A Stellium in Taurus at the New Moon — May 18 – 24 2023    


The New Moon in the final degrees of Taurus, along with a stellium in Taurus, at the Jupiter ingress to Taurus, are significant astrological events this week. Jupiter was last in Taurus from the 5th of June 2011 until 11th of June 2012 as the recovery form the Great Recession was gaining speed. Jupiter has a 12-year cycle (give or take a few weeks). A Taurus focus indicates the need to honor personal values, income level and the ability to operate effectively in the economy. Jupiter could bring benefits with increased income, although perhaps the overall inflation will limit our ability to gain significantly. The stellium in Taurus increases the likelihood that this segment of the zodiac will affect everyone. Income, job prospects and overall security are in focus during the next few weeks.  The New Moon in Taurus on the 19th of May is the first New Moon following the eclipse on May 5th. The introduction of AI chat into every household will change educational methods, as standard knowledge is at the fingertips. Mars ingress to Leo is in opposition aspect to Pluto and square aspect to Jupiter as the Sun ingress to Gemini, sextile aspect to Mars on Saturday. US budgetary problems are likely to be resolved following the New Moon. Jupiter indicates that credit is expanded, and new economic policies to satisfy the holdouts. On Monday (May 22nd), Mars in Leo is square aspect to Jupiter indicating some dramatists will seek advantage at a crucial moment, threatening to derail an agreement. The Moon ingress to Leo on Wednesday (May 24th) in opposition aspect to Pluto and square aspect to Jupiter could prolong the incidence while bringing solutions.  Jupiter makes a conjunction aspect with Rahu (the North Lunar Node) indicating that long-term solutions are also possible.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Repeated from last week’s newsletter:
Wednesday May 17thWednesday May 17thJupiter ingress to Taurus at 0:29 AM (EDT) with the Moon following Jupiter to Taurus at 12:29 UT (8:28 EDT), and a stellium is formed in the fixed earth sign of the bull. In addition to the two luminaries, Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus are in Taurus, as practical and profitable solutions to crisis are sought. Taken together, Jupiter and the Moon seem to be expanding the issues to find common ground, and to avert a shutdown. Mercury in Taurus is in a sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. Mars in Cancer supersedes the trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces and approaches the sextile aspect to the Sun in Taurus. With concerted effort, illusions are shattered, and progress toward a solution becomes possible.

Thursday May 18th — The Sun in Taurus is in a sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces as efforts to resolve those endemic problems succeed in bringing the issues into focus. The Moon in Taurus transits to the conjunction aspect with Uranus indicating that reversals in position are possible today. Mars at the 29th degree of Cancer is in an out-of-sign opposition aspect to Pluto in Aquarius and out-of-sign square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. Personal goals may be more significant to some than the universal goals of achieving agreements.

New Moon in Taurus
May 19, 2023

Friday May 19th — The New Moon aspect reaches partile today [see chart image], indicating that there is a willingness to reach solutions. While demands are made with stubborn persistence, an agreement begins to be formed. Mars in Cancer is at the ingress to Leo, while in an opposition aspect to Pluto retro in Aquarius and square aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. Personal goals begin to give way to achievements for the greater good. The Moon ingress to Gemini makes a sextile aspect to Mars, as positions on the issue begin to shift. Mercury in Taurus is in a sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces as persuasive tactics have a measurable success.  The Moon in Gemini makes a square aspect to Saturn, indicating stronger tactics are needed. A change will result when a crisis is threatening.  

Saturday May 20th — The Sun ingress to Gemini promotes greater flexibility to reach a solution, as Mercury sextile aspect to Saturn helps to resolve details and rewrite proposals. Mars ingress to Leo gives a face-saving aspect to the agreement.  A win-win outcome can result. The Sun and Mars change signs overnight in sextile aspect, as a victory is achieved.

Sunday May 21stJupiter in Taurus promotes unity of purpose with economic stability. A longer-term solution is sought to avoid future crisis. The Moon in Gemini makes a square aspect to Ceres in Virgo, followed by a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The specter of future recurring crises prompts work to fill the gaps.

Monday May 22nd — The Moon ingress to Cancer overnight (US time zones) makes a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, with the assurance of benefits continuing to provide relief, is a boost to the economy. The Moon in a trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces for emotional relief.  The Moon sextile aspect to Mercury in Taurus congratulates the two sides for avoiding an economic default.

Tuesday May 23rdMars in Leo continues to conflict with Jupiter in Taurus with a harsh square aspect. Over-indulgence results as economic gains unexpectedly release dividends. The Moon makes a conjunction aspect with Venus in Cancer, and the pair makes a square aspect to Chiron in Aries. Self-indulgence defies the voice of caution. Celebrations overcome inhibitions.

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May 17, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

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