A Martian Conflict Weakens – Week of December 2-8 2015


Mars, the red planet named for the Roman god of war, has two tiny moons, Phobos and Deimos, whose names are derived from the Greek for Fear and Panic.



The Moon moves from the sign Virgo to Libra and Scorpio this week.   In Virgo, there is an opposition point to Neptune in Pisces, and then a conjunction with Jupiter.  While next week on Monday and Tuesday, Mars in Libra is opposed to Uranus in Aries, and Pluto is in conjunction with the midpoint of this opposition.  The resulting tsquare formation could be very volatile, and a probable danger point.  This is another week for testing the limits of law, crime and punishment, while the unstable situation worldwide is at a breaking point.

December 2, 2015

        December 2, 2015

Wednesday December 2nd – The lunar transit of Virgo, a mutable earth sign, is task oriented. Skills are put to use under the Virgo sign, while the opposition to Neptune in the afternoon and evening hours of US time zones, could draw out a nervous reaction, or an outpouring of empathy .  The expression of the opposition through Saturn in Sagittarius could draw together the disparate expressions, focused on an event, or a legal ruling issued by high court on matters that are of wide concern. This could also be a trial for political candidates, who see support at a turning point, fluctuation and or dissolving. With the Sun approaching a sextile aspect to Mars in Libra, the expression of volatile issues gains attention, while the Moon reaching the third quarter stage, and a crisis furthers the removal of political opponents on the campaign trail.

Thursday December 3rd– Today the Moon trines Pluto in earth signs, measuring progress, a calculated (Virgo) achievement is helps to overcome tensions of recent conflicts. More power to the common man.  The Moon  then forms  a square aspect to Mercury in Sagittarius, as we reflect through media, public opinion polls and analysis. This could be media sensation, as Jupiter is met by the Moon in the square to Mercury in Sag.  The quincunx aspect of the Moon to Uranus may also trigger some unexpected announcements, with pressure on, as Uranus is doubly approaching a square aspect with Pluto.  The heat is on, definitely.  Keeping to your diet under the JupiterMoon in Virgo may be difficult.  Try to get more exercise (note to self).

Friday December 4thVenus in the final degree of Libra may tip the scales unexpectedly, as war powers are striving for survival.  More action on the battleground, as Venus leaves the polite forum and plunges into the depths of Scorpio.  With Pluto as the dispositor of Venus, the lack of balance is even more obvious, and that may lead to victory for one or the other of the contestants. Weaknesses are exploited for the benefit of the mighty.  Venus has kept a balancing act going in the transit of Libra, but now firmer stance in the fixed sign of Scorpio, can transform the nature of the conflicts. A settlement is likely to be imposed, or a decision taken, as Venus leaves her sign of rulership, and a negotiated settlement seems less likely.   

Saturday December 5th – The Moon enters Libra, as though to attempt a regain the lost hope of compromise, yet is put off with the contact of Mars, vigorously going about his usual ceaseless motions of upsetting the status qua.  The conscious awareness of the Sun in Sagittarius sextile to Mars, could calm the fears of rebellion in the ranks.  Legal limits can be useful to employ at this time. Jupiter and Mercury are in mutual reception (each in the sign the other rules) and can therefore help to put a legal and practical framework on issues, relying on both detail and legal rulings. While legal challenges could be successful at this time, the decisions made could be final. This could lead to the release of thousands of imprisoned inmates and a chance to transform the legal and social support systems.

Sunday December 6th – A sensitivity of judgment is required, and Moon in Libra carries the history of the past, ruling the sign Cancer, the opposed sign of Capricorn, where Pluto is now habituating.  Thus, through her rulership, the Moon provides a cautionary tone, giving depth and historical context to legal rulings.  Opposing Uranus in the morning hours, the Moon could  calm the upsets of Uranus square to Pluto.  The inspiration given to justice must also be base on the equality and carry the weight of history and future time.  The ingestion of rulings by the citizens must be understood in a clear democratic and historical context. To absorb the effects of a ruling, the citizens need to accept decisions, and acknowledge the just and humane basis of the decisions.  If Pluto were to be overpowered by Mars or Uranus, certainly chaos would ensue. Only a just decision (Jupiter) will satisfy the constituents or parties to the conflict.  The Sun in Sagittarius is equidistant from Mars and Pluto, sextile to both.  The carrier of the law bears the responsibility of presenting issues in the light of legal justice. 

Monday December 7th –  The Moon enters Scorpio, and with Venus, promotes a sense of salvation and transformation.  A sense of relief is expressed, as deeply held convictions are shared.   The Sun in Sag approaches a trine (120 deg) aspect with Uranus, helping to ease the way, and provide an avenue of expression for the revolutionary fervor that has gained strength in recent months.  This could help in the efforts to advance an agenda (Mars in Libra) with social and political implication (Sag and Libra emphasis).  Mars, as the dispositor of Uranus, is eager for change as well, although pledged to balance the conflicting nature of the issues.  The Moon trine to Neptune later in the day, relates to the transformation of the migrants, the homeless and needy around the world. More hope is expressed in music tweets.

Tuesday December 8th – A conflict is intensified, even as we try to internalize or simply deflect aggression, it will be expressed with the close opposition of Mars in Libra to Uranus retro in Aries.   Police forces are called to hold the line on demonstrators as again issues remain unresolved for many. The Moon in Scorpio is a sextile aspect (60 deg) to Pluto in Capricorn, as emotional appeals are made for calm. It is the role of the leaders (Saturn in Sag) to implement a teaching that the citizens (Jupiter in Virgo) understand.  Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn, so in this situation, the leaders must also satisfy the citizens, the common man. The power of the people can overpower the rule of law. They will only obey the law they feel is just.


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Jerusalem, Israel

December 2, 2015

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