A New Moon Brings Old Dangers – Week of December 28 2016- January 3 2017


The riveting, spell-binding jolts of the close, ongoing opposition between Jupiter and Uranus in cardinal signs (Libra and Aries) has brought reversals, upsets and tragedies and exposing many to fears or anguish.  Rather than natural endings with resolutions we can manage, the incidents have created counter actions and reactions. As we attempt to internalize the new, we must let go of the old.  Moving on to recreate our roles or improve the relationships with significant others, we look forward to a new year, boldly and with curiosity as to what lies ahead. Uranus turns direct (apparent motion) on Dec 30, as Saturn moves ahead in Sagittarius, exerting less influence on Uranus’ unpredictability. While Jupiter in Libra remains in opposition to Uranus in Aries for now, the powerful interaction will decrease as Jupiter advances. We have a few weeks reprieve and then the opposition continues Feb 26- March 6, 2016. The final opposition aspect between Jupiter and Uranus in this cycle happens as Jupiter will again oppose Uranus the last week in September 2017.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday December 28th – A consolidation of efforts on a project or goal now can help produce results in the future, as the Moon’s transit of Sagittarius encounters Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. With a greater focus on goals, the transformation desired though delayed, could now bear fruit.  The expanded (Jupiter) power of initiative (Uranus in Aries) creates possibilities in business ventures.  Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is in a sextile aspect to Mars in Pisces, as a measure of control seems necessary to avoid a rapid dispersion of resources. Mercury is also conjunct the Sun today, making perfection a natural standard, definition itself is back. Political maneuvering gains the spotlight, as the Moon moves into Capricorn, evoking echoes of supremacy and one man-up-manship.

New Moon December 29, 2016 6:54 GMT

New Moon
December 29, 2016
6:54 GMT

Thursday December 29th – The New Moon (6:54 GMT), gives a chance to re-group, recharge and set new goals.  This new cycle is for perfecting one’s image, finding a higher rung on the ladder, or moving up in some fashion or another. The inner view, as well as the outer image is important, and we may try to align the two now. Planning for future goal attainment, preparations can begin now. With Mars and Neptune in Pisces in a sextile (60 deg) aspect to the New Moon, goals and dreams may be confused, or may combine to help in setting the most generous goals imaginable.  Illusions must be tempered with facts and reality. This is also a good time for business entities to analyze profits and perhaps merge or dissolve.  With Chiron square aspect to Saturn, the inner voice of wisdom awakens, and may forewarn of danger. Preparations against accident or disease can prevent future illness or injury.

Friday December 30thMars is closely conjunct with Neptune in Pisces, helping us to make amends. The desire to start on a new footing, to overcome enmity can now be strong.  Asking for forgiveness and pardoning our foes is the start of the healing process. Peace cannot be attained if open enmity remains. The desire to perfect the world must begin with the self. Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way. Reach out to your neighbor and offer the olive branch in peace. What happens now will be remembered long after I am a distant memory in the family genealogy. Uranus turns direct apparent motion, setting our sights on the future.

Saturday December 31stSaturn in Sagittarius is a challenge to the messenger, the teacher and preacher, to reign in the decay, to recognize loss, and help repair the vision for the future. The hypothetical prototype politician’s (Saturn in Sagittarius) promises ring false, as the claims are without a basis (Mars conjunct Neptune).  Learning to distinguish truth from fake reports, ferreting out the false messenger, (Mars and Neptune in Pisces) is an educational goal (Saturn in Sagittarius sextile to Jupiter) of the student and teacher alike. Repentance and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin. To harbor ill-will increases resentment.

Sunday January 1st– The need to reach out to like-minded friends in a holiday spirit continues with the Moon in Aquarius trine (120 deg easy aspect) to Jupiter in Libra. As Mars supersedes Neptune the goals become diffused. Injury and sorrow may be suppressed, or momentarily put aside or forgotten, as what we seek becomes more important than the immediate attainment of transient fulfillment of fleeting desires. Humanity itself is at stake, and self-destruction or inhalation is all too real a possibility.  The Moon is sextile to Uranus in Aries, as we gather with friends and form bonds that ignite the future (Uranus in Aries sextile Moon in Aquarius). It may be the internalized adult or an actual parent figure that maintains boundaries to reduce the explosive and exuberant energy of the gathering crowds.

Monday January 2nd – As the Moon enters Pisces today the shift is to a quieter noise level, emotionally bound or even emotionally drained recuperative retreat.  Some merry-makers may need a time out, while healers begin their work with soothing words or substances of recovery (Moon transits Neptune) with medicine or medicinal herbs. The alternative healers (Chiron quincunx Jupiter) are able to help the physically and emotionally bruised.  Seek qualified professionals when needed (Mars in Pisces sextile Sun in Capricorn).

Tuesday January 3rdVenus enters Pisces today, and with the Moon, Neptune, Mars and Chiron form a stellium (five planets), a major configuration with emphasis on the water sign of mutable energy we find that we are unable to move aggressively forward. You may be set in a self-reflexive mode undergoing treatment or therapy, or simply in need of a spiritual release.  Mars in Pisces responds reflexively, deepening pain or sorrow. Self-injury and self-deception are common with Mars in Pisces. Neptune, Chiron and the Moon call into action healing agents. Watch for contagious disease and epidemics at this time. Personal planets (in natal charts) in water signs could be activated. The three planets in Capricorn are a stabilizing and deepening effect, thus, able to assist in a professional capacity. The evacuation of sick or wounded may be necessary.

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December 27, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel





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