Week of September 24-30 2014 Developing Trine in Fire


The New Moon in September is opening new horizons. At 1 deg Libra, there is a strong sense of maintaining a balanced sense of equality or fairness in the institutions (Pluto in Capricorn is still the power behind the scenes). The on-going discussions about “broken” systems of government, police and legal institutions promotes a search for a means of repair. Awareness can lead to adjustments for the good of a workable solution for problems. The Sun and Moon mark a new cycle of activity, as the conscious will and the inner awareness for change unite to create a new point of departure.

For the individual, the location by natal house division, and aspect to other planets will be relevant to the affairs in that the native finds a chance to renew relationships. In the 10th House, he or she would be concerned about career related issues, in the 6th House about work relationships. In the 7th, one would be focused on partnerships or marriage, in the 5th with creative activities and perhaps children or pets. And so on through the 12 Houses.

V. Putin in the Center Stage

V. Putin in the Center Stage

Looking briefly at a chart I posted here earlier, for example, Vladimir Putin has the New Moon falling in his 11th House, the House of friendships and community, a result of 10th House career status. A new beginning here might indicate that he has found a group of allies to help him implement his plans for renewal (Pluto in the natal 10th ) of his career and status, his goals as a leader of his nation. His natal Moon in Gemini is trine the New Moon in Libra (air signs) and this indicates a flowing easy aspect, where he can get things accomplished. His natal Moon in the 8th House might also be an indication that his inner desire is for regenerating his nation into a strong force or rebuilding an Empire. His natal planets in Libra, Sun and Saturn in the 11th House and Neptune and Mercury in the 12th House, will be transited by the Moon in the 3 days following the New Moon, and by the Sun until the 24th of October. He will have initial success among his comrades, but face critics and limitations (natal Saturn on the Cusp of his natal 12th House) an his obsessions (natal Neptune in the 12th) might be all too obvious as he contends with numerous pressures. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio opposes his natal Jupiter in Taurus. The obstacles to his ambitions can be removed in time. He shows that he will assume control in the midst of chaos.

If you also have Neptune in Libra in your natal chart, you could have an opportunity to dissolve troublesome issues, or understand more deeply issues relating to the house placement of Neptune in your natal chart.


Highlights of the Week


Wednesday September 24th – The Equinox reorients our activities toward the winter season. It is a time for preparation and a new start. To clear the deck of the old thought patterns, and look for new ways to face a world of complex issues. With Sun and Mercury in Libra, those pending problems are already on the slate. With Saturn in Scorpio, we have entrenched difficulties, deep-rooted social problems and psychological or medical related issues, on how to treat disease and promote health. Mars in Sagittarius promotes higher education, knowledge that transcends the mundane, and work with problem solving in the social arena. Jupiter trine Uranus ( Leo and Aries are fire signs) could lead to a soft explosion of power, transforming attitudes as existing abuses unfold.

Thursday September 25th – The Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries today, possible leading to indecision, powerful opponents intent of reducing the status quo and shifting balance, erratic stock markets, and devaluations of currencies. However, even though this is likely to be a temporary situation, it can herald things to come. Jupiter in Leo amplifies the power of the opposition, and the sextile aspect to the Moon from Leo, can be an effort to convince you to join forces with a revolutionary group or ideal.

Friday September 26thMoon and Mercury in the final degree of Libra may see a settlement slip through their grasp. The time for action has passed. Soon the deficit will continue to bring worry if not suffering. A lack of a firm decision could result in more adjustments on the balance sheet, as the Sun continues to keep the accounts on hand foremost in our view. Meanwhile, the average man or woman receives according to the adjustments made. An increase in minimum wage is due.

Saturday September 27th – The Moon transits Scorpio, affirming faith or some other depth of feeling for the state of affairs, perhaps for the awakening Universal consciousness as well. A square aspect from the Moon to Jupiter in Leo can awaken our inner sense of justice. An effort to negotiate over restrictions and limits can take place later in the day.

Sunday September 28thMercury enters Scorpio today, adding to the shared feelings, understanding and communication on a deeper level take place, reminding us of our shared destiny as a planet, nation or family. The Moon still in Scorpio transits the slow mover Saturn, a time to own up to the law, increase protection on the homefront. Expressing sorrow, understanding limitations of life and health, accepting what is irreversible. Reflect on the past and move on, because we must. Moon enters Sagittarius in western US time zones in the afternoon hours.

Grand Trine in Fire Signs  September 29, 2014

Grand Trine in Fire Signs September 29, 2014

Monday September 29th – The Moon in Sagittarius promotes action (fire sign) but with a purposeful awareness of goals. Transiting Mars as well, by mid-day (afternoon in the Middle East), logistics and power can merge. Perhaps a change in tactics is in store. A grand trine in fire signs is forming, promoting success and ease in actions. Mars trine Uranus and Jupiter amplifies the effect of the precision and some awe and respect. Success is good for the economy as well. A forerunner or trailer of the movies in the offing.

Tuesday September 30th Venus enters the sign Libra, as a ruler feels at home. Now we can work to refine relationships. It is a time for a breather, before the more intense shock and awe . We can enjoy stimulating conversations, or find entertainment and value, although intensity and danger can be on hand as well.

Being aware of dangers, walk cautiously. Have an enjoyable week.

23 September 2014



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