A Full Moon Illuminates a Political Divide Week of July 29-August 4 2015


Another mind-bending week lies ahead. Lovely days with Jupiter and Venus again converging in Leo, Sun and Mercury in Leo as well. Jupiter enhances and magnifies every influence, good or bad. On Aug 1st, Venus in retrograde motion returns to Leo and combines with Jupiter in a sign known for self-love and enjoyment. Leo the lion looks magnificent, as he parades in his glory as king of the beasts. This is a warning for us more humble souls, not to portray self as egotistical. Sporting events can bring out the best and the worst in us. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 31st of July is the full expression of Leo, attracting many magnetically, maintaining the individualistic character of Aquarius.

A strong stationary Saturn in Scorpio is in square aspect to Jupiter, invoking honor and a contested vision of the future. Social divisiveness and limitations on freedom are made as Saturn turns direct on Sept 3rd, focusing in a more conscious manner on legal issues and status. The very depth and personal relevance encompasses us all.

Wednesday July 29th – As the Moon enters Capricorn today, we can get a glimpse of power and strategy, as the hope for transforming the world and a new order takes place. While perfection is always out of reach, we can move in a more structured or organized manner, to reach a hypothetical goal. We are tested in our resolve, as the Moon in opposition to Mars later in the day, and with the square aspect to Uranus, may find that opportunity could easily be painfully removed. Jupiter is in a close square to Saturn, and there is work to be done. The square aspect (90 deg) from the Moon in Capricorn to Uranus in Aries precedes the Moon’s opposition to Mars in Cancer, making this a pivotal day, and one where we find danger close at hand.

Thursday July 30th – It is, indeed, a balancing act as a nuclear deal with Iran is debated and will be voted on. Can the many interests involved be reconciled? It is an historical time-frame. Uranus in Aries is forever unpredictable, and the wild card in the pact. As Mars is the aggressor, aligned with Uranus‘ placement in Aries, and opposing (180 deg) the Moon in Capricorn, the molder (Moon) of policy (Capricorn), is under pressure and also seems to be in a vulnerable position. The sextile (60 deg) aspect from Saturn in Scorpio to the Moon helps stabilize the position, adding power to the more subtle and receptive nature of the Moon itself. The Leo energies, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are enhanced by Venus‘ return to the fold.

Friday July 31st – The Full Moon today brings issues to realization, perhaps a first vote is tallied.. The Moon will also oppose (180 deg) Mercury, so that open debate is evident. Everyone can get involved. We may be called upon to shift our personal views, feeling a change in the order of reality. An adjustment in world view, or in personal realization that a power structure that existed is now changing. The Sun in Leo is in a quincunx (150 deg) aspect to Neptune in Pisces. The awareness of the disintegrating forces, the eroding economies, the social inequities and responsibility for homeless millions around the world, emerges. The Moon in Aquarius draws us into a social agreement, a factor in the awakening power structure that underlies political reality.

Saturday August 1st – By reducing the subject to elemental points, analyzing details, a basis of discussion surrounds fundamental issues. Neptune is in a quincunx aspect to Mars in Cancer. While Mars in Cancer is concerned with and speaks convincingly of security issues that are in the argument, and the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is working for the same concerns. I think a greater consensus is now possible. The Moon will also oppose (180 deg) Jupiter and Venusconjunct in Leo – to invoke a sense of accomplishment, of honor and social awareness. Tying all the strands together becomes the role of established rule. Will the structure (Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception) hold the arguments and be able to deliver security as proposed? Establishment issues (political sensitive issues) and invested interests can influence substantially, or delay (Saturn in Scorpio) the final outcome.

Jupiter in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio

Jupiter in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio

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Sunday August 2nd – Today the Moon transits Neptune (stationary retro Neptune) in Pisces. A world beyond borders is affected by the decisions made in Washington. Sleeping patriots awaken to the call. Saturn turns to a direct (apparent ) motion, and will (hopefully) inspire us to get to work, as Jupiter in Leo squares the planet in the water sign Scorpio. Saturn is the planet of stern conservative power.   The quincunx (150 deg) aspect from the Moon to the Sun in Leo is now a mover, as the Moon has joined with Neptune in Pisces to bring to attention the plight and suffering of many lost souls. While the carnival continues (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Leo), it has become subdued (Venus retro) to a greater reality, with Jupiter reaching the square aspect (90 deg) to Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury in Leo is trine Uranus and cuncunx to Chrion in Pisces, as media (Mercury) brings awareness and a sense of need for critical service (Chiron) to the helpless (Pisces). We can find healers in the midst of great disaster.

Monday August 3rd – The strongest rational as yet is offered, and the reality starts to hit home. Positions are reversed, as Venus gathers forces in the conjunction with Jupiter in Leo. Mars in Cancer is now trine (120 deg) to Saturn, and the Luna in Pisces is trine both the planets of greater force, Mars for action and Saturn for denial and inaction. A common ground is sought in the struggle for decision making. The two forces working together could stall progress.

August 4, 2015

August 4, 2015

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Tuesday August 4th – The Moon in Aries will trine the Sun today, shaking up the status quo and getting a view of the process. Jupiter and Venus, also in the fixed fire sign of Leo, are now in exact square aspect (90 deg) to Saturn, the hold out, the key to success is toppling resistance. With 5 planets in Fire signs today, and Mars in Cancer trine to Saturn in Scorpio (Water signs), debate is lively (Fire signs) actions could be careless, and while initiative is strong, there could also be more cooperation in the everyday world. We are quick to bring relief in times of disaster, showing an abundance of good will, in times of distress. Pluto is the lone planet in an Earth sign, could pull together a disparate world when a common goal is clear. The Sun in Leo is approaching a quincux aspect (150 deg) with Pluto in Capricorn. This combination of dissimilar elements can be a catalyst for change.

The process we are facing will bring us into greater unity, or greater danger. Thank you for accompanying me in this week’s journey through the zodiac.


July 28, 2015
Jerusalem, Israel

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