A Social New Moon in Taurus —May 5 -12 2021


Mercury in its home sign of Gemini is joined by Venus on May 9th while Jupiter is in the final degree of Aquarius, where it will be revisiting the last week of July. Saturn in Aquarius is slowing for the retrograde phase that begins on the 24th of May. The Moon moves form Aquarius into Pisces on the 5th of May, making a trine aspect to Mars in Cancer. The dwarf planets Chiron and Ceres in Aries as the only planets in Fire sign this week. Mercury, Venus and Saturn along with Jupiter in air signs predominate equally with planets in earth signs, Uranus, Sun, Venus and Pluto. Realistic plans include security issues. Pluto digs in deeper with a retrograde phase. Neptune and Mars are in water signs, indicating possible danger at sea.  

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday May 5th The Moon in Pisces is in a square aspect to Mercury in Gemini early today,while a trine aspect of Venus in Taurus to Pluto retro in Capricorn is maintained throughout the day. Mental alertness is helpful in a search for wealth or a meaningful awakening. The Moon in a trine aspect to Mars in Cancer follows, finding emotional fulfillment or mundane satisfaction with a focus on a nurturing environment and dietary improvements. The Moon in a sextile aspect to Uranus after mid-day, could then be a dramatic change in intent, triggered by events beyond control. A sextile aspect from the Moon to the Sun late in the day, indicates a practical decision or compromise. Satisfaction is the result.

Thursday May 6th — The Moon in a conjunction aspect to Neptune in Pisces presents illusionary ideals, however, a good day for contemplation and meditation or a retreat from normal activities for a day of recovery from recent wounds. Sextile aspects from the Moon to Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, on the other hand, prolongs the Venus trine aspect to Pluto. Finding value or even aesthetic value in ancient artifacts could be one outcome, or a search for artistic perfection that consumes psychic energy. 

Friday May 7th — The Moon ingress to Aries today, with a sextile aspect to Mercury in Gemini, followed by a square aspect to Mars in Cancer. Thinking through processes before taking a significant step to increase personal profile, should also include a Plan B. There could be significant problems requiring a change of course. Unforeseen consequences of a very radical nature inhibit ambitions. Venus at 29 deg Taurus is approaching the square aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius. Anticipation of the planned events brings excitement. Ceres and 29 deg Aries is sextile aspect to Jupiter and semi-sextile to Venus, as new relations help to break old life patterns.

Saturday May 8th — The Moon in Aries is in a conjunction aspect to Chiron early in the day, and a sextile aspect to Saturn in Aquarius shows that careful planning pays off. A day with social activites, with Venus in Taurus and square aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius. A sense of isolation within the group might impede the complete integration for social acceptance.   The Moon moves between a semi-sextile aspect to the Sun in Taurus and a semi-sextile to Neptune in Pisces, for pleasant relaxation. Venus ingress to Gemini later in the day, for enjoyable conversation.

Sunday May 9th — The Moon continues in Aries, with a square aspect to Pluto in the afternoon or mid-morning the eastern hemisphere. Unconscious fears may surface, inhibiting a natural flow of emotional well-being. Mercury in Gemini is approaching the semi-sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer. Relating to personal experience and setting goals now creates expectations for the future. Ceres and the Moon ingress to Taurus for a return to daily routine and a need for security, as a stellium in Taurus is again formed for a few days, until the Moon ingress to Gemini on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your longitude (location).

Monday May 10th — The Moon in Taurus is semi-sextile to Mercury as Mercury in Gemini approaches the trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius. Communication gains in structure as experiences are analyzed. The Moon transits the conjunction aspect to Uranus, square aspect to Saturn in Aqu and is sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer and semi-sextile to Mercury in Gemini. New opportunities may be presented now. Mercury is in a conjunction aspect with Rahu in Gemini as circumstances could propel you toward an uncertain future.

New Moon in Taurus
May 11 2021

Tuesday May 11thMercury semi-sextile aspect to Uranus and sextile aspect to Chiron before the New Moon in Taurus, in the early afternoon US time zones, evening in Israel and Europe. The SunMoon conjunction is sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces adding a dreamy idealism, as plans evolve. Mercury in a conjunction aspect with Rahu making it seem inevitable. Remember that you have choice and are responsible for your own future.  

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May 4, 2021
Jerusalem, Israel

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