A New Moon Awakens and Questions – Week of June 1-7 2016


The Grand-Trine in earth signs continues as we reach for more universal values and expand productivity. It is a time for analysis as well as opportunity to integrate our views with a wider horizon in mind. The Moon transit of Uranus may bring sudden insight, or earthshaking events that alter the way we relate to our environment. 

The summer season brings a sense of earthly pleasures, and community events. With the Gemini Sun and Venus opposing Saturn, we can hope to throw off our shackles, but alas, the Saturn in opposing Sagittarius will frown and disallow too much freedom.  Yet, we might still gain, as Jupiter in Virgo helps to integrate our role with the larger framework of life around us. All this is in time for the New Moon on June 4-5 (June 4th in US time zones). 

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday June 1st – The Moon in Aries today will meet up with Uranus. This is bold action taken, while Venus approaches the Sun in Gemini, with moderating and analytic positions. Whoever is in charge views is quick to respond, and limits are placed on mobility. Saturn opposes the SunVenus conjunction, so as to either limit or focus our views.  If she speaks out now, the voice will be soft but the message strong. Neptune is involved with a square aspect to the SunVenus and to Saturn, and still in a wide opposition to Jupiter. Positions must be clarified, or dissolution sets in. The message must be compassionate, or the power will be limited. 

Thursday June 2nd – With Venus and Neptune applying to the Sun in Gemini continuing today, difficult or overwhelming situations must be addressed with a compassionate and vocal sensitivity, despite the hardships that are encountered (Saturn in opposition). A way can be found to moderate for immigrants, refugees and indigent populations (Neptune in Pisces.) Practical material support is needed, as the Moon in Taurus appeals to the basic necessities and the means of supply.

Friday June 3rd – The response to appeals made are limited to exacting detail. While imagined and real issues are inflated, as well as an abundance of psychotic events permeating, a firm voice is needed (see the notes on June 2nd).  Where exactly do you draw the line?  Spoiled food, rotting abundance helps no one. The Moon, opposing Mars retrograde in Scorpio, signifies that some resources could be withdrawn to compensate or assist the suffering, despite the limitations of a political environment.  

June 5-6, 2016 New Moon in Gemini

June 5-6, 2016
      New Moon in Gemini

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Saturday June 4th – With a New Moon on the horizon, the VenusSun conjunction is brought to parity, as legal and political rules are conflating efforts to advance. The effort to resolve the conflicts, the employment as well as the immigrant issues, are renewed, as Venus captures the opposition (Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces), and seeks to resolve persistent problems through legislation (Saturn in Sagittarius). The GrandCross in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), and the issues indicated, could be elevated to a problem in resolution, rather than a problem in default. (Moon, Venus and Sun in Gemini form an exact square aspect to Jupiter in Virgo.)



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Sunday June 5thMercury in Taurus opposing Mars retro in Scorpio indicates that we are able to draw on newly revealed resources to implement programs relating to poverty and the system of injustice. Personal wealth is increased through inheritance, or resources that remained in investment portfolios are now released. Victims (Neptune in Pisces) are compensated or at least assisted (Jupiter in Virgo) onto the road to recovery.

Monday June 6th – With the Moon in Cancer, personal life – including health, home and family – is where outside conditions have the most meaning. If the government and legal systems are fair (Saturn in Sag), home life will be peaceful. If the economy for the family is maintained with adequate employment (Jupiter in Virgo) the home life will be serene. The Moon is square aspect (90 deg) to Ceres in Aries showing concerns about viability of the home life.

Tuesday June 7th – While adverse conditions, including government mismanagement around the globe, threaten vulnerable populations (Neptune in Pisces) with powerful controls (Pluto in Capricorn), reforms (Sun and Venus in Gemini) begin to loosen the grip of dictatorships.  Absolute power is no longer acceptable. The current weltanschauaaung (world view) respects the individual’s right to conditions of non-violence, health and a respectable livelihood. In this transit of Cancer, the Moon today forms aspects to Jupiter in Virgo (sextile), to Chiron in Pisces (trine), Saturn in Sagittarius (quincunx), Mercury in Taurus (sextile) and Uranus in Aries (square). Issues of home and security are highlighted.

With blessings for a secure and serene week,
May 31, 2016

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