A Greater Venus Celebration – Week of July 1-7 2015


The mind bending-mind and mind-blowing aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus, a planet indicating sudden events of transformation, individualism and free-choice, in Aries, has passed the exact point of contact on Friday, and remains in effect for a few more days. While most of us continue to live the life that we have, with little change, the possibilities for future generations to come have altered considerably. Uranus is a planet carrying implications for the future, opening vistas and pathways for the generations to come. The lightening-like changes are sudden and consciousness altering.

The Jupiter-Venus conjunction, taken alone, brings us times of an outer expression of joy. Experience we can look forward to and remember for years. With the addition of the trine aspect to Uranus, that expression of exuberant joy is a transcendent leap.

The dwarf planet Ceres has made news lately, coming into view as the largest of the bodies in the asteroid belt that orbits around the Sun. That symbol is also now in my charts, currently in Aquarius and moving retrograde.

Wednesday July 1st – As Venus moves ahead of Jupiter, in Leo, and both Jupiter and Venus transit beyond the exact aspect of the trine to Uranus, the influence of the rapid influx, the result of the SCOTUS decisions begins to fade. We are reminded that not a great deal has changed in reality. The Moon transits to Capricorn, where it will oppose Mars and the Sun in Cancer. A rush (Mars conjunct the Sun) to gain legal status (Moon in Capricorn) could still face challenges, decisions and paper work. Capricorn is a symbol of the bureaucracy, and legal issues might still arise for many who wish to rush into a legal matrimony. The Sun trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces could be a signal of inebriation, or simply blind ambition. Illusions are created that will have to be faced in the future.

Thursday July 2nd – The Full Moon phase this morning, as the Capricorn Moon transits Pluto, and opposes MarsSun in Cancer, shows a generational switch, or possibly blurring of the demarcation of authority and social order concerning family life. The individual (MarsSun) must accept a new social order (PlutoMoon), and as with every ruling, there are disagreements. Conflicts may arise. Concepts of gender and parental role models are at the core of the controversy. Saturn (definition) is in Scorpio, which rules the reproductive system, and physical *** organs.

Friday July 3rd – The Moon transits into Aquarius where it encounters the symbol of Ceres, as we struggle to comprehend a future of perhaps a Male-Male marriage in political life, perhaps in the White House even, or conversely a Female-Female couple at the helm. While child rearing would possible still remain primarily in the feminine world, with few exceptions, male only partnerships would be largely childless. Therefor the future of reproduction is at stake. During this Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, the status of family as a unit for raising children is undermined.

July 4, 2015

July 4, 2015

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Saturday July 4th – It may be a measure of the strength of a nation that can undergo such a dramatic change, and still maintain its historical place, its image and magnetism among the nations. Founded on revolutionary principles, Uranus is noted as the ruling planet of the USA, and we are reminded of that again, as the day of national celebration reinforces that notion of revolution and change in a democratic government, and a system of governing that is capable of accepting change. Venus dominant in a softer celebration, more balanced and in tune with traditional values, as Venus is rules Libra and Taurus, its dual- domicile. Mercury in Gemini in sextile aspect to Jupiter in Leo, expresses pride and glory, beauty fills the air.

Sunday July 5th – The Sun is doubly approaching an opposition to Pluto today, as Pluto is in a retrograde phase of its orbit. Oppressed nations or populations within a nation express their discontent. With Neptune trine Mars and the Sun, some of that expression could be generalized to large segments of the world’s people. Resources are sought to maintain a refugee crisis worldwide. As the Moon leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, the uncovering of the extent of the problem brings it foremost in our minds.

Monday July 6th – Abundant resources are now available, human resources and basic necessities, food and clothing are at a prime level, a peak commodity that can be transferred to the have-nots, the homeless refugees on Earth. Venus and Jupiter in Leo are disposited by the Sun in Cancer, trine Moon and Neptune in Pisces. Working together, we unite the world.

Tuesday July 7thMercury in Gemini is in its rulership, and working to connect the disparate forces, communication encourages the lonely, and the week sufferings, and helps to delay the ravages of starvation or disease (Saturn in Scorpio retrograde), staying the hand of death, as it were. The Moon in Pisces communicates the need, through its contact (square aspect) to Mercury in Gemini. Saturn in Scorpio is trine the Moon, so there also, the extent of severe drought, nutritional deficits, and lack, are communicated. Slowly, over the next month, aid reaches the victims, and order is restored. Venus and Jupiter are approaching a square aspect to Saturn, becoming partile on August 3rd, when Saturn turns to direct motion.

I hope you all have a glorious week. Thanks for reading my page.

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June 30, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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