Work on What Has Been Spoiled — April 12-19 2023


In the disseminating lunar phase, the planets remain aligned in the signs from Aquarius to Cancer. The Moon in Capricorn. opposition aspect to Mars in Cancer, marks the celestial hemisphere on Wednesday. The dwarf planet Ceres, retrograde in Virgo, is alone in the opposite hemisphere. Ceres is doubly separating from the opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces. With cultural transitions underway, Ceres retro in Virgo focuses attention on inner work. The Sun in Aries supersedes Jupiter, as ambition to yield profit begins to pay off. Stolen top-secret documents revealed may have a beneficial effect as work on what was spoiled improves the future. The Moon makes trine aspects to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, while Venus supersedes the trine aspect to Pluto. Venus in Gemini square aspect to Saturn in Pisces on Thursday and Friday, for a more sober reflection. The Moon ingress Aquarius and transit of Pluto’s position and trine to Venus on Thursday, a possible exposure of sources with the Moon square aspect to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, more exposure of secret information is published. The Moon in Pisces makes a conjunction aspect to Neptune and opposition aspect to Ceres, as extensive repairs are required due to loss. The Moon ingress Aries on Monday making a sextile aspect to Venus on Tuesday, followed by a square aspect to Mars for defensive actions. A new Moon eclipse late Wednesday or early Thursday (depending on location) offers a chance for a change in direction, as the Sun ingress to Taurus.

Summary of Major Aspects of the Week

Wednesday April 12th — The Moon in Capricorn is trine aspect to Mercury in Taurus early today, for ease in transfer of commands, or simple communications. Standard procedures are in force. The Sun has superseded Jupiter in Aries, remaining in a conjunction aspect for expanded forces. Mars in Cancer is the dispositor of Sun/Jupiter, so defending homeland is a priority. Ceres retrograde in Virgo is in an opposition aspect to Neptune in Pisces prompting self-criticism as disarray causes confusion. Later in the day, the Moon is trine aspect to Uranus in Taurus, a sign of rapid change, possibly reversals. The Moon square aspect to Chiron in Aries shows a conflict when rulings are contrary to efforts for healing.

Third Quarter Moon
April 13, 2023

Thursday April 13th — The Moon square aspect to Sun/Jupiter [see chart insert] occurs overnight in the US, although at 11:00 in E. Europe and Israel. Conflict with an open enemy in this lunar phase, decisions must be made to accept the situation. Venus in Gemini makes a square aspect to Saturn in Pisces. There could be conditions for surrender. The Moon then makes a sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces for encouragement. A sympathetic arrangement can be made. The Moon ingress to Aquarius at 20:43 UT or 16:43 EST and a conjunction aspect with Pluto at 0 Aqu 17’.  The Moon makes a trine aspect to Venus in Gemini a few hours later. Uncovering corruption makes for popular news items.

Friday April 14th — The Moon in Aquarius is quincunx aspect to Mars in Cancer early today indicating unsettled emotional responses, then the Moon makes square aspects to Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, and a sextile aspect to Chiron in Aries. The Moon, disposed of by Uranus, could represent decisions that seem harsh, although a person in the role of a wounded healer is set on putting things into a just perspective.  

Saturday April 15th — The Moon in Aquarius is sextile aspect to Jupiter and the Sun in Aries and quincunx aspect to Ceres retro in Virgo. The Yod formation with the Sun also quincunx Ceres indicating a successful reform. Venus in Gemini is in a separating square aspect to Saturn in Pisces for a mission completed. Mercury is in a pre-shadow prior to turning retrograde on the 21st of April. Therefore, will not form the conjunction aspect with Uranus until May 26th. The Moon ingress to Pisces at 22:58 UT, 18:58 EST. The Moon conjunction aspect with Saturn after midnight (EST), as new mythologies are created.

Sunday April 16th — The Moon in Pisces makes a trine aspect to Mars in Cancer — a good time for planning for rebuilding. Goals for the future are set now, from the universal unconscious archetypes. The Sun in Aries is semi-sextile to Neptune in Pisces, spurring inspiration. The New Moon eclipse on the 19-20th is an opportunity for a new start at the Sun ingress the earth sign Taurus.

Monday April 17th — The Moon in Pisces is in a conjunction aspect with Neptune early today, and semi-sextile aspect to Jupiter and the Sun, a time for working out rifts in the plan. Ambitious Aries and expansive Pisces find common goals. Mars is disposed of by the Moon in Pisces conj Neptune. The Moon ingress to Aries, sextile aspect to Pluto in Aquarius, in the evening hours US time zones, as work on what has been spoiled begins.

Tuesday April 18th — The Moon in Aries makes an ambitious sextile aspect to Venus in Gemini. The Moon is square aspect to Mars in Cancer and semi-sextile aspect to Mercury in Taurus in the afternoon hours. Difficulties need to be overcome. Visionaries help mold the future as the New Moon eclipse approaches on Wednesday.    

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April 11, 2023
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