A Reverse Revolution — November 11-18 2020

While the opposition aspect between Mars retro in Aries and Venus in Libra separates, the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn intensifies. Power in government solidifies, as the contesting sides disengage. Venus makes a conjunction aspect with DJT’s natal Jupiter, as his grand-trine in air signs is activated. The Lame Duck president could lay planes for future comeback. He could execute surprise using the podium or the sharpie, in attempts to undermine the incoming administration. He might grant pardons of political allies who have been jailed, and plan to return to the WH in four years.  Jupiter transcends Pluto on the 13th before the New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th, in a conjunction with Biden’s natal Mercury and Sun, drawing the two natal planets into action. Mars turns direct at the new Moon.  The new Moon is sextile aspect to Pluto and Jupiter, as the reins of power are prepared to change hands.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday November 11thMercury ingress to Scorpio signifying greater depth of analysis.  The Moon in Virgo transits into Libra by mid-day (US time zones). The flurry of activities turns to more moderate efforts to maintain a balance of interests. The Moon then is in a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus, and both are disposed of by Venus. This is bound to precipitate rather cryptic outcome, perhaps via Twitter, on the part of the POTUS. Venus is quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces as rational composition proves elusive.

Thursday November 12th — The Moon in Libra makes an opposition aspect to Mars in Aries before morning with radical dreams continue to plot out revenge. Jupiter transcends Pluto in Capricorn protecting the core of power, as the Moon actives nefarious actions. The Sun is Scorpio approaches the sextile aspect to Pluto and Jupiter, helping to uncover the plotters and bring them to justice. The Moon is square aspect to Saturn in Capricorn overnight or morning hours in the eastern part of the globe.

Friday November 13th —  The Moon ingress to Scorpio today, and transits the conjunction aspect with Mercury. The opposition to Uranus retro in Taurus follows, as harsh words may be exchanged in tense situations. The expected transition of the reins of power should now be underway, as the transiting Sun in Scorpio is sextile aspect to transiting Pluto in Capricorn as well as in a conjunction aspect with Joe Biden’s natal Mercury. As a fixed sign, Scorpio lacks flexibility, although the sextile aspect here could promote adaptable change.  Venus in Libra is trine aspect to the natal Sun of the outgoing President, and sextile aspect to his Natal Moon. He will be counseled to allow the transfer of the articles of office.

New Moon in Scorpio
November 1-15 2020

Saturday November 14th – With Mercury in Scorpio quincunx aspect to Chiron retro in Aries and the Moon also in Scorpio in a quincunx aspect to Mars stationary direct in Aries, the situation calls for delicacy and applying the correct amount of pressure to the correct points. Wisdom and intuition are necessary to open the gates of power — Illustrated by the Sun in a sextile aspect to Pluto. The Moon then moves to the trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces for the release.  The Sun in Scorpio transits to the sextile aspect to Pluto and Jupiter for the accomplished transition.  The New Moon, after midnight, indicates the transition begins.

Sunday November 15th — The strong interaction between the new Moon degree in Scorpio and Pluto-Jupiter in Capricorn marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, indicating a month of activities marked by active participation. With the New Moon centered on Joe Biden’s natal Sun/Mercury conjunction, he is the subject of the interaction and an active participant in the developing cycle. Venus in Libra is square aspect to Pluto and Jupiter at the New Moon and will be square aspect to Saturn as well. later in the week, when conflicts of interest arise. While there are stumbling blocks, the acrimonious challenges will not derail the process, and may be restrained by Saturn with the square aspect on the 19-20th of November. The Moon ingress to Sadge in the afternoon hours (US) or overnight (Europe and Asia), as legal or legislative actions are pursued.

Monday November 16thVenus square aspect to Jupiter meets with tolerance, while the Moon in Sadge is trine aspect to Mars in Aries, with speed a matter of significance. The Moon in a square aspect to Neptune could clear up any doubt of election integrity. Mercury in Scorpio approaches the opposition aspect to Uranus retro in Taurus, reaching perfection late in the day, as interrogations become intensified. The Moon sextile aspect to Venus late in the day, offers some compensation.

Tuesday November 17th — The Moon ingress to Capricorn early in the day (US) seeks to standardize matters of importance.  A change of attitude, with the square aspect to Chiron retro in Aires, seems to go against conventional wisdom.  A sextile aspect to Mercury in Scorpio from the Moon, making a trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, works to draw in compliance.

Thanks for reading this preview of the week ahead. Stay safe, wear your mask and watch the distance.

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November 10, 2020

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