A Kaleidoscopic View of Harmony – Week of March 1-7 2017

The intensity seems to ease off, as matters become understood and integrated, with some adjustments to make the situation seem palatable. We may become deluded by power, even rosy-eyed in the face of disaster. Just as a Kaleidoscope shifts to a choreographic form of shape and color. It is the configuration of endings and new beginnings.  The New Moon in Pisces, followed by the Neptune conjunction with the Sun, gives hope the weary, and maybe some deceit to the powerful. There is a definite lack of clarity in the air, although few seem to be bothered at the moment, being under the influence of some distortion of either imbibing or enjoying a dreamy day, with limitations relaxed. As the Mars trine Saturn aspect begins to take effect, more particularization of legal issues can change the status of immigrants. Legalities may be overcome. The free press (Jupiter in Libra) is pivotal. Contradictions remain, as more incidents of mistaken identity with lots of Pisces influence as well as the Jupiter opposed by Uranus (unconscious) and Mars (action) aspect. Neptune could provide a dreamy week, or one of escape from reality. As situations change, there can be rejoicing as well as distress. 

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday March 1st – The Moon in Aries today, joins with Venus and UranusMars conjunct in Aries, gives a heightened sense of urgency toward a specific goal that could be yet ill-defined(Sun in Neptune), while fortunately, Jupiter in opposition in Libra pulls back from that intensity to get a balanced view of where we are going. The Sun’s conjunction with Neptune could highlight concerns about covert actions. The Moon square aspect (90 deg) to Pluto in Capricorn puts a check on the free reign of absolute power centers, potentially exposing some issues of a sensitive nature. Both Trump and Putin, for example,  have natal planets in Libra  – image at this link: http://shoshananeshri.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Putin-and-Mar-31-2014.gif (Putin with  Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury in Libra– Trump with Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Libra )– Image at this link:  Donald Trump’s natal chart being challenged by the Uranus-Mars conjunction. Saturn in Putin’s chart is conjunct Jupiter in Trump’s chart. Putin is not flappable, fending off Trump’s enthusiasm (Jupiter). Yet, he may use Trump’s position to increase his own status (Saturn).  

Thursday March 2nd– The Moon moves into Taurus today, and trine to Saturn in Sag before the Taurus ingress, meeting with Ceres at 7 deg Taurus, as ground work to implement the awakening cycle is prepared. The Ceres contact could bring the awareness for the need for a wider safety net for the disadvantaged. Venus in Aries is the dispositor of the Moon (Venus rules Taurus) and therefore the empowerment of form and beauty, comfort and wealth are elevated.  Neptune is the dispositor of the Sun for the next three weeks, as illusive and somewhat deceptive practices are implemented. Fear and lack of proper grounding could inflict many. Pluto disposed of by Saturn and Saturn by Jupiter does indicate a sort of insular power structure, an oligarchic formation taking place. Power remains in the hands of a select few.

Friday March 3rd – The Moon trine to Pluto indicates that directives to implement policies of a collective nature are released.  Mars trine aspect to Saturn promotes more details and directives for the implementation of stated goals begin to take place with more ease in implementing visions now.  Mercury conjunct to Neptune in Pisces over the next 2-3 days indicating that there is some confusion in communication, in understanding sources that may be contradictory in some cases. However, inspired acts are relatively well placed and effective.

Saturday March 4th – The Moon in Gemini now as Mercury tries to untangle the web of intrigue by gaining an avid tongue. However, as the square aspect to Neptune is imminent, those words may be misunderstood, and in the end lack clarity. One sometimes feels that the purpose of the announcement is to obscure and obliterate more of the true intent of power, as the directives are carried out. Pisces is symbolized by two fish pulling in opposite directions, yet tied together, and the fluctuating nature of this water sign is the ending phase of the zodiac cycle of time. Only by erasing old debts can we be prepared for a fresh start in spring. We may feel more conciliatory now, as by forgiving we find a path forward.

March 5, 2017
First Quarter Moon

Sunday March 5thVenus turns retrograde in Aries, as the MarsSaturn trine gains favor, showing success in more standard procedures with focused intent.  Venus (pleasing relations) is disposed of by Mars (Mars is the ruler of Aries), retrograde in retreat, yet finding more ways to influence direction. The opening conflict of this lunar cycle involves invigorating the depth of inspiration to work for advantage (trine to Jupiter), and above all gain respect (Saturn in opposition).  Power hungry and economically motivated actions reaching out, although immured in uncertainty, bogged down with confusing signals (Sun, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces).

Monday March 6th – The Moon in Cancer with a more self-protective gloss, unwilling to take the chances that were so inviting just a day ago. A few hours of delay or for reconsideration are in order. Self-nurturing, or caring for others fill several hours. Greater empathy (Moon trine Neptune) is called for to avoid conflict (Moon square to Venus) later in the day. Insisting on perfect achievement of ideals (Saturn in Sag) needs a moderating influence to adapt to set goals (Mars in Aries). With the MarsSaturn trine, work is accomplished.

March 7, 2017
Moon Opposes Pluto

Tuesday March 7th – This could be the day when results are achieved. The Moon opposes Pluto, as a grand cross configuration is made with Jupiter opposing Uranus square to the MoonPluto opposition.  The trine aspect from the Moon to the Sun and Mercury in Pisces signals an emotional agreement. While intentions are conforming to facts, the achieved platform is galvanized, sealed and stamped.  We start to move away from a phase of direct conflict and disorder. Acceptance of rules of operation allow for more progress. Each person has a place and role to carry out.

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February 28, 2017   
Jerusalem, Israel

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