A Sun-Mercury Conversation — October 21-28 2020

The Moon joins the three planets in Capricorn to form a stellium this week. A stellium is a major configuration. There should be at least 4 planets in a stellium (counting the luminaries as planets).  With Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus there are a total of six planets in earth signs as the Sun ingress Scorpio, a water sign on Thursday (Friday morning in Asia and Australia), and meets with Mercury retrograde on Sunday. Working toward accomplishments on the practical level is favored. Petitions to governments, including demonstrations, participation in polls and voting, help to influence and form the government as participatory democracy is live. Mercury retrograde returns to Libra on Tuesday while Venus ingresses Libra the same day. Voters weigh the issues prior to elections in the US.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday October 21st —  The Moon in Capricorn is trine aspect to Uranus today as Venus in Virgo is trine aspect to Pluto in Cap.  Exceptional actions to curry favor with the electorate could include the distribution of financial resources. The transfer of funds is initiated. Compromises are made to satisfy demands, and the urgency of the situation. The Sun in Libra is trine aspect to Ceres in Aquarius as a younger generation joins the ranks of eligible voters.

Thursday October 22nd — The Sun ingress Scorpio late in the day (US time zones) or early on Thursday in the eastern half of the globe. Actions are elevated with the Moon in a square aspect to Mars retro in Aries and in a conjunction aspect with Jupiter in Cap, allowing for a more generous relief package. The Moon transits to a conjunction aspect with Pluto and Saturn in Cap, likely to add limitations or demands that will void the efforts. The Moon at the cusp (0 deg of the sign) of Aquarius overnight is in a square aspect to the Sun in Scorpio, igniting controversy. Venus in a trine aspect to Saturn and Moon conjunction demands reform actions.

October 23, 2020
First Quarter Moon

Friday October 23rd — At the Moon ingress to Aquarius, Venus approaching the trine aspect to Saturn, could impose more limitations with a focus on the poverty level.  The Sun ingress to Scorpio for the 1st Quarter Moon phase. While Uranus retro in earthsign Taurus, representing one aspect of financial distress, is not technically in aspect for a grand-trine in earth signs, it contributes to the sense of  a failing economy. Also, earth signs represent practicality, and now in the face of need, the practical issues outweigh the health of the economic measures. The economy looks like it is on a decline, but in the balance, it is not really failing as much as responding to the health and welfare needs of the nations. The situation calls for responsible assistance. The quarter Moon phase represents a crisis as the distress of the unemployed increases (see chart image). The Moon also makes a square aspect to Mercury retro in Scorpio, as detached attitudes toward the distress are called out.  The Moon then moves to a square aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, pivoting to respond to humanitarian issues.

Saturday October 24th — The Venus trine aspect to Saturn reaches the partile (exact) degree, as assistance becomes more focused. Restrictive measures succeed in reducing the spread of the virus, with Venus in Virgo making a trine aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. Jupiter approaches the conjunction aspect with Pluto, although it will not be partile until Nov 13. The increased influence of the electorate in the majority, and the final vote count, comes into focus. The Moon is sextile aspect to Mars retro in Aries, with Neptune in Pisces semi-sextile to both the Moon and Mars. Policy to include the pandemic, with all its consequences, are considered.

Sunday October 25th — The Sun and Mercury retro are doubly approaching a conjunction aspect in Scorpio, reaching partile in the afternoon hours (US time zones).  Discussions are intense; Venus is quincunx aspect to Ceres as the Moon transits Ceres, as the younger generation voices concerns. Personal benefits are weighed against national interests. The Moon ingress to Pisces and trine aspect to the Sun in Scorpio overnight, as the humanitarian are addressed, giving hope for a future relief package.

Monday October 26th —  The Moon in Pisces makes a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus early in the day, as unusual solutions to problems are proposed. Contributions to charities increase. The Moon and Neptune are in a conjunction aspect overnight, as dreams of hopes and fears are universal.

Tuesday October 27th — The Moon in Pisces sextile aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn as scientific measures to eliminate the virus prove successful. Venus ingress to Libra overnight as the Moon ingresses to Aries, an opposition aspect, the goal for a more just future is promised, as Mercury returns to Libra in the retrograde phase.

Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead. Stay safe, wear your mask and watch the distance.

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October 20, 2020

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