A Political and Moral New Moon – Week of December 9-15 2015


GS_seal.refillThe configuration that has been dominant for the last few days begins to recede and weaken, as Mars moves past the square aspect with Pluto, yet maintains the opposition aspect to Uranus, in a stronger position all this week, culminating of Friday.  The opposition indicates tensions, although less likely to result in open conflict as compared to the square aspect of a week ago.  The back and forth, debate and adding insult to injury, is, however, a sign of trouble.  Inner conflict, indecisiveness and mutual projection of inner motivations result under the oppositions.  Who is intolerant, who is anti-American, who is fascist, etc, occupy our thoughts. Marriages may undergo a lot of stress at this time, as the Cardinal personal and partnership signs are involved.

Dec 11 - 12, 2015 New Moon in Sagittarius

Dec 10-11, 2015
New Moon in Sagittarius


With the New Moon on Dec 11 (Dec 10 US time zones) A new cycle is created, starting at 19 deg Sagittarius.  The mutable fire sign, envisions change for political interests, a new dimension for the political ball game.

Wednesday December 9th – Finding your personal balance this week may depend on social and organizational support.  Individual expression may be overwhelmed by events, and the attitudes you see expressed in events or circumstances.  Differences of opinion can surface, causing unrest.  The Sun in a trine (easy) aspect to Uranus allows for creative avenues of expression.  We are more inclined to work with the existing situation, than to rock the boat, with the Sun sextile to Mars as well as the trine aspect to Uranus.  The Moon in Scorpio, meanwhile, makes a friendly sextile to Jupiter in Virgo, signals more satisfaction and friendly social gatherings.  

Thursday December 10th – The Moon enters Sagittarius, and converses with Saturn, strengthening our political views, as Mercury moves into Capricorn; we may feel compelled to take a position on events or political affiliation.  One may even switch allegiance, and change sides in a political or confrontational alliance. A square aspect (disagreement) to Neptune (inconformity) from the Moon (individuality) could prompt us to dissolve past associations.  As Venus in Scorpio is now in a trine aspect to Neptune, deeper values and feelings surface. More universal values can now be espoused.  The New Moon aspect begins, as every situation feels like a new beginning.

Friday December 11th – The Sun and Moon at the 20th deg Sag today, put us in a new political framework.  Turmoil continues in political associations, as the strong MarsUranus opposition culminates. If we disagree with our friends on certain issues, we may part company, with the Moon in a square aspect to Jupiter (expansion). Political differences divide us.  With Venus trine Neptune, we could end up feeling scared, lost or maybe just dreamy.

Saturday December 12th – The Moon enters Capricorn, conjunct to Mercury and moves on to relate to Pluto, or perhaps be consumed by a greater entity.  Many seek a more controlled status, as security issues dominate our thoughts.  Establish order is preferred at this time. As old alliances are dissolved, new alliances are formed. As more a militant stance is advised by some leaders, other may disagree and promote control through stricter laws. Saturn in Sagittarius is the dispositor of Pluto in Capricorn.  The dispositor of Saturn in Sag is Jupiter, now transiting in Virgo.  Thus, a path of social calm and patience is taken.

Sunday December 13th – The Moon in Capricorn, now at the focal point of the tsquare opposition between Mars and Jupiter, collects emotional strength.  While political suicide is a signature of the opposition, firm measures are needed.  An unpopular attitude can be revived, at this time, as insecurity leads to harsh words.  Competition for power and authority creates more disagreements and arguments. Leaders and politicians speak their piece, and further ignite discord.

Monday December 14th – With the Moon in Aquarius today, a square aspect to Venus is formed, while the Sun is in a square aspect with Jupiter. An uneasy calm, a tense workday or a watchful silence pervades. If one is suspicious of one’s neighbor, social unrest can result, however, we must remain alert to unexpected events around us. Peace is an illusory state, while change is constant.

Tuesday December 15th – While agreeing with some sentiments of radical actions, we are more successful in addressing the militant factions to reach an understanding. Adjustments can lead to compromise, as continued tensions are unbearable. Within the world, the nation or community or within an individual psyche, a rapprochement must be made for continued existence (Sagittarius is a philosophical and political sign) The basis of democracy is that individuals have a voice, but the majority opinion rules the direction, elects the leader.  All must abide by laws that are legislated by the elected representatives. Radical extremism (Uranus in Aries) must be rejected for social advancement (Mars in Libra) and a compromise consensus reached (Pluto in Capricorn).  

Hope you have a great week!

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Jerusalem, Israel

December 8, 2015


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