3 Planets on the Horizon – Week of November 9-15 2016


Mars, Mercury and Venus change signs this week. As Mars completes its transit of Capricorn and enters Aquarius on Nov 9th, the campaign for US president ends and a winner is to be declared.  She or he is to lead the nation and the free world.  Another notable feature in this week’s planetary line-up is that all planets, as well as the Sun and Moon, are within the signs from Libra to Aries, the 6th-12th signs inclusive – bookended by the opposition of Jupiter to Uranus retrograde.  This phenomenon persists from Election Day through Inauguration Day of January 20, 2017, when the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus separates. As the week progresses, the aspects emphasize the synchronicity that we are experiencing with the US elections, as though there was a stellar interest in the outcome-fateful as it appears, a guiding hand.  With Mars moving into Aquarius on election day, it is significant that it is exactly sextile to Jupiter at 0 deg Sagittarius in Hillary Clinton’s natal chart.

Summary of major aspects of the week:

Wednesday November 9th – The Moon is in Pisces and will transit Neptune in the morning hours US times. Uncertainty, feelings of loss or of illusion are marking the day. This, the morning after the election of a very unpopular presidential candidate, could give a queasy feeling. As Hillary’s natal Moon is in Pisces, this could bolster her campaign. It is a new day for America and for the political system. Re-adjustments are in order. Mars at 0 deg Aquarius sets the goal for a sense of brotherhood and belonging.  We can live with the result of the democratic poll.  While the like-mindedness of the Mars in Aquarius is significant, even as a goal, it is likely to only be relevant to those who share the mind-set. With Uranus as the dispositor, some protests may erupt.

Thursday November 10th – As the Moon in Pisces transits Chiron today giving us the ability to heal divisions in the social fabric, as a universal principle, with Venus and Mercury receiving aspects from the Moon, Mercury a trine aspect with water signs Scorpio and Pisces involved, we begin to listen to our inner voices and calm the spiritual ills of the nation. As a leader, the President needs charm as well as firm policy. With the Sun doubly approaching a trine aspect to Chiron, a greater sense of healing the central vitality and health of the nation is resonating.  Mars in Aquarius is disposed of by Uranus in Aries, although the two planets in combination often produce reactionary and unexpected results, here they are in mutual reception as well, in what is a check or modifying influence, due to the nature of the signs. The universal qualities of Aquarius, the higher-mind qualities, are able to contain (hopefully) the more radical elements of Uranus in Aries.  

Friday November 11th – The lunar ingress to Aries occurs late on Thursday – US time zones, with a sextile aspect to Mars in Aquarius, is an opportunity to jump-start your personal choice of associates and comrades.  We may choose new interests to pursue, and find others who agree to share and collaborate.  More aggressive approaches to modifying social contracts and individual responsibilities can be proposed. As the Moon then is trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, limits and legal considerations are applied. The simultaneous square to Pluto in Capricorn from the Moon could involve the highest legal echelons or authorities that could reject the appeal. Legal issues may block the search to expose corruption.

Saturday November 12thVenus moves into Capricorn today, as the choice as leadership issues are focused, and the will for political correctness (Saturn in Sag) is justified if not expanded (disposited by Jupiter in Libra).  A few hours later, Mercury moves into Sagittarius, giving voice to the love of justice and fairness in the political arena. Character and disposition are ultimately the deciders in the political race. The Scorpio Sun trine Chiron in Pisces and quincunx UranusMoon in Aries promotes empathy turned into action. New forms of procedural and legal measures could result. Denying facts does not change the facts, but gives rise to political divisiveness and brutality. Time moves on, the nation moves on. 

Full Moon November 14, 2016

Full Moon
November 14, 2016

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Sunday November 13th– The Moon in Taurus progressed outside the occupied half of the sky-scope, is a return to humble daily tasks. One may seek the finer things in life, or simply be content with simple pleasures, life uncomplicated.  A harsh (square -90 deg) aspect to Mars, however, keeps one on edge, for a time. Looking ahead to the overall situation, with the Full Moon imminent, you can feel called to dust off complacency and take part in the afternoon’s cultural events.

Monday November 14th – At the Full Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in friendly aspect, near the top of the sky, a crown of glory, and not to disrespect, as Jupiter is sextile to Saturn in Sag and square aspect to Pluto, elevation the positions of power to a more exalted level. Surly, this is a dance of victory and a moment of celebratory peace.  The shift to the SunMoon opposition as the division line in the celestial scope puts only Jupiter on the outside, a planet that expands feelings, and in Libra will seek to balance, as discord is addressed.

Tuesday November 15th– The Moon in Gemini is trine to Mars in Aquarius early in the day and also to the other air sign Libra, will be trine in the afternoon, giving a wide angle grand trine in air. The opposition of the Moon to Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius, inclusive and simultaneous with the trine aspects mentioned, gives an overall sense of expectation. While there are celebrations, there is also opposition or detractors, the protesters who would cause problems are less likely to succeed. Jupiter and Uranus are doubly approaching an opposition that will culminate a few days before the Inauguration of the US President in January.  Mercury, Venus and Mars hold the formation, of pleasurable communication, breaking barriers and promoting peace.

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November 8, 2016  
Jerusalem, Israel


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