An Eclipse of Reinvention — October 25-November 1 2023


The planets in our celestial zodiac are divided into two groups these past several weeks. The Moon makes its rounds, an envoy so to speak, gathering energy and power through opposition aspects and conjunction aspects to the greater benefic and malefic planets in the sky, as it transits from one group to the other. The second eclipse of the month on Saturday October 28th, has the Sun and Moon in direct opposition, as the Earth spins forward, blocking the Sun’s rays. Jupiter with the Moon in Taurus contains the importance of preserving environment, health, and the economy. The opposition aspect repels as well as draws inward. Mars in Scorpio seeks to regenerate self, re-image or re-invent life, and with all the opposition forces, may have no other choice.

In the days of this report, the Moon transits from Pisces to Gemini, encountering the outer malefic planets, Neptune, and Uranus, as well as the greater benefic Jupiter. Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars compose the opposite group. Mars is considered a lesser malefic, as the unabashed goal seeker, brooks no compromise. Mercury is a neutral planet, attributed to message bearing, transmits information, and promotes discussion. Thus, the printed page as well as the Internet could fall within its realm. Venus, the lesser benefic, bringer of harmony and beauty, promotes peace. The Sun as the conscious life force, the source for light and warmth, gives reason to thrive. 

Looking ahead

  • November 5th — Saturn turns direct motion
  • November 8th-9th — Venus ingress to Libra
  • November 11th — Mercury ingress to Sagittarius
  • November 13th — New Moon in Scorpio
  • November 22nd — Sun ingress to Sagittarius
  • November 25th — Mars ingress to Sagittarius
  • November 27th — Full Moon in Gemini

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday October 25th — The Moon in the 2nd decant of Pisces, transits to the conjunction aspect with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, and dispositor of the Moon and Saturn, late in the day (US time zones) morning on Thursday in the ME. The Moon is sextile aspect to Jupiter retro in Taurus and opposition aspect to Venus in Virgo in the morning hours (ME time), pre-dawn in the US. Attempts are made to mediate in conflicts, while Mars in Scorpio is doubly approaching the opposition aspect to Jupiter retro. Acceptance of humanitarian funds may come with conditions.

Thursday October 26th — The Moon ingress to Aries (10:03 UTC; 06:03 EDT). Mars, the dispositor of the Moon in Aries, doubly approaches the opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Taurus, while Mercury in Scorpio approaches the conjunction aspect with Mars, putting cautions on the actions proposed. Venus in Virgo is quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries, as caustic criticisms continue to be sounded. The Moon is quincunx aspect to the Sun is Scorpio morning hours US time zones, afternoon in the ME. Impulsive actions taken are disapproved. The Moon is then quincunx aspect to Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, indicates vindictive claims could be made.  

Friday October 27th — The Moon in Aries makes a conjunction aspect with Chiron retro and quincunx aspect to Venus in Virgo. Refuting cynical criticisms could be one interpretation. Disinformation needs to be addressed. Mercury in Scorpio seeks root causation, approaching the conjunction aspect with Mars, becomes more radical in stating differing positions, as Mercury is infused with the energy of the sign and the aspects it makes.

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus
October 28, 2023

Saturday October 28th — The Moon ingress Taurus (11:45 UTC; 7:45 EDT). The full Moon eclipse in Taurus is at 23:23 IDT; 16:23 EDT [see image]  Mars in Scorpio is partile opposition aspect to Jupiter retro in Taurus, as a media battles rage, and Mercury is in a conjunction aspect to Mars. While there are International Laws regarding warfare, there is also a hierarchy of law, meaning that when faced with crimes committed intentionally on innocent children and citizens, a severe response is justified. The release of captive kidnapped civilians could be made under international intervention. The Moon makes a sextile aspect to Saturn retro in Pisces a few hours before the full Moon aspect. Pluto remains unaspected, or untethered (an alternate terminology), as Neptune retro and Pluto direct move apart from the sextile aspect of recent months. Pluto is in a conjunction aspect the descendant (open enemy) at the timing of the eclipse in Israel, also for Ukraine.

Sunday October 29th — The Moon in Taurus is in a conjunction aspect with Jupiter retro early in the day, and in partile opposition aspect to Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, while Mercury and Mars are in partile conjunction aspect. More hostages may be released, and conflict could also continue full force, after a lull, as the Moon transits to a conjunction aspect with Uranus retro in Taurus. The Moon makes a trine aspect to Venus in Virgo (practical earth signs) before the conjunction aspect to Uranus (early morning ME time, before midnight US time zones). Venus moderates the Moon/Uranus conjunction aspect. Also, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio are in a partile conjunction aspect. Diplomacy yields results. Jupiter retro in Taurus continues within orb of opposition aspect to Mercury and Mars.

Monday October 30th — The Moon in Taurus makes a sextile aspect to Neptune in the early morning hours, and a trine aspect to Pluto, as Venus in Virgo makes a trine aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus. The powerful universal outer planets are then modified by personal planets. Destructive forces are offered moderating advice. The Moon ingress to Gemini (15:09 UTC), and makes a square aspect to Saturn retro in Pisces. Choice of action is made clear.

Tuesday October 31stJupiter retro in Taurus is doubly separating from the opposition aspect to Mercury in Scorpio. The Moon in Gemini makes a semi-sextile aspect to Jupiter, and quincunx aspects to Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. Talk itself is futile in settling issues of importance, although advice abounds. The Sun in Scorpio doubly approaches Jupiter retro in Taurus. Political, environmental, and economic issues coalesce.

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October 24, 2023
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