A Time of Reversals and Renewal of Creative Ventures July through December 2014


After a year-long stay in the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, a sign of the element water and cardinal modality, Jupiter will move on to Leo on July 17th, where it will stay until August 2015. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is of the fire element and a fixed modality. In the sign of Cancer, the Moon sign, we had a great concern for health, family and security. While these issues have seen progress, we are now entering a year where we can empower our creativity, seek the limelight, and/or indulge our urge to be entertained. We can play more, enjoy more and live like there is no tomorrow.

While the Grand Cross in the cardinal signs is behind us, we are going to make some adjustments near the middle of July, as Saturn turns direct in Scorpio, and a few hours later, Uranus turns retrograde in Aries. These two powerful signs, both ruled by Mars (Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio), and the planets that are stability (Saturn) and transformation (Uranus) play pivotal roles in the crafting of the future weeks and months. They are also in a close quincunx (inconjunct) aspect, and being slow moving planets in a stationary phase as they change direction, they are signatory of the times for this phase of life on Earth. The conflict between power and initiative heats up more near the end of July, as Mars enters the sign of Scorpio on July 27th, with the Sun in Leo. This signature is not as long lasting as the Cardinal Grand Cross that held power of over the last year, yet could have significant impact on our way of life. Saturn will at last exit Scorpio December 24th, and Uranus turns direct in Aries on December 22nd. So full speed ahead, we charge into the future of wars, diplomacy, spellbound and in tears.

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