Week of October 29-November 4 2014 – A Gradual Revolution



This week, as the Moon transits Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, a change in strategy on the part of officials, employers and other authorities might indicate that new evidence is being brought to bear on issues involving detention or confinement, or simply a shift in attitudes in the work-place. Uranus also squares the Pluto-Moon conjunction, and could upset some judgments. A radical departure from the norm or positions taken upset procedures, can cause backlash. Jupiter in Leo approaches a square with Saturn in Scorpio, seeming to give extra power to Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception. However, Jupiter slows in its progress, leading to a reversal, turning retrograde on December 9th. This can correlate to a reduction of the powerful forces, just when they seem at their greatest strength.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday October 29th – Circumstances involving emotional or financial loss receive a measure of relief from the Chiron sextile to Pluto-Moon in Capricorn. A bit of luck or charm earlier in the day, with VenusSun conjunct in Scorpio, can open the door for change. This duo, following the trine to Neptune in Pisces, is on a mission. Yet, polarized major issues remain immobile, while Mercury in Libra is sending messages of hope. At this point, the gates cannot remained closed any longer. Some change is better than none at all. It may seem a measure of defeat, but less control is advisable. The Moon‘s transit can trigger the t-square that polarizes and has also fomented violence with the Uranus in Aries square to Pluto and the Moon. This is upsetting the status qua, the power that is embodied in the symbol of Pluto.

Thursday October 30th Mars in Capricorn can challenge the rule of law, disrupt order, and request reviews. As Mars is the ruler of Aries, and direct and active nature, it dislikes established order and restraint. Here, the energy will have to learn a measure of control and respect for law and order. Saturn in Scorpio, meanwhile, focuses on repentance and redemption, yearning to regenerate, yet mired in depth of emotion. Venus and Sun in the first decant of Scorpio empower us through joy and greater compassion. Jupiter plays a role in bringing about justice, in Leo, that will increase expression of self, as many reach for their expanded role in life. The Moon moves into Aquarius later in the day, to counter-balance the individual with the collective.

October 31, 2014 Phoenix, AZ USA

October 31, 2014
Phoenix, AZ USA

Friday October 31stMercury trines the Moon for the evening hours in the US, allowing for personal expression and creativity, with Sun and Venus out to enjoy company. Pluto‘s sternness is modified by Venus sextile to the ruler in chief. Perverse actions must be within the limits, however, as seductive powers are at a high. Mars in Cap, sextile to Neptune in Pisces, brings out the ghoulish. Jupiter is sextile Mercury for creative fun, while the Moon in opposition will draw friends together.

Saturday November 1st – A focus on stability and control, conflict between power and freedom, and compassionate understanding of the role of healing and alleviating suffering dominate our world. The existence of great organized power can historically lead to acquisition of great wealth and a diminishing of the quality of life for the nations of underprivileged people. To reverse that trend, to provide a universal standard of living, nations need to co-operate. The Moon moves into Pisces today, sextile to Mars in Capricorn, as advocates for transforming the system speak out.

Sunday November 2nd – Professional groups gather to quell fears and promote effective healing and prevention of epidemics such as Ebola, as the Moon, along with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, collectively, and trine Venus and Sun with healing powers in Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn (authority) is sextile to both planetary groups. International co-operation advances to prevent and cure disease.

Monday November 3rd – Healing powers remain strong today. Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces, bringing the caring of medical treatments to the wounded and ill, while Venus is also quincunx (150 deg) to Uranus, perhaps healing with innovative cures some dysfunctional elements of the system. More compassion is needed to promote equality in a police state. The Sun in Scorpio is in sextile (60 deg) aspect to Pluto, opening some avenues for discussion with the super-powers. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Aries, to start a new cycle, hopefully to bring new energy into the efforts to bring greater equality and availability of health care to more who are in distress.

Tuesday November 4th – The Moon brings more ease to the situation, helping to release stressful conditions, or urging change in the power structure legal systems. The Sun and Venus remain involved in the configuration today, contacting the Uranus-Moon conjunction in Aries and the Pluto in Capricorn. Public opinion, the shared emotions of social interactions, is also an influence..Mercury in Libra, with the semi-sextile (30 deg) aspect to Saturn, seeks to balance punishment and fairness,.

Thank you for reading this weeks analysis by Gimelstar. Hope your week works out for the good.


28 October 2014
Jerusalem, Israel

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