Week of November 10-16 2013

This astrological report is based on the planetary configuration of the time period indicated. It is not a substitute for a personal reading. It should not be taken as relating to your life, except in a general sense, as the configurations described are not taking into account your personal birth or natal chart.


With firm or fixed ideas it is sometimes difficult to move forward. Those ideas may be the also in the enemy camp, so if the idea is a deadly game, it is wise to beware. Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger, is in the fixed sign of Scorpio. Not new to danger, as the week opens Mercury is stationary in the fixed-watery sign of Scorpio.

On Monday, Mercury, the planet closest to the Earth, appears to change direction, as it’s orbit is seen from the Earth, and resumes a forward flight. Inquisitive and diligent, we can note, with this passage, any dangerous rocks beneath the surface of the watery calm of the Scorpion surface.

The Moon transits the cool, collected sign of Aquarius, at the 1st quarter on Sunday, then plunges into the murky waters of Pisces, to an instant encounter with the Poseidon of the seas, Neptune himself. The trine to Mercury’s position in Scorpio lifts up the vibration, on the eleventh of November. The messenger may spot a whale or a shark lurking in the shadows, and expose the titan. A secret plan is revealed, or maybe as the Moon travels on to oppose Mars in Virgo, deep-seated fears ignite another round of discourse.

On Wednesday, as Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon travels to a meeting with Uranus, the two major players in the conflict have allies, and modifiers who may help to resolve, or at least soften the impact of the struggle.

This week, you may feel the irresistible urge to settle accounts, clean the cupboards and get the dust out of corners. Any hidden hive of unwelcome insects or the like, are then routed to their inevitable demise.

Whatever your personal battle is, the hidden issues become exposed to the light of day. The Full Moon on the 17th is an eclipse Moon, and could very much change how you view the relationship or the struggle in partnership or shared finances. With Mercury direct again, contracts may be renewed, as the Moon enters Aries on the 13th. As the Uranus -Pluto conflict is again exposed, the old bugaboos surface, but are met with renewed strength to overturn old patterns of relationship.

With Jupiter trine the Sun on the 13th you meet with optimism, although it may be later deflated by the Moon in Aries, giving new energy to embattled ideas.

Next, the waxing Moon heads into the firmament of Taurus, a fixed, earthy sign. Here, as it transits over the week-end, opposing the three planets in Scorpio, we can reflect on our situation, our standards and values that have brought us to the present. The week’s finale is the showy full Moon eclipse on Sunday. Here the resolve can be made to steer us toward a more wholesome future.


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