Week of May 5-12 2014 – On this Planet Earth

The worldwide events are involving us more today than ever. At times it seems there is utter chaos. Where is order, where is unity and how do we create a peaceful world? The goal is elusive.

Yet, there is hope. There is hope because there is today and tomorrow. Our leadership is stumbling. There seems to be, at times, darkness everywhere. Natural disasters on a massive scale plague the world. Could there be a united effort to save those who are victims of natural disasters? That seems a much more desirable cause than territorial conflicts.

Pluto is opposed to Jupiter throughout the past 3 months. Pluto stands as a symbol of power beyond the control of individuals, Yet there is in the human psyche an obsessiveness with power, or the feelings generated by power, be it gain or psychological power produced by drugs. The obsessive-compulsive syndrome, identified as a bi-polar illness, inflicts distress on thousands of individuals daily. Self-destructive urges, which doctors prescribe medication for, are not easily cured. Often the prescribed medication only increases the illness. This is a documented fact.

We are compulsive eaters, compulsive spenders, compulsive addicts of sex or drugs. This unease in humanity, has reached epidemic proportions. How do we reign in compulsiveness? The surest way is through enlightenment, understanding and creating a will to become a healthy, well-adjusted person. In order to change behavior, the goal should be to replace negative habits with positive lifestyle habits. Without replacing that energy, there will remain a void which cannot be tolerated.

The health industry is growing, as is the self-help, spiritual growth industry. This is very much to be applauded. Pluto turns in two directions. It means renewal, as well as death of the psyche. The psyche, not necessarily a physical death, can be reborn and renewed under the strong Pluto aspect. We can overcome tragedy by rebuilding, renewing our dreams. Humanity regenerates itself, overcoming times of destruction through natural events or war, disease and other calamities. This is the hope of tomorrow.

The personal growth movement is rapidly developing. Astrology should be considered as part of that movement. It is in essence, on a personal level, a map of consciousness. While it doesn’t have all the answers, not everything can be foretold through astrology, it can give a map to help improve self-understanding, self-acceptance and faith in a universal order.

We of course can absent the missing airline from that order. It’s disappearance is very strange. We don’t know where it is, what happened, if it suffered a mechanical fault or was exploded by a terrorist bomb. It is a disaster unto itself. There is no one to blame. We don’t know the cause of its disappearance, and until we do know, there is no one to be held responsible. Is that a cover -up? We just don’t know. Neptune in Pisces: a disaster at sea. Neptune rules Pisces, it is therefore a final dispositor. Neptune is known as the universal solvent. The airline dissolved into nothingness. And it slowly disappears from the world’s concern.

Furthermore, Neptune is stationary at 7 deg Pisces for the next three months! If you have also lost something of value, don’t count on getting it back anytime soon.

There were, it was reported, three Americans on board the flight. An astrologer friend named Irene did procure the birth date of one of the Americans. The passenger, was born on July 4, 1963. Yes, July 4th, therefore he is an apt representative of the US. Thank you, Irene of Brooklyn, for passing on this data.


HM370 inner chart-Philip Wood outer chart circle

HM370 inner chart-Philip Wood outer chart circle

 Philip’s natal Mars is located on the MC of the flight’s departure chart, while his natal Moon is on the ascendant of the chart.  His direction and life become a symbol of the flight itself.

Uranus is still holding that T-square together, requiring enlightened innovative use of resources in order to maintain balance. The months of the Grand Cross involving the outer three planets (including Pluto as a planet) and the continuing strength of Neptune in Pisces are rare occurrences. Neptune was last in Pisces, its home rulership, about 160 years ago in 1864. The Astrological Age, the long heralded entry to the Age of Aquarius, is through such events, ever closer. The Age of Aquarius involves a greater globalization, and era of Universal freedom, not just freedom for a few, and rights granted for the rich, or for gun owners, or any other minority within a population. The deterioration of the Age of Pisces, our current Astrological Age is necessary for the dawning of the new Age. As with any rebirth, there are pains of a birthing. As the planet’s population continues to surge, even at modest assessments, there will be a need to prepare services for health care, education and financial security, food distribution that provides for food security to the expanding population growth. Neptune is a planet symbolizing expansion and universal acceptance and empathy to create a more charitable society.

Monday 5th of May – the waxing Moon in Cancer, and conjunct to Jupiter means a love of home. We find time for relaxation with family, and enjoyment. The developing cycle brings a shift in attention, as we protect and enjoy our personal habitats. The awareness of overwhelming cultural, national or international issues recedes into the background. With the Sun in Taurus, we claim our own space on the planet, which becomes ever more precious. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Leo, trine Venus in Aries, to bring us the greatest amount of pleasure. We can take pride in our own accomplishments, although as we recognize the ephemeral nature of our acquisitions, they become ever more valuable.

Tuesday 6th of May – As the Moon in Leo forms a trine aspect to Uranus in Aries today, creativity may serve to defuse tensions. Too much pride will have the opposite effect, and tensions are increased. Later, as the Moon squares the Sun in Taurus, the 1st quarter phase is complete. Conflicting views are presented. A crisis may develop.

Wednesday 7th of May – The Lunar square aspect to Saturn today can bring to light interpersonal issues, and challenges of a psychological nature. While they may not be resolved now, keeping a long-range view in mind is helpful. Setting aside time in the week for discussions can be a positive approach to resolve potential conflicts.

Thursday 8th of May – Today Mercury moves into Gemini, marking a greater degree of flexibility. Later in the day, the Moon ingress to Virgo will square the Mercury position, a harsh aspect, although here  in mutable signs practical issues can be worked out. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, so communication is strongly indicated. Getting down to the details in discussions can be fruitful now.

Friday 9th of May – The Moon’s opposition to Neptune can draw out hidden or deeply personal issues that subvert the overall understanding in conflicts. A commitment to resolve issues peacefully would be desirable. Further entrenchment can cause delays in implementing proposals. The Sun is approaching the opposition to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, where negotiations can be again derailed, as long-held beliefs and fears can prevent agreements. An opposition from Venus to Mars is also forming. Interpersonal and marital issues will arise. This level of conflict brings to light the feminine issues in employment equality and marriage.

Saturday 10th of May – With Mars and Venus in mutual reception and opposition by aspect, greater support can be realized, especially as the Moon moves into Libra, issues of equality and mutual understanding can find common ground. Issues of gender equality in employment and mutual respect can reach a landmark resolution, perhaps through legal decisions, and most importantly by the initiative of the Mars (goal directed energy) in the agreements or decisions reached. Beauty also has power.

Sunday 11th of MayVenus in Aries shines with creative initiative, reaching out to the other, while Mars in Libra, accompanied by the transiting Moon, understands equality. This charming configuration helps to bring out the best in partnership and marriage. More awareness of the need for partnership and the appreciation of the contributions of women in society highlights the day.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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