A Tense Week Ends in a Bang – Week of June 28-July 4 2017

The week begins with Mercury conjunct Mars in Cancer, approaching the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, for an intense week. The Moon in Virgo is sextile to the Sun in Cancer, a friendly relationship that could ease the intensity of the opposition. While Mercury moves forward by approximately 2 degrees per day (a more rapid transit than average) , Mars remains in opposition to Pluto on July 4th. There is pressure on activities up through the 4th. Extreme caution in view of weather and celebrations is advised.  Mercury in a square aspect (90 deg harsh) to Uranus on the 4th is a sign of intent that may be incendiary while trine aspect 9120 deg easy) to Chiron calls for inner wisdom to be exercised. The PlutoMars opposition seems to be having an effect already with the major disasters, such as a mud-slide in China and the oil-tank explosion in Pakistan. More such tragic events are to be expected as the opposition continues for another week.  This could lead to a major transformation in power centers worldwide. Exposure to secret alliances and espionage networks are of a high probability. This could be Trump’s “Do or Die” week. He seemed to defend his use of Twitter in his Rose Garden speech with Modi of India, while making broad promises of cooperation between the two nations.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday June 28thVenus in a quincunx aspect (150 deg awkward) to Saturn in Sagittarius presents difficulty in relationship (Venus) that could be resolved using creativity. A narrow philosophical (Saturn in Sag) approach could result in separation or breakdown in the relationship. Venus wants secure responsiveness, such as a contract, while Saturn’s position may be inflexible as a matter of policy. The growing contest between the aggressive and coercive factions (Mars in Cancer) adds greater pressure to the owners of the power (Pluto in Capricorn). Unconscious motivations (Pluto) may be exposed now. The Moon in Virgo finds details relevant with a sextile to the Sun in Cancer, assists the aggressive side of the conflict. Jupiter quincunx Neptune is on a mission to purify the shadow, the nebulous aspects of any relationship that may undermine (Neptune in Pisces) the freedom of action (Jupiter in Libra).

Thursday June 29th – The square aspect (90 deg, conflict) from the Moon to Saturn could herald the publication of damaging details (Moon in Virgo), court decisions and political conflicts of interest.  The sextile aspect to Mars and Mercury and the trine (120 deg easy) aspect to Pluto could then deflate an overly powerful group interest.  A comparison with D. Trump’s natal chart shows that there are powerful interactions taking place in the Oval Office. However, in his natal chart, Ceres in Aquarius opposes natal Pluto in Leo. He can draw power from his position as POTUS to bring about nurturing, or draw from his position to achieve abundance. Universal power, overwhelming power is given to him. The conflict is inherent that he may in fact lose the chance, but has the opportunity to use the power for the good of the social group he is a part of. Transiting Jupiter is now conjunct his natal Chiron in Libra, the inspiration and guidance he needs could be at hand, with his natal Jupiter conjunct as well, drawn into the T- square configuration. He will seek self-advantage, and feels jubilant but the powerful transiting MercuryMars conjunction opposed to Pluto, challenges that shifting and tendency to exaggerate his position. Yet, he may be able to retain his balance for now (natal Jupiter in Libra, trine natal Uranus in Gemini) with quick reflexes. Ceres in Aquarius is a Universal intent brought through the house placement in the 6th of service. Using the Internet as a media, he reaches out to the world.

Friday June 30th – As the Moon sweeps through Libra today we have a chance to bring the imbalance under control.  Can we undermine complacency at home, in the workplace, or in the power centers?  The Moon reaches the 1st quarter crisis stage of the cycle. We are locked into a struggle that consumes us. A change of fortune or conscious will power can defuse the battle. Venus in Taurus (grace and beauty) is the dispositor of Jupiter and Moon in Libra gains from increased balance or suffers the consequences.

1st Quarter Moon June30-July 1 2017

Saturday July 1st – The role of the media as it seeks to balance reporting with the contradictions of the political and economic struggles is central to communication and social networking increase the potential for involvement. Increased challenges give increased role and increased scrutiny. Conflicting sides attempt to control opinions through media (Jupiter the focal point of the T-square formation). 

Donald Trump compared to 1st Quarter Moon June 30

Sunday July 2nd – Aggressive deflection of power reaches a climax (Mars in Cancer 180 dg opposition to Pluto in Capricorn).  Protection of home and family, in a battle against the power of nature is one outcome. As the Moon is at the focal point of the T-square formed with the opposition today, personal attempts to balance forces, especially outside forces, are aggressively made (Mars in Cancer is disposed of by the Moon).  Damage control also gains support in social media and community (Jupiter in Libra conjunct the Moon).  A quincunx aspect (150 deg) to Neptune in Pisces adds to the unpredictability of outcome and dispersing all boundaries.

Monday July 3rd– The Moon in Scorpio today can join with the Sun and Neptune to create a momentary life saving response to danger. Available resources are mobilized. Venus is sextile to Chiron, working to bring together wisdom and donations for necessary projects of the day. Ceres in Gemini also influences the rescue effort, may bring hope for renewal.

Tuesday July 4th – The Moon in Scorpio trine to Neptune and Mars today, also brings an abundance of hope and renewal.  Aggressive (Mercury square Uranus) measures that are in harmony (sextile aspect) to nature (Venus in Taurus) are successful. Mercury trine to Chiron indicates a voice of wisdom from experience to bring about a remedy. The Moon is a sextile aspect to Pluto, Pluto is also the dispositor of the Moon, and can moderate forceful change beneficially.  A grand trine with the MoonChiron and Mercury can clear issues with inspiration while Mercury square (90 deg aspect) Uranus motivates inspiration for changes that are seen as abrupt or revolutionary. Ceres square to Chiron and sextile (60 deg aspect) to Mercury informs a process of renewal.

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June 27, 2017  
Jerusalem, Israel

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