Week of November 12-18 2014 A Trilling Week


GS_seal.refillThe rush to contain the spread of Ebola and to prevent occurrences of future epidemics in Africa has been initiated, with funding from the US, to put in place a medical system for the countries where the disease has spread. This is an historic moment, aiming to safeguard the health of the world. Mars is now conjunct Pluto, so we see the aggressive, goal-oriented energy (Mars) in Capricorn (formal, professional and structural arena) , combined with the powerful transformer Pluto, to meet the emergency. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, representing focused direction and restrictions.

This is also important for each of us, not only as a member of the world community, but applied to our own lives, Mars, Pluto and Saturn combine to help us identify and combat problems that are usually hidden, in our social structure, our home, and relationships. This is an opportunity for transformation on every level. Police issues, court and government issues come to light. They have come to light already with the Pluto in Capricorn, but with Mars combining a necessity with aggressive action, changes can be made, A negative outcome would be destructive, so careful, informed and professional assistance may be needed.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday November 12th – The Moon in Cancer trines the Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio today, similar to a piano chord with a trill. Personal self-enhancement as Jupiter squares the Sun, pride in self and joy to share may become more somber as the final note of Saturn is struck. There are still tests of strength or durability – problems to be overcome. Mars is approaching the square with Uranus, and is in full force. Terror attacks and war mongering world-wide, sudden upsets and revelations of things that matter, shock our awareness again.

Thursday November 13thVenus transits Saturn in Scorpio, and brings out a welcome time of acceptance and forgiveness. Justice can be done to settle matters that are festering now. Redemption is possible. The Moon in Leo is square to Mercury, such that expanding on thoughts and the spoken word reverberates. The Moon will also be trine to Uranus, later in the afternoon, opening pathways, and releasing forces in a more acceptable way. Inventive and resourcefulness mark the day.

Friday November 14th – The Moon is conjunct Jupiter today, in Leo, and in square aspect to the Sun, This is an energizing aspect, so get out and enjoy, if you are an extrovert. Time to dance with your favorite partner, and enjoy the vibes. Introverts may find it a good time to work on that creative project, or finding time with a group of close friends. Enjoy is the catch word.

Saturday November 15th – The Moon ingress to Virgo this morning, opposes Neptune in Pisces. If you have over-done merry- making, you have to submit to the aches and pains that follow. Today is a day to recuperate, or to attend to details that have been neglected. Good for general clean-up and organizing, as well. Healing, praying, resting are recommended. Work, eat, pray.

Sunday November 16th – The long awaited reversal of Neptune starts today, as the stationary position slowly resolves to direct motion (apparent motion from our view on Earth). There is more heaviness to the impact of Neptune now, although the energy is very diffuse. The tendency to inaction is greater, as though energy were dissipated or minds scattered. The Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron retrograde, indicating that desire for healing is strong. Setting accounts in order is favored today.

November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Monday November 17th – .Mercury is trine aspect to Chiron today, and Venus makes her ingress to Sagittarius. Sights are set higher, and more idealized goals are made. Mercury also quincunx Uranus, exposes more corruption. Creative investigations uncover hidden or buried crime or artifacts of ancient civilizations, especially from the sea. Later in the day, the Moon, seeking balance, enters Libra, sextile to Venus in the sign that Venus rules (Libra). Beauty is highly idealized. The Sun conjunction with Saturn is exact today, bring together beauty and form. There are limitations as we seek a perfect unity or judgment, especially in relationships, contracts and marriage.

Tuesday November 18th – While perfection is an illusory goal, satisfaction can be attained by accepting life and the limitations of the actual time and place. The Moon with be in square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, emoting our deepest concerns, then opposing Uranus in Aries, giving some instant playback, and opportunity to transform position, career or status, as the square to Mars in Capricorn triggers the move to a more status appealing career or position of greater authority. More equality between the masculine and feminine sides of marriage is demanded.

I hope your week is going well, and all should succeed in their highest ambitions. Trilling, indeed.


November 11, 2014





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