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The cumulative experiences of recorded history, and the prehistoric history that is also being deciphered and learned, weigh upon us. As we turn a new page in the analysis of life, we strive to integrate the past as well. Thus, a deeper knowledge of life an its significance and perhaps a personal role, help us to understand where we are going.

We seek, in the highest sense, greater harmony with others and with the environment. These universal goals, if achieved, could bring an era of peace. While tragedy and good fortune meet the eye everyday, we are more aware than ever, that we have been set forth on a course, a destination not fully understood or assured. We are aware beings and have freedom of thought and action, but must chose our own limits. We work on what has been spoiled. In Pisces the Sun has powerful awareness, empathy and an endless capacity to absorb suffering as well as beauty. Mars and Venus conjunct in Aries, lead the way, hand in hand, so to speak into the new era . As Aries signifies new beginnings, we can start to look at each other with a new light and understanding.

Wednesday February 25th Venus and Mars are the planets of personal interaction, where associations and romances are initiated. The Aries conjunction continues for several days, as new respect is generated between men and women. This indicates a new chapter in initiating equality. With Saturn in Sagittarius trine Venus, today, landmark decisions could be decided, with legal views are moderating the status of both men and women before the law. Again, greater equality is suggested here. While Mars is strong in Aries ( its sign of rulership) Venus rules the opposing sign of Libra. This would be as though Venus is bringing equality into relationship. Meanwhile, Pluto is being moderated in its stance of power and authority in Capricorn by the quincunx from Jupiter. Uranus is exerting pressure from Aries, such that power is always being questioned, threatened and revolutionized. . While authority takes a beating, it has room for broadening its view through the Jupiter contact. In this way, a tough situation can be moderated. Entertainment and levity takes the pressure off, and increased prosperity can be achieved now. The Moon in Taurus (trine Pluto in Cap) indicates extraordinary profits and/or losses.

Thursday February 26th – The Moon transits into Gemini, where it will oppose Saturn after mid-day, and then form a square aspect to the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. The is a mutable T-square formation, and while mutable signs are very flexible, the focal point of Neptune in Pisces can create a deteriorating situation. Fortunately, the time passes rather quickly. While Saturn denotes security and stability, in this transit it is undermined. Meanwhile the Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter positions of yesterday remain in the background, closing in for another two weeks. We are, for the most part, able to take the issues as they arise, and adjust to the situations that arise. Hope is for success in the long term.

Friday February 27th – You are likely to have an abundance of energy this weekend, to share with friends or concentrate on your personal goals. Some deterioration, or dissipation is also bound to occur. Activity such as outdoor sports is preferable, as energy is sapped by worry (Sun and Neptune in Pisces). Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries can make the days unpredictable, yet interesting. The Moon in Cancer will square (90 deg aspect) the three planets in Aries – individual plans may not conform to that of the guardians. While strict measures may dissolve (Neptune and Sun are in Pisces– the universal solvent) a measure of good advice should be taken into consideration.

Saturday February 28th – The Moon, in her own sign of Cancer, opposes Pluto in Capricorn this morning in the USA. A confrontation may not be avoidable now, with Uranus in Aries in square aspect to both the Moon and Pluto. It is wise to recognize a stronger force, though circumstances may initiate the head on battle. One weakens oneself, and not the enemy. With Mercury in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo at the same time, justification for a showdown is obvious. We can gather our forces and think through strategy. The tides will change as a matter of course.

Sunday March 1st – Now is the time to implement those plans, to gather forces and aim for a surprise attack. Mercury opposes Jupiter. You may be inclined to invite family and guests over today. The party is steeping, with the Sun semi-sextile to Venus and Mercury sextile to Uranus. Mars semi-sextile to Neptune can take the edge off of anxiety with some relaxing brew. Enjoy.

March 2, 2015 Grand Trine in Fire Signs

March 2, 2015
Grand Trine in Fire Signs

Monday March 2nd– The friendly Leo Moon links Mars and Saturn in a grand-trine, allowing for ease of expression and action. Saturn can help tame erratic Mars, while Jupiter and the Moon will entertain, and think it all a jolly good time. We can contain all this energy or appropriate it to others, as we see fit. It is best to recognize where observation turns into projection. If you are covering something up, you can make it known now, although results are far from guaranteed. While the children are allowed to be care-free, the parents must mind health and economy. We are all doing some destiny guiding by fine-tuning our frequencies.

Tuesday March 3rd – While Jupiter is retrograde in Leo, the Moon transits over Jupiter extending the influence of the great benific wider and for a longer time than usual today, and trine Uranus while opposing Mercury in Aquarius. This could lead to unexpected results, such as advance notice or issuing of admissions, monetary refunds, and sporting events. Also, reversals or last minute winnings in all areas affected can be expected. The underdog has a better chance of coming out ahead now. Pisces is the sign of the underdog, and with the Sun and Neptune as well as Chiron posited in the sign (of the fish) The hero could be last year’s loser. A revolution may be broadcast as well.

Have a great week!

25 February 2015

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