Week of May 28-June 5 2014 New Moon – New Beginnings and Plantings

The New Moon is the time of planting seeds for summer crops (Farmers Almanac). This year the Gemini New Moon in an easy aspect with Mars, giving a favorable aspect for successful beginnings. Looking more in depth, we see that the solar-lunar position is in Gemini, while Mars is in Libra. Both are air signs and are symbols of duality. There can be a lot of change and also indecision with Gemini.   Libra, however will see two possible outcomes, and will generally chose one or the other after weighing the alternatives.

New Moon at 7 deg Gemini

New Moon at 7 deg Gemini

If we look at the lunar cycle, we notice that the best time for planting is actually 2 days before the New moon. As the old cycle is dissolving, the seeds of the new are ready to plant.

The common saying is that you reap what you sow. Now is the time to consider the quality of the seeds you are sowing. What nourishment do they need and how will you tend them? Plan for the next activities as best you can, to facilitate the development of the content of the new cycle.


This weekend’s shooting rampage in California, shooting attack in Belgium and violent attack in Paris, gang wars in Chicago, all happened with the Moon and two planets, Uranus and Venus, in Aries opposed to Mars in Libra. The Uranus-Mars opposition, as noted previously, is especially troublesome, resulting in sudden and unexpected dangers.

This can, as any harsh aspect, have varied results. We see the most outward expressions in the most violent and depraved actions against peaceful, unarmed, individuals.

For a natal chart with the aspects of opposition between the planets of Uranus and Mars, the difficulty may be that one receives unexpected and undeserved attacks, as well as having inner angst. The necessity is to transform one’s understanding of life on a vibrational level, transforming and raising consciousness to transcend the psychological imprint of the very harsh aspects. One need not be a victim. Dealing with the conflict in a creative and evolved way can be the salvation of the life, as the personality is transformed to view life through a more transcendent lens of awareness. The urge to evolve must, however, come from within, for only with a profound will and necessity can one achieve the goal. A Seeker must find his or her own path. There are, however, helpful measures one can take to renew or rebuild personal and psychological health. They may achieve but partial enlightenment, but they are measures worth taking.

In this New Moon Cycle, the Gemini New Moon, we can work on an intellectual mode to advance understanding (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius air signs). Talk is not always well directed, however, and sometimes may miss the essence of the argument or the necessity of the times. Too much talk is debilitating and tends to circle issues rather than solving them. Talk must include a plan for action. Mars at 9 deg Libra is well situated to balance (Libra) the pros and cons and reach a plan of action (Mars). The Moon will aspect Mars (a trine or easy aspect) within 5 hours of the New Moon, setting into action the developing agenda.

The undercurrent is the Neptune square to the New Moon degree, this can give urgency to the situation, necessitating humanitarian aid and compassion for the suffering of others.

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday May 28th – The New Moon degree of exact aspect is about 7:45 PM GMT. The is just before noon PDT and afternoon EDT. However, the affects of this or any aspect can be noticed hours earlier. In general, the influences precede the parity of the aspect. The exact square aspect to Neptune at the New Moon can indicate a new awareness, a resolve to speak out. In Gemini the debate over reform, for example, renewed support of gun legislation, is reignited. Mars in Libra (also an air sign) gives a legal aspects a new impetus, as issues on the legal level and Constitutional level are debated. Vagueness in laws that allow for misuse of legal gun purchases, for example, are rejected in favor of more specific language. Interpretations are adjusted to fit the needs of the time.

Thursday May 29thMercury moves into Cancer and Venus into Taurus today. Mercury in Cancer will discuss and debate on home and family, security and welfare. Taurus is a sensuous placement for Venus. Values of beauty and charm are exhibited, as Venus is the ruler, and at home in Taurus. Taurus natives often have Venus in this sign, and if so, beauty and pleasure are personalized.

Friday May 30th – Decisions are finalized, as the Moon transits Mercury at the door of the sign Cancer. The Sun in Gemini is exact trine to Mars in Libra, as the ease of passage is enhanced. The attempt to close the legal loopholes on access to firearms could be finalized. Objections are silenced in the wake of overwhelming evidence.

Saturday May 31st – the Moon, the conscience of everyman, holds the balance today. Protection of life and home, family and health are resurgent issues, and as the Moon opposes Pluto today, the implementation of protections are indicated. Mars in Libra is the ruler of Aries, and there for the the dispositor of Uranus, the unpredictable maverick. We can therefore expect some legal issues to result, some changes in law and implementation of laws to deal with the outburst of violence that are afflicting nations, and people around the world. Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite, and the founder of the Nobel Peace Prize . It should be noted, that without the influence and correspondence of his friend Bertha von Suttner , the prize would probably not have been instituted.

Sunday June 1st – As the Moon transits Jupiter in Cancer, achievements are lauded. Issues of infertility, or sexual dysfunction can also be more adequately addressed under this aspect, as the trine to Saturn in Scorpio is also involved. Aggression is linked to hormonal repression and imbalance. With Venus in Taurus, there is a more sympathetic view of problems related to sexual dysfunction.

Monday June 2nd – The Moon in Leo highlights recreational and dramatic poses. The Moon sextile to Mars, and trine Uranus today, could also bring about some explosive issues and stock market fluctuations. Energy is expressed with ease, and tension released through entertainment or drama. Creative work can accomplish results working with power centers, obsessions and psychological issues, as the Sun is in a quincunx (inconjunct) aspect with Pluto. With a strong will, there can be favorable results. Favorable results produce peace and harmony.

Tuesday June 3rd – Practical issues are addressed today, as the Moon enters Virgo. There can be a greater concentration on working with intransigent or stuck issues, dealing with economic reform, poverty and social issues, as the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces. Economic disparity is finally given more attention than gun rights. A more just society is a more peaceful and content society. Injustices lead to threats of instability.

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Next week my post will likely be late, due to the Jewish Holiday on Wednesday. Chag Sameach!


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