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In our century, the legal system of a country is the primary means to determine where justice lies. A new cycle of Saturn and Mars has begun, even as the old draws attention to abuses, reaching a crisis point. Mars is continuing to advance in Scorpio this week, entering the sign of Sagittarius on the 14th of September. Sagittarius is the home sign of Jupiter, and the sign of the Archer, who uses skill to implement the law. This transition can indeed transform the legal profession, the system of justice itself. Jupiter is currently in the sign of Leo, the sign of social awareness and inclusiveness, bringing life and hope to millions of underprivileged children and families.

Uranus retrograde in Aries, the ruler of Aquarius, is backtracking, or reassessing a system, the advances or corrections on a underlying level, as though some are actually walking on fire. It’s that hot. Yet, complaints are simply tossed aside by the churning waves of the collective process.

Following the Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio, that has dominated the sky of late summer, fixing a system that has favored industry and penalized poor, brought about more homelessness, and unjust pressure on the poor, is now becoming apparent as a necessity and obligation for a fair society. Capitalistic economy, with socialistic reality, does need to improve the disparity. Scorpio symbolizes the need for reform, after the collective eruption of feelings caused by pain and unjust social policies.

Aug 25, 2014 was the day the conjunction reached parity-exact. – The next Mars-Saturn cycle begins Aug 23 2016, the two year cycle of the plants Mars and Saturn‘s interaction. This week we have also four oppositions operating, the Full Moon on the 9th in Virgo (Sun) opposed Moon (Pisces). Neptune is opposed by Venus, Mercury opposes Uranus (Libra-Aries) on the 13th and Moon opposes Mars (Gemini-Sag) on the 14th. If you feel you are being pulled in many directions, it is because you are. Stay calm, everything will resolve in time.


Highlights of the Week


Wednesday September 10th – the Moon in Aries promises a fresh start. It will be opposed by Mercury in Libra, encouraging examination of thoughts (Mercury) of communications and feelings (Moon). Emotional upsets and rapid fire communications are likely as the Moon transits Uranus before mid-day. Already super-charged, with the Full Moon, the transit through Aries could bring more unexpected events triggered by the Moon -Uranus conjunction. Emotions can also be blocking communication. Remaining cool under these circumstances is imperative for a favorable outcome. It’s very easy to blow it now. Chiron, with a semi-sextile to Uranus, can offer some relief by way of healing. The opposition of Neptune by Venus can release hidden power or block expression of emotions. Sorting out the threads of distress or injury, undergoing a careful surgery psychologically can be helpful.

Thursday September 11th – the Sun-Saturn sextile can direct paths of expression, while Uranus might focus on Mercury forcing some unexpected communication difficulties. Working through problems takes patience now. Awareness and focus can help each of us unwind. Meditation is recommended, always.

Friday September 12th – For most of the week, the opposition of Mercury to Uranus can prevent effective communication, or increase the speed of communication. Lack of mental balance, over medication, or mis-medication, can lead to tragic results. The Moons transit into Taurus today, can calm the nerves as we become more grounded and less anxious at the end of the work week. TGIF. The patient is tranquilized, as the Moon squares Jupiter.

Saturday September 13th – The Moon in Taurus trines the Sun today, helping to smooth the way with earthy normality. We can reflect on the issues confronting us, or have our path blocked if we fail to accept the reality. Venus approaches a trine to Pluto, as some initiative to ease the centralized nature of social or economic issues are considered.

September 14, 2014 Mars enters Sagittarius

September 14, 2014 Mars enters Sagittarius

Sunday September 14th – the Moon enters Gemini in opposition to Mars entering Sagittarius, to get a good bearing on the next legal status issues, the advances in education and theories of communication. Problems can be solved, and solutions offered, if not fully accepted. It is a polarized world, and some of issues need to be worked on by the best minds.

Monday September 15th Venus in opposition to the mid-point of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, can work to draw out the intangible issues of emotional or theoretical problems. Healing the epidemics, can be a focus for medicine or the persistent mal-adaptations for funding of projects to bring about world peace.

Tuesday September 16th – The presentation of ideas through the media and entertainment can help us develop a social awareness, release tensions, and help accept continuity. Jupiter in Leo has such a transforming effect as it trines Uranus in Aries.

I do have to run, I have much unfinished business to attend to! Take care all! Have a super week.

September 10, 2014





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