Another Push for Peace Week of Jan 5-12 2014

Mars (initiative) is able to briefly hold a balance point in the talks of Jupiter opposed to the Sun. This can give hope and maybe a little push towards peace, as the Obama administration continues a hands on involvement in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. If there is progress, it is another step towards a long road to peace. Agreements are not easy between enemies struggling to control a small bit of land.

There is distrust on both sides. There are greater ambitions on each side. Paring down some of those ambitions is possible as Kerry tries to find a common ground for discussions. The Sun is in opposition to Jupiter on Sunday and Monday, as the week begins, possibly ignites ambitions. For many at home, we may be looking to the boss or to government to ease conditions. With three planets and the Sun in Capricorn (the sign of order and authority) holding our attention, Jupiter (expansive) in Cancer (protective), meanwhile, asks for security needs and some comfort at home.

It is the First quarter Moon, on Jan 6th developing a crisis or reaching a point of contention, particularizing a contradiction.

Meanwhile, Saturn and the three planets beyond it’s orbit, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all moving in a direct motion. This should facilitate new ground and progress on core issues. Neptune has transited three times over the first three degrees of Pisces since February of 2012. Issues signified under this transit, primarily those individuals of entities with planets in the first 3 degrees of Pisces, may have experienced repeated problems with health or psychiatric conditions, where healing was necessary, and inadequate. Finally, we are able to more onward. The issues being resolved or remedied, and health returning, after a two year regimen.

We are finding better ways to organize in the Capricorn Sun, Pluto-Mercury conjunction, and Venus retro is becoming more interested in participating in a group consensus on how to manage the needs of the current population of the earth. With billions still in need of basic services, there remains a gap in the safety net for many around the world. They are reaching out more, and finding organized means to express their conditions. Conditions under which we are living under have held up some of the progress we are dreaming of. While we are ready to move forward, barriers to progress may impede rapid movement.

On January 6th, if all is balanced, there can be immediate success, but it is all based on proper support from powers of authority or group leadership. As Jupiter is retrograde, it will remain quiet for the time being about unmet needs. On January 15th Venus retrogrades to rendezvous with Mercury in Capricorn again, as a spokesperson in tune with the home base is able to appeal to governing officials. Problems may be resolved through intervention of a friendly nature. Luck and charm is with us and on the side of the underdog, as the Moon reaches the 1st Quarter stage.

My underlying assumption is that in the end justice prevails. I have the optimistic view that the Universe does unfold according to G-d’s plan and the Righteous of the world are able to bring about just changes. What we experience is the process. Bodhisattvas agree that there are universal laws that are guiding factors. The struggle to achieve justice is the work of humanity. Liberation is not a given condition. We are all bound and retrained by issues either obvious, emotional or spiritual limitations.

As the Moon in Aries on Thursday transits to oppose Mars later in the day, we experience a Grand Cross configuration, if only briefly, as the Moon travels on and loses the point of the opposition, and square to sun and Jupiter. This is a moment of stability, perhaps averting a deeper crisis. We can find some relief from the pressures, even as they continue to build on either side. A meeting on common ground issues is a step in the right direction.

On Friday the 10th, the Moon in Taurus will make a sextile aspect to Jupiter, with effort we achieve rewards, and trines the four planets in Capricorn, showing results of the week’s efforts, however, opposing Saturn as the trine to Mercury-Venus pair in conjunction in Capricorn again will cast doubt and limitations, lessons still to be learned and hurdles to overcome.

The atheists (denial=Saturn) are getting into the church-like act, and have expansionist (Jupiter) plans. This falls neatly into the Jupiter opposition to planets in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). I guess this relates to a pagan Saturnalia of sorts. The question is how can a non-church decide to become a recognized church? It is an oxymoron or a contradiction within itself.


As the Moon enters Gemini on Saturday, we are bound to see some action, when there is a sextile to Uranus and a trine to Mars. This may release some pent-up energy, as people go out to have fun, but lets hope they are also cautious, and don’t overdo the drinking, and rabble-rousing, bits of the Saturnalia still inside.

Late on Saturday, in US time zones, Sun conjunct Venus retrograde is sextile Saturn. As the Mercury becomes a playful or inquisitive child in Aquarius. It is time to settle down to reality and plot out your moves for the week ahead. Support for your partner and family is involved in some quality time together.

With the world in turmoil, we can still claim a little peace for ourselves.

Have a good one!



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