A Proliferation of Revelations – Week of April 6-12 2016


There certainly were some bombshells this past week! The pressure on candidates, announcements from sources around the world, leaders also hiding wealth in off-shore accounts, all indicate unexpected revelations and/or reversals (Uranus) in the days ahead. With the New Moon this month just 2 deg before Uranus conjunction in Aries, and a lunar transit to Uranus combines the feature perfectly.

The Moon enters Aries today, preparing for the New Moon, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon takes place on April 7th at 11:25 GMT.  This is a scientific fact. The New Moon always starts a new cycle of activity on planet Earth. When in Aries, it is time to prepare for new initiatives. Aries is also the time to plant the seeds for the future. It is a time of new beginnings in the astrological, annual cycle. The agricultural cycle also concurs that plans are now initiated for the harvest in the autumn season. The eclipse of the past Full Moon indicates an awakening, while the Saturn and Pluto in a retrograde phase, reviewing the past. It is indeed a time to consider where we have gone and where we are going to.

The semisextile between Saturn and Pluto (a minor aspect 30 deg) was almost exact, however, as the issues raised during the time phase (May 26th to 1st of April) touched on cultural themes of the past decades – the reproductive rights (Pluto) and responsibilities (Saturn) of individuals vs government control. Oppression of women and men in the lower economic class is involved in issues of women’s right to choose and her ability to cope with life. These are issues covered by Pluto and Saturn’s influence. Economic family issues (Saturn) are most often given for reasons for abortion (Pluto is the power of regeneration). While I definitely oppose abortion personally, the lack of family planning options tends to push women further away from even achieving even the bottom rung on the economic ladder. America does not, I think, want to reopen this issue. The proliferation of porn is one of the products of that era. The past decades were not the greatest. It is interesting to note that this aspect between the two planets Saturn and Pluto reoccurs the first week in November.  The issues of personal rights and protection, reproductive rights and obligations, may again be central for the general election. This seems a hallmark American issue that recurs and permeates the consciousness of the national creed and the national narrative (Saturn in Sagittarius is the structure of existence, while Jupiter in Virgo is the practical application and inclusion principle). Here it includes everyman-woman, the workers and servants of the social structure.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday April 6th – The Aries Moon revives our will to achieve, to start a new project or awaken a dormant ambition. Mars is the ruler of Aries, as the energy that embodies the spirit of this sign.  Forceful and goal directed, Mars now in Sagittarius takes an expansive view, with Jupiter as the dispositor. As the Moon reaches the 8th degree of Sagittarius this afternoon (US time zones) The Moon and Mars get a boost forward, energetic application of far reaching goals, personal success and sports or travel are also indicated. As the Sun is in a square (harsh 90 deg aspect) with Pluto, issues of nuclear proliferation are highlighted. The Sun trine to Saturn has the feel that restrictions are reinforced, while the inevitable conjunction with Uranus in three days from now could awaken ambitions. The universe is constantly changing. We feel that we have some stability, some power over our fate, but that too is a transitory power.

2016 April 7 New Moon

April 7, 2016
New Moon in Aries

Thursday April 7th – We begin to wonder, is the electorate able to shape the candidate they want, or is it the candidate that shapes the electorate. Is it the issues that arise at the time that compel us to choose one or the other candidate?  Is it a desire for change, regression or progress that we seek? Certainly, on a personal level, we can feel helpless or irrelevant in the big picture of reality. The democratic vote looms as the equalizer. The Moon and Sun continue to the conjunction with Uranus, a chance to arrive at some consensus, or compromise, can be offered, as the awakened awareness of the past week (Mercury conjunct Uranus on April 1st) strikes home. In the opposing signs of Libra, the personal charts of leaders such as V. Putin, with a strong Libra emphasis (Putin’s natal Saturn opposes the New Moon within 1 degree ) as well as D. Trump’s (natal Jupiter opposes the New Moon within 1 degree) are activated.  So Putin’s stability (Saturn) could be exposed or reversed (Uranus) as Trumps’ ambitions (Jupiter) could either be greatly inflated (Jupiter amplifies) or have the greatest reversal (Uranus), as some critics have predicted. Libra tends to balance and therefore dislikes too great an amount of power or wealth.

Friday April 8th – The Moon enters Taurus today, as we devour the results of the past week, either relishing the trend or finding indigestion as a result. The increase (Jupiter) in humanitarian need (Neptune) is growing as the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune draws out more information on personal tragedies, or triumphs in overcoming personal difficulties. Exposing secret funds could also be implied here. The Sun is conjunct Uranus today, highlighting personal efforts, and goal achievements.  The Moon conjunct Mercury helps to moderate as we seek to understand and integrate new information into working consciousness.

Saturday April 9th – As radical advancements or revelations continue (Sun conj Uranus in Aries), advantage can be increased by voter awareness, and the crucial role of the everyman theme in the national narrative, as the Moon in Taurus is trine the earth sign transits of Pluto and Jupiter, a grand trine in the earth element develops (practical and material advantage).

Sunday April 10thMercury in Taurus quincunx (150 deg aspect) Mars in Sag brings published analysis to the average plate, and also the home ballpark, as sporting events (Mars in Sag) or publicized speeches or sermons are prepared for explaining the incomprehensible. In this way we are able to generalize and also put aside doubts and anxieties.

Monday April 11th – The Moon squares Neptune and Jupiter, bringing the opposition between the greater need (Jupiter) and suffering (Neptune) into awareness, solidifying the mix with an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. The obligation (Saturn in Sag) of the ruling classes was never felt more strongly. Meanwhile, Venus in Aries (attraction) has progressed to a trine with Mars in Sag (high mindedness), so that more generosity is inspired. Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius are both disposited by Jupiter (ruler of the sign of the archerSagittarius). Universal acceptance of responsibility becomes internalized.

Tuesday April 12th – The Moon enters the home sign of Cancer today, as warmer feelings are generated. With a square aspect to Venus in Aries and a quincunx to Mars in Sagittarius, personal involvement in abstract, political or philosophical discussions centers in the home environment (Cancer), around personal issues (Moon) that we may strive to relate to. This can be exciting and fun as although exhausting in alliances that we may not share with others close to us.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading my notes.
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April 5, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel

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