-sextile to Neptune, as pressure to disband remains. The 3rd Quarter waning Moon [see above image] becomes partile square aspect to the Sun late in the afternoon (US times), past midnight in UK, Europe, Russia, and all of the eastern hemisphere. The Moon makes a trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, quincunx aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces, then partile square aspect to the Sun in Capricorn, that merges with the square aspect to Pluto. A crisis in the resolution of the tumultuous issues of the week lead to a firm outcome, perhaps an imposed solution to the conflicts.

Sunday January 15th — The Moon in Scorpio makes quincunx aspects to Jupiter and Ceres in Aries, could indicate dangers for social groups, especially young people. Mercury retro in Capricorn is quincunx aspect to Mars in Gemini indicates interruptions in communication, Internet, and electronic devises. The Moon transits to the sextile aspect with Mercury retro, and quincunx aspect to Mars. A Yod formation with the Moon quincunx aspect to Mars and Ceres could operate as a rescue mission with a repair for communication technology.

Monday January 16th — The Moon in Scorpio is in an opposition aspect to Mars in Gemini morning hours US time zones, afternoon in Ukraine/Russia, late in the evening in China and Australia. As war intensifies, economic pressures also increase. Venus in Aquarius makes a square aspect to Uranus and the Moon for a T-square configuration. Intrigues bring a false hope for a cessation of attacks. The Moon makes a trine aspect to Neptune retro in Pisces and a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius overnight in US time, morning in Europe and points east, as the death toll, from war, disease or natural disasters, rises.

Tuesday January 17th — The Moon in Scorpio is sextile aspect to the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn as political arrangements are made, power may be concentrated in the hands of a few. Mercury retro in Capricorn quincunx aspect to Mars in Gemini remains, as both planets are close to stationary, Mars moving slowly from the retrograde, and Mercury retro will change to direct, increasing the length of the aspect over several days. Tense communications could determine the outcome of a truce. The Moon ingress to Sagittarius, forming trine aspects to Jupiter and Ceres in Aries, and an opposition aspect to Mars late in the day, Wednesday morning in Europe and Mid-East, as truce agreements are finalized or possibly disbanded.

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