Week of November 3-November 9, 2013

The week opens with the Hybrid Eclipse dominating the landscape. Mars in Virgo is in exact sextile aspect to the eclipse degree of the Sun and Moon. This will energize the week, propelling us to work hard and get results!

Uranus is quincunx the Sun-Moon conjunction with Mercury. This will add another dimension of instantaneous reflexive action, and creative energy. We may go all out to accommodate, or actually be victimized in this rush of action.

Venus enters the sign of Capricorn on Tuesday morning, late Monday in California, to help stabilize the situation with a calming authoritative voice, as the Moon moves into a meeting with Pluto, and a message from Retrograde Mercury still in Scorpio. The legal system is highlighted. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is conjunct the eclipse degree, making the whole affair a bench-mark, a monument to law and order.

Maybe, as we age, we’ll find this also transforming. The younger idealists may not like control. The security freaks are on a mission, and it is just nerve-wracking to most.

Jupiter slows and turns retrograde before the quarter Moon phase, and the trine with the Sun, an aspect of greater rewards, by early next week.


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