Week of October 8-14 2014 Success as Patience Pays Off


It could be a fun or an agonizingly tense week. Success is crucial, and despite the tension, once the way is found, all progresses smoothly. Too much stress can be counter-productive, although there is enough creative energy now to achieve a balance. The grand trine aspect can promote ease and acceptance, while the opposition, especially with the slower moving planets, indicates a difficult situation, a time of oppression or conflict. When occurring together, the conflict, and the resolution of the conflict bring the greatest reward and sense of achievement. The heroism may not be that of a single individual in this case, as the accomplishments are achieved by working together toward a common goal. Another major configuration, the T-square, with Pluto in Capricorn as the focal point, tops off the charts, helping to control, from the outside, the progress toward the goal.

Wednesday October 8th – The grand trine in fire signs along with the full Moon at the eclipse in Aries conjunct with Uranus makes this an amazing astrological day. While an eclipse is not given a strong emphasis in astrology, it does have a Uranian effect, such that the conjunction with Uranus in Aries at the full Moon, involving the Moon in the grand-trine makes this a special case. It is long standing issues that are suddenly reversed or illuminated with an unexpected event that takes place under this signature. Venus in Libra is square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This could have far reaching implications and affect other events with legal rulings or issues concerning individual rights in society. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes cannot be ruled out. Seismic activity is known to cluster around a full Moon and/or eclipse. The Moon conjunct Chiron is a sign that bridges are in the process of mending.


God's Eye configuration  October 10, 2014

God’s Eye configuration
October 10, 2014


Thursday October 9th While the free world nations are lining up to fight the horrendous intolerant events of ISIS, more gut-wrenching news is likely. The Moon moves into Taurus today, opposing Mercury retrograde at 0 deg Scorpio. This is an opportunity to absorb the news and make personal accountings. The Moon is sextile Chiron in Pisces, a working trine, so-called, also lends humanitarian assistance (Pisces) to those affected by the reversal in events (Moon). The opposition between Uranus and the Sun and Venus, together with the Moon, Uranus and Chiron as noted above, give the rare configuration called the G-d’s Eye. As Uranus denotes upsets, or sudden reversals, this is to be taken into consideration and under scrutiny this week, as Uranus, along with Pluto works on the cultural unconscious level. They are both strong in the signature of the week and of the time frame (2-3 years).

Friday October 10th – The Sun is taking position sextile to Mars in Sag and also sextile to Jupiter in Leo. This is a helpful indication that leadership will come out to make positions known, to facilitate adjustments, and generally calm nerves. Venus opposes Uranus, seemingly to effectively draw out some of the unconscious feelings of victimization. Justice can be served, while some retribution helps to make amends. Real transformation can be experienced, and that is a great benefit to all around the fortunate one finding divine understanding.

Saturday October 11th – Healing can take place once the conflict has been resolved. Chiron is aspecting Venus and Uranus, giving an eye to the future of the patient or victim. Time heals all, is an old aphorism, and there is truth to it, although the process may be more complicated in many cases. Releasing the poison, allows the wound to heal. Gaining a more universal viewpoint can alleviate suffering, through shared experiences. The Moon ( feeling)apposing Saturn (age or form) can mirror the difficult process, bringing it into an understandable or acceptable light. Limitations or punishments may be imposed. Mercury retro re-enters Libra helping us to review facts on the table and balance the results.

Sunday October 12th – Discussion, review, and even re-living conflicts are all in the process of integrating the facts and evidence to achieve a trans formative decision, in order to log in the details into the framework of life, community and history. Satisfaction from having reached goals and achieved ambitions, and now the joy of having resolved the difficulties. Jupiter in Leo, trine to Mars in Sagittarius, and forming the grand-trine configuration with Uranus in Aries, helps to open our minds and hearts, as well feel that a measure of justice has been served. The Moon in Gemini, sextile to Uranus and trine to Venus in Libra, facilitates the reflection.

Monday October 13th – Experience is a profound teacher. Nothing will escape the grasp of fate. Lessons learned, and rewards achieved bring celebratory joyfulness. The Moon in Gemini is trine (easy aspect) to Venus, Sun and Mercury, while it opposes Mars in Sagittarius. New directions or goals may now be set as friends join in celebrating your achievements.

Tuesday October 14thVenus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Leo brings benefits as a result of hard work. Applying your knowledge and experience can bring the rewards at last. The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, thus bringing home the prize. While we are allowed, according to the time and the calendar to relax and take time off to enjoy the harvest. The Moon moves forward to trigger both Uranus and Venus, to draw the world to accept your greater joy as hard won victories bring the most satisfaction. The Moon enters the third quarter phase of the current cycle. A crisis moment resolves to form a new cycle.


Have a delightful week, friends.

October 7, 2014




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