An Eclipse of Change – Week of February 17-23 2016


This mid-week report opens with Moon trine aspect to the Sun in air signs, indicating a more progressive opening of issue. We hear more analysis with Jupiter in Virgo and opposition to Chiron indicates, it seems, a more focused healing of rifts in public or private. A Saturn trine Uranus is approaching, however the actual aspect does not reach parity until November 2016. Saturn represents a discipline and often a narrowing of focus, and sometimes a limiting factor, thus this would be a process of elimination of facts or personalities, certainly candidates in the current political field. Technology would be affected by Uranus in Aries, also innovations that eliminate as well as advance projects. The Full Moon eclipse could be startling as well as enlightening. Earthquake preparedness and survival supplies should be reviewed.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday February 17thSaturn offers us new opportunities to refine goals, especially on the transpersonal plane. A solidifying of ideals (Saturn in Sagittarius) can narrow the effect of the radical change that is charging ahead (Uranus in Aries). Jupiter in Virgo can increase the role of employment in defining the political progress desired for overcoming injustice in the democratic system. Employment or lack of employment defines to an extent if sufficient or universal a participation in the cultural or national economic life exists. The talk and the discussions continue.  Later in the day, as the Moon moves into Cancer, more focus is given to home environment, and participating in family structure and roles therein. Venus enters Aquarius, for a more universal love. We maintain our individuality through the appreciation of others.

Thursday February 18th – The Moon in Cancer is in its element (water). Cancer is an assertive personality. The power of personal stability is paramount to the force the Moon in Cancer wants to establish. Today the Moon will also transit in opposition to Pluto, the overarching power structure that supersedes the lunar interests. Pluto has strength in its dominance and universal allegiance to power itself. The Moon is concerned with nurturing the individual, the family and the child. As two opposing forces, there is a great deal in conflict, and Cancer, being a sign of self-preservation, may simply retire, and may actually not accept the force of Pluto, thereby blocking out the necessity to respond in a time of distress. You may know what duty itself requires, yet, you have the right to preserve your own life and dignity. Jupiter in Virgo represents the majority interest, and is opposed by Chiron, the wounded warrior, in Pisces. Our image may be damaged. Our strength as a democracy is that we can heal the wounds with a shared goal (Mars in Scorpio) and shared values and that history (Saturn) respects righteous actions (Saturn in Sagittarius).  Finding actions that balance all interests and loyalties is the cumulative efforts, and action should be the applied consensus (an integrated whole of all the energies).   

Friday February 19th – The Sun moves into the Universal water sign of Pisces today, as the Moon in a trine aspect with Mars in Scorpio, complementing the water signs. Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo, accumulating arguments and nervous energy, unable to decide on actions for now. Hesitations are increased when risk and stability are factors to consider. The water signs are emotionally based. The Moon in Cancer, the Cardinal water sign, is less adaptable than Jupiter in Virgo.  Worry and anxiety may limit the range of the majority (Jupiter in Virgo), but the Moon can reflect a changing mood.  Opinion polls reflect a majority opinion (Jupiter in Virgo) that impacts the direction and shared values (Mars in Scorpio). Jupiter is disposited by Mercury in this transition, and Mercury in Aquarius has a concept of the brotherhood of man. A universality and responsibility as the philosophical (Saturn in Sagittarius) direction leads the nations represented by world powers (Pluto in Capricorn). Saturn is the dispositor of Pluto, while Saturn is disposited by Jupiter in Virgo, the power base of a democracy. It has taken more than two millennia to build today’s concept and implementation of democracy, and it should not be destroyed in a day.

Saturday February 20th – The Moon in Leo opposes Venus and then Mercury in Aquarius today, drawing information (Mercury) to incubate (Moon) creativity (Leo) in the gathering of minds (Aquarius). It is the age of democracy, and the voice of the individual has more power in the era of electronic communication (Uranus in Aries).  As candidates for office continue to display their personal qualities, (Venus and Mercury in Aquarius) opposed by the Moon in Leo, their visions of power in office (Pluto in Capricorn), and how they will shape a nation through holding the leadership role is expressed. Their views are also shaped by the opinions and responses of the electorate gathered (Jupiter in Virgo). Thus, as Jupiter continues to grow closer to a trine aspect with Pluto the would-be aristocracy, the bureaucratic office seekers, are analyzed and repackaged.  As individuals, we can grow in response to the lunar opposition to planets in Aquarius, as we exchange views and develop personal creative attributes (Moon in Leo).

Sunday February 21st – Analytic care increases with Jupiter in Virgo, caution and a gathering of information can result in a transformation of opinion. Virgo, as a mutable earth sign, will choose on a practical level, rather than a philosophical or abstract level.  While applying on a concrete level the promise of a potential leadership, the ideals start to form into a reality. What was abstract becomes more personal, more a matter of practicality than a vague wish for change and benefits. The Moon will form a trine to Saturn and Uranus today, creating a grandtrine configuration in fire signs.  While Uranus promotes a radical departure in thought and action, Saturn is a restraining influence, as the value of choice for the Leo Moon between change and continuity becomes less distinct.  The revolutionary proposals (Uranus in Aries) are modified by existing legal structures (Saturn in Sag).

Full Moon Eclipse Chart February 22, 2016

Full Moon Eclipse Chart
February 22, 2016

Monday February 22ndCeres and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces today, as the problem of stateless migrants emerges again in efforts to reduce the causes of migration. The ever-expanding social umbrella (Ceres in Pisces) meets an ever expanding need. The Moon enters Virgo, the opposition to the Pisces planets (Sun, Ceres, Neptune and Chiron) looms, as concerns regarding migrants are debated. Fear of the unknown, psychic phenomenon are also possible, so care should be taken with those in your care, children or unstable individual may react to this Full Moon eclipse with hallucinations, wild dreams or inappropriate behavior.  Not only children, but candidates for office as well should be on guard.  Civil defense and safety measures in case of a major earthquake in areas with seismic activity is advisable, as earthquakes often occur close to an eclipse. Transformation on a personal level is also possible as minds are expanded now. Remaining flexible to adapt to situations that arise is the key to recovery.  It is a perfect time for a creative costume party, or just a visit to San Francisco. Favorable results could include inspiration for artistic expressions.

Tuesday February 23rd – The Moon quincunx Mercury combines the practical with the individualized expression, so that personal stories are shared now. As harsh (square 90 deg) aspect to Saturn could limit the power of the lunar lunacy, control some facet while Jupiter as Saturn’s dispositor and the Moon’s upcoming conjunction with the Jupiter, will allow for a more conservative approach to courageous actions that will just test the limits again and again. Limiting damage is Saturn’s role now, in the trine aspect to Uranus. Calmness and stability are needed to overcome sudden change and to prevent total chaos.

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February 16, 2016  

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