A Challenging Phase of Dissemination — July 5 – 12 2023


The Moon is scheduled to transit from Aquarius to Taurus this seven-day interval. From the universal fixed-air sign Aquarius to the personal fixed-earth sign of Taurus, our focus moves from the ideal to the practical. For now, we may be fixated on international events, but then need to re-align attention to the basic need back home. A T-square in fixed sings on the 5th, and the Moon opposition aspect to Mars on Thursday (July 6th) for a release.  The Moon makes a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on the 12th, indicates a need to reduce deficit payments. It is advisable to plan ahead to be prepared for the unexpected. As the lunar cycle is in the declining stage, the 3rd quarter Moon on July 10th, could indicate a crisis with the Moon in aggressive Aries square aspect to the protective Sun in Cancer. Issues need to be resolved. Mars ingress Virgo and Mercury ingress Leo on July 11th.

Looking ahead: The Sun ingress to Leo and Venus turns retro on July 24th.

Summary of major aspects of the week

Wednesday July 5th — The Moon in Aquarius makes quincunx aspects to Sun and Mercury in Cancer, then transits a harsh square aspect to Uranus and tense opposition aspect to Venus in Leo overnight, for a T-square configuration. This T-square configuration in fixed signs with Uranus at the stress-point, could be explosive, even post July the 4th! Mars in Leo in a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces is a painful reminder of what is unfair in state-run social welfare that smacks of injustice, further harming those already harmed. Wars continue to impact the lives and health of hundreds of civilians. The Moon quincunx aspect to Mercury and square aspect to Uranus sounds the alarm.

Thursday July 6th — The Moon in Aquarius is in an opposition aspect to Mars in Leo early morning US time zones, although the aspects are become partile in the afternoon in Europe and the ME. The US could respond to threats of nuclear weapons by Russia against Ukraine during this configuration, as the Moon in semi-sextile aspect to the US natal Pluto in, transiting between semi-sextile to Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon ingress to Pisces (17:34 UT) and makes a quincunx aspect to Ceres in Libra and a conjunction aspect with Saturn retro in Pisces. Self-inflicted harm when in a depressive mood and could follow, so seek out or give friendly support if need be. The Moon in a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus could inflate a depressive mood but also enable an offer of material assistance. Mercury the messenger in Cancer makes a sextile aspect to iconoclastic Uranus in Taurus could indicate work to deflate a growing crisis.

Friday July 7th — Goal oriented Mars in Leo makes quincunx aspects to Pluto retro in Cap and Neptune retro in Pisces. These aspects are combined with the sextile aspect between Pluto retro and Neptune retro to complete the Yod formation that will persist over 2 days, seeming to guard a situation that could turn tragic. Mars at the apex seeks a resolution. With the help of a charismatic nature (Mars in Leo), hopefully a diplomatic solution can be found. The Moon in Pisces sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus in the morning hours (again, US time zones), makes a trine aspect to the Sun in Cancer, adding an emotional appeal. Late in the day (Saturday morning in Europe and the ME) the Moon makes a sextile aspect to Uranus in Taurus and trine aspect to Mercury in Cancer, as the threats of destructive power are again likely, although an exchange of value could be arranged. Sacrifices need to be made. 

Saturday July 8th — The Moon in Pisces in a conjunction aspect with Neptune is also quincunx aspect to Mars in Leo. The Moon/Neptune retro pair is sextile aspect to Pluto retro in Cap as the Yod configuration continues. Neptune is working with Pluto to transform the working relationships between nations. A new order must evolve when the destructive conflicts simmer to a halt. The quincunx aspects of Neptune and Pluto to aggressive Mars in the sign Leo. Mars when in Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun in Cancer disposes of Mars and Venus, while the Moon in Pisces disposes of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer. The Moon is disposed of by Neptune, the final dispositor. The prominence of Neptune suggests that we are in a major phase of dissolution (don’t we know it!). Pluto in Cap is disposed of by Saturn in Pisces, also disposed of by Neptune. The current solar-lunar phase is one of dissemination. We can expect that cherished institutions are crumbling.

3rd Quarter Moon Phase
July 9-10, 2023

Sunday July 9th — The Moon in Aries is disposed of by Mars in the final degree of Leo, and quincunx aspect to Pluto retro in Cap. Discontent may be stirred to a high-point. Action needs to be taken against the on-going slaughter of innocent people. The Moon reaches the square aspect to the Sun in Cancer late in the day (US time zones), the 3rd quarter Moon phase – a crisis in dissemination. With Mercury in Cancer trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces; minds may be changed at this point. Throughout history troubled revolutionaries gather in prisons.   

Monday July 10thMars ingress to Virgo overnight, and Mercury in Cancer approaches the opposition aspect to Pluto in Cap. Needed work on Constitutional issues begins again. The Sun in Cancer is square aspect to Chiron in Aries, evoking memories of tragedies. The Moon transits from the square aspect to Pluto, then ingress to Taurus and a conjunction aspect with Rahu, seeming to gain momentum, reaches the trine aspect to Mars. Calculated procedures are now clarified. It is a page too late, and none too soon.Tuesday July 11thMercury in Leo and Mars in Virgo collaborate with a semi-sextileaspect, while the Moon in Taurus is sextileaspect to Saturn in Pisces and then reaches the conjunctionaspect with Jupiter. Debt relief for student borrowers seems to proceed with this aspect. Sun in Cancer is squareaspect to Chiron in Aries as strong objections are made to ground-breaking measures. Venus in Leo in a quincunxaspect to Neptuneretro in Pisces, seeks forgiveness in the disseminating cycle. As Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, it may indicate progress, although Venus could also turn revengeful. Mercury in an out-of-sign opposition aspect to Pluto, points to a struggle with unconscious memories, perhaps brought out in analysis.      

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July 4, 2023
Jerusalem, Israel

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