A Re-evaluation of Goals finds Artful Critics – Week of August 23-29 2017

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Virgo, as Mercury leads the way to resolving issues in the post-eclipse week, in this final month before the Fall Equinox.   Mercury’s interest is to inform, to modify and to assist in goal setting from a social and practical point of view. We serve the Master of the Universe, although in actual practice, as independent entities. With the opposition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, the individual follows the lunar tract and seeks to reevaluate personal positions with regards to social and political issues as new goals are set, tested at the 1st Quarter Moon phase on Tuesday the 29th of August.

Wednesday August 23rd – The Moon sets the mood, and in Virgo we have details to work on. Practical matters take our attention. The opposition to Neptune could catch us dreaming, as old forms of thought structure are eroded and dissolved.  The new lunar month involves the universal consciousness, as Mercury trine to Pluto in Capricorn easily assesses the position of power of the work and service we are involved in. The choice for conformity, for participation and self-identity does not conflict at this time. Unity and balance (Jupiter in Libra) is valuable. The harsher square aspect (90 deg) to Saturn in Sagittarius can restrict or narrow the range of choice, yet as part of an overall structure, participation in organized groups is a destiny. Pluto in Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn retrograde, while Saturn in Sag is disposed of by Jupiter in Libra. Social balance is the desired result of Mercury in Virgo’s initiative.  Virgo is the sign Mercury rules, so it shows strength here. Virgo is the second sign of the social orientation of signs that begins with Leo.

Thursday August 24th – With the Moon in the 1st decant of Libra this morning, we strive for balance. Venus in Cancer, however, is in a square (90 deg, harsh) aspect to Uranus in Aries. This leads to upsets and discontent which is made obvious. Venus trine aspect to Chiron in Pisces just yesterday, may have some wisdom to share, as it requires redress for past omissions on the part of social contracts (Uranus in Aries).  Uranus is a transcendent energy, the higher octave of Mercury, able to collate facts and transcend time. The aggressiveness of Uranus in Aries may overlook details or be overly eager to claim victory. Venus is the dispositor of the Moon and Jupiter in Libra, making an issue of individual or collective rights of economic and social contracts (Libra).

Friday August 25thCeres at 18 deg Cancer receives a square aspect from the Moon in Libra today and stands in opposition to Pluto. Protection of the children is cause célèbre, with the Moon conjunct to Jupiter in Libra. The Moon and Jupiter in Libra are sextile to Saturn in Sag, an indication that there are efforts to make a balance work, a budget or a legal issue concerning rights and responsibilities.  With Mars in Leo sextile (60 deg favorable) to the Moon and Jupiter conjunction in Libra we can be activated with more enthusiasm (Leo) and some urgency (Mars). The focus of the agenda has shifted to accommodate a more egalitarian (Libra) distribution of goods and services.

Saturday August 26thVenus transits into the fire sign of Leo today, we can find with warm relations between friends and neighbors, as Mercury retro meets the Sun at 3deg Virgo, anxieties can be released in a friendly gathering. The Sun, as ruler of Leo is the dispositor of Venus and Mars, now transiting Leo. The Moon in Scorpio is sextile (60 deg, friendly) to the Sun and Mercury, as depth is added and sincerity is real.  A sense of social unity prevails. Saturn in Sag turns direct, with a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Libra, as new resolves are made to combat all manner of social inequities.

Sunday August 27th – The Moon in Scorpio is trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Neptune in Pisces today, and a trine aspect to Ceres follows a few hours later. The trine is not only an aspect of luck it can also be a too easily achieved grief. The ease of movement could be a loss as well as a gain. In this case, Neptune trine the Moon could certainly be misfortune. Relations (Moon) may be dissolved (Neptune). Therefore, a new starting point is needed. Efforts have not produced the desired goals. The trine to Ceres in Cancer, however, a symbol of loss and recovery, could indicate that a time sharing agreement could be arranged.   Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde has passed over the Sun’s position, and as an interior planet, it is between the earth and the Sun, as intellect is not only reviewing, but recharging for the future advance. The return to direct rotation is on September 6th. Today it stands with the Sun at 3 deg Virgo, the object of recent interest with the eclipse a few days ago. The sextile aspect (60 deg, friendly) from the Moon to the SunMercury position is an aspect of appreciation from Scorpio, a sense of wonder and appreciation are included in the revealing powers, the esoteric and the scientific, of the universe.

Monday August 28th – In the earlier hours, the Moon in Scorpio is sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect is called a “working trine” in that it can achieve more by applying effort. With a trine aspect, results can come easier, with little or no effort. The sextile is an aspect of building and therefore, of conscious effort. Our lunar nature, the combination of past actions and emotional attitude, is today working to overcome structures or historical and institutional programs that prevent a more flexible social platform, going back to political reforms needed (Saturn in Sagittarius is the dispositor of Pluto.) A square aspect to Mars is next encountered, as the Moon continues into the 3rd decant (20-30 deg sector) of Scorpio. This aspect, as it is a harsh angle of 90 deg, could result in discord. However, creative use can be made of the day, involving the Leo energy in a positive expression of renewal.

August 29, 2017
Ist Quarter Moon

Tuesday August 29th – The Moon ingress to Sagittarius in the morning hours makes a trine aspect (120 deg, easy) to Venus in Leo, and a square aspect (90 deg , harsh) to Mercury in Virgo. While this combination could work in several different scenarios (maybe even thousands of scenarios) it would be a critic’s choice. Venus in Leo loves creative expression and easily relates to the Moon’s cynical or philosophical stance in Sag. Enjoyment of comedy hour or political banter can proceed. The 1st quarter Moon phase, with the Moon in a square aspect to the Sun today, represents a possible crisis in this political-social arena. While this allows for exposure of underlying attitudes, the more aggressive backlash occurs with Jupiter opposition to Uranus during the last two weeks of September.

Hope you have a fun and safe week!

Jerusalem, Israel
August 22, 2017

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