A Third-Quarter Moon Crisis – Week of October 28-November 3 2015



The lunar conjunction with Uranus in Aries before the Full Moon on Monday, was witness to the major earthquake in Afghanistan. The pull of the magnetic influence on Earth at the Full Moon or New Moon, increases following an eclipse, typically coinciding with large earthquakes. The Full Moon eclipse on Sep 28th is close enough that the earthquake on the 26th of October is a follow-up result. The release of Kurdish civilians from ISIS captivity is another sign of a Uranus type action, that transforms a conflict or reverses a status quo. We have seen a number of such actions, upsetting, sudden accidental and conflict related deaths this week already.

As Jupiter in Virgo transits my natal Moon, I wonder if the giant Red Spot on Jupiter (the greater beneficiary) will increase my fortunes. In palmistry lore, a red spot on the palm means money on the way. However, I do not see such a spot on my palm, neither right nor left palm. Be patient, I tell myself. Astrology does not compel, but rather impels. This means, that exercising freedom of choice, I must navigate through life, the good and the bad prospects. The good news is that we will remain consistent with our core nature. The bad news, well, I hope all circumstances can be redirected to the good.

Another chart of interest this week is November 3rd 12:25 PM GMT. (Greenwich time is the traditional starting point of the day, and a point astrologers use in calculations. ) the Moon’s passage into the closing quarter of the phases is marked by a crisis that precedes the conclusion of the cycle, and promotes the start of a new cycle. This chart is also interesting, as Jupiter opposes Chiron and is quincunx to Uranus on the day the Sun is in square aspect to the Moon (the 3rd quarter Moon). Chiron will most likely act as a stabilizer, a ballast to the Jupiter tendency to overt claims and exaggeration. While Virgo is usually cautious, this can have a damaging effect for some personalities, unless he or she has the underpinnings of a strong Chiron, for example useful experience and backup power. The psyche may be further challenged or deflated by the aspect from Uranus, and this could be tragic. Hopefully, severe personal damage can be avoided. Chances are good for a candidate to bow out during this crisis.

October 28. 2015  Grand Trine in Earth Signs

October 28. 2015  Grand Trine in Earth Signs


Wednesday October 28th – The three planets in Virgo, the same as last week, are equidistant one from another by 2 degrees. What a beautiful line-up! (see chart image) Venus in the center of the group can charm or wheedle. Virgo is practical-minded, so the results should lead to a significant progress. On the same day, the Moon in Taurus travels from a trine aspect to Pluto at 13 deg Capricorn to a trine with Jupiter, then Venus and then Mars in Virgo. The results of the earth grand-trine could be awesome. Moving goods at a rapid pace, is one outcome. Aid to those affected by hurricane storms and earthquakes could be that much more rapid and effective. Chiron, the wounded healer, opposes the Virgo group of planets, and so may indicate the readiness of rescue operations and first responder medical aid to victims. Ceres moves into the sign Aquarius today as well, giving a more humanitarian super-umbrella to injured and homeless persons. It is the individual that is focused on, not the huge numbers. It is the individual involved that strikes home for the witnesses and the public news reader. Saturn in Sagittarius may prevent effective and timely action on the part of law-makers and limit generosity in aid legislation. Saturn here for the next two or three years could limit the effectiveness or even delay legislation for humanitarian causes.


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Thursday October 29th – The Moon moves into Gemini today, where it opposes Saturn and forms a trine aspect to Ceres. A conflict between a more conservative approach to humanitarian assistance, just as the universal umbrella (Ceres) and humanitarian organizations (VirgoPisces) ) are mobilized world-wide. Accountability (Saturn) is required for further assistance in some projects. A widening gap creates conflict in the dialog and political rhetoric. Increased numbers of needy, homeless, injured put stress on social programs, necessitating a more speedy processing.

Friday October 30th – While Venus, in her best role, may temper aggressive instincts, with the approaching conjunction with Mars, the result could backfire. Those who are very sure of themselves, pointing to their stellar successes, could feel irritated by a critical intrusion. However, Virgo, the detail master and nitpicker, is unable to hold her peace. Silence is golden, and the Chiron opposition to Jupiter may just be in the wings, polishing his or her trophies. Winners or losers, it is an exciting week, with plenty of theater. The Gemini Moon cannot hold his/her peace either, and will trigger some pertinent discussions. Later in the day, the Moon will be in a trine aspect with Mercury in Libra (120 deg), initiating media reports and speculations. Although reports are continuous, some reports build on previous media issues, and some are reporting new. Today we have a fresh look at candidates and issues. The weekend tallies may set a new trend. The Sun (Scorpio) in an approaching trine to Neptune (Neptune) in water signs, could draw interest away from the political scene. Political bickering seems to miss the point entirely.

Saturday October 31st – The Moon enters Cancer, her ruling signs, that is, where her influence is stronger. In the later afternoon and evening hours (depending on time zone) the Moon is trine to the Sun and Neptune, forming a major configuration, the Grand Trine. Ideally this will lead to a major fundraising hour for earthquake victims or other charities. However, the spooks and kooks are out, so caution is advised.

Sunday November 1st – The Moon will oppose Pluto in Capricorn today, and the T-square configuration with Uranus forms, touching off a conflict, as the energy is high. The combatants in the arena seek the approving nod and vote of the common man. The Moon forms a sextile (60 deg aspect) to Jupiter, and then to Venus and Mars). Courting favor with a majority or topple some politicians and/or rulers. Erosion of support at last overturns (Pluto) some prospects, as sudden reversal (Uranus) of fortunes. However, with the sextile to Jupiter in effect today, face-saving tactics can revive hope. Business ventures can draw crowds, although sudden success can be followed by sudden loss. The situation is precarious.

Monday November 2ndMercury enters Scorpio today, and the Moon, in the final degrees of Cancer, will then enter Leo, to make a square aspect (90 deg -harsh aspect) with Mercury. This may force claims to be justified, accounts to be made, both financially and for political progress. Mercury in Scorpio analyzes and brings out the underlying truths of the matter. Hidden assets could be exposed, secret alliances made public, etc. the VenusMars conjunction in Virgo is at its parity, so exposure of secret relationships or financial contracts could be big news today.

November 3, 2015 3rd Quarter Moon Phase

November 3, 2015 3rd Quarter Moon Phase

Tuesday November 3rd – Deflation can be moderate, and gradual, with Jupiter opposed by Chiron in Pisces, past experience warns that adequate caution must be applied. A dramatic drop in values can produce an overt reaction, while the quincunx from Uranus retrograde in Aries as a long-awaited correction in stock prices applies. Very critical and magnified over-reaction could deflate expectations. The Moon in Leo square aspect to the Sun could make this final quarter lunar phase critical in reacting to health and dietary recommendations.

Enjoy the week in good health. Thanks for reading my notes on the aspects for the week.
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October 27, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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