Week of May 20-27 2014 Honor and Conflict with Negative Forces

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The third quarter lunar phase is reached this week. This disseminating phase could highlight a crisis, a time for decisions and actions. The old cycle is coming to a close and a new cycle is being created. The lunation began on April 29th with a lunar eclipse at 9 deg Taurus. The third quarter is exact on the 21st at 1:00 PM GMT. For the US, that will evening hours on Wednesday.


Disseminating Phase

Disseminating Phase

The Grand Cross configuration was very strong at the New Moon, and now we see less entrenched position and more co-operation between major world powers. An al-Qaeda inspired group in Nigeria is emerging. It is more likely that this new group, the Boko Haram will be dismantled in this early phase of its growth. The world community is working together to prevent another al-Qaeda. It is understood to be a common goal for world peace.

During the American Revolution, from 1770-1776, Pluto was in Capricorn, also in retrograde phase on July 4, 1776. Mercury was then retrograde as well in the opposite sign – Cancer, and the Moon was in Aquarius. The birth chart of the USA.

Pluto was entering Capricorn in 1761-62. From this time on the American Revolution was taking shape. Pluto brings a message of concrete form for social organization. The American era was only developing in this early Pluto cycle, the transit of Capricorn. As Pluto takes about 248 years in its tilted orbit around the Sun, it was approximately the year 2009 when it returned to the sign Capricorn. Because of it’s smaller size, it is called a dwarf planet.

If Pluto in Capricorn ushered in the American revolution, since its return to Capricorn it is ushering in a revolution of globalizationand that has increased every year. In Feb 2008, Pluto was again in Capricorn after its rotation of 248 years around the Sun, and through all the signs of the zodiac.

While American leadership is still needed, it was the leadership of a democratic form of government, forged through European revolutionaries in England and France, that brought the ideas to the shore of the New World.

In the current configuration, the Grand Cross especially, our standards of social order are shaken up. We are still waiting for the outcome, the system or organization that will bring greater opportunity, greater productivity, and less waste of life and resources through war. The physical environment is also undergoing change. Capricorn is an earth sign, and represents structure, ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is primordial earth. The very  features of the planet are undergoing change – global warming, depletion of natural resources, weather and volcanic upheavals. These are warnings that we may be less secure than the previous century. The international community has a responsibility to preserve the natural resources, to understand the issues of planetary changes, that affect us all and will affect the generations to follow.

Some global issues involving fundamental change include Colony Collapse Disorder . This is affecting the honeybee population is mysterious, threatening to crops as the bees provide a basic service in cross pollinating most crops. The study and search for a cause of this phenomena has indicated that there is a complex web of many pesticides and chemicals that are the likely cause of the disorder.

CCD has killed off more than 10 million beehives in North America since 2007 alone. USnews.com

Another global phenomena,  governments in many third world nations are undergoing a fundamental change. The the trend-reversing, landslide victory of Modi in India occurs under the Pluto in Capricorn opposed by Jupiter and squared by Uranus configuration. This past week, the Moon in Capricorn square to Venus in Aries adorned the aspects with favorable results.

Also, a resurgence of interest in the missing airline, Flight MH370 coincides with Mars turning direct this week. Pluto has turned retrograde, (on April 14th) and remains almost stationary from the time the plane went missing. Mars turned retro on March 2nd and slowly returned to the station today, at 9 deg Libra, and becomes direct once again on the 20th of May. In its direct transit, Mars will be more effective, and the goal directed energy will produce more of the intended results. The methodical nature of the search for the plane, will eventually turn up something.

The US has begun more aggressively to combat cybertheft and cyber espionage world wide. This move in Internet security is to guard intellectual property and state security secrets. The planet Uranus is most closely linked to this electronic transfer of information, and of course the freedom as well as security issues that arise through the use of the Internet. So we have greater globalization of forces for security, and that involves the outer planets of Pluto and Uranus. Neptune is also important for international action, in that it usually involves issues of group awareness and participation in attitudes and mind-sets of a cultural group. It is often the underlying psychological force of an era. Lets look to the future and rid ourselves of delusions and unworthy attitudes in regards to those who are not apart of your social group.


Highlights of the Week

Tuesday May 20th – the Sun is in the final degree of Taurus. We are more aware than ever of the approaching season, and warmer weather beckons for increased leisure. The Moon in Aquarius invites us to share enjoy the company of our like-minded friends. Mars turns direct in Libra, favoring competitive sports or debating issues of humanity. Planning for the next few weeks is also productive. Be careful not to place your interests over that of your neighbors.

Wednesday May 21st- the Sun enters Gemini and the Moon ingress of the sign of Pisces. The mutable signs are therefore in predominance. The fluctuating energy highlights communication, dissolving and rebuilding with the Pisces Moon uniting with Neptune later in the day. While we experience loss, dissolving the past, we build and reinvent the future. Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn retro in Scorpio are slow building influences, in collective and personal water signs. Standards of marriage, for example, are being altered, as gay marriage is legalized in much of the US. This continues to evolve. The boundaries (Saturn) of the marriage union are limited, yet increased (Jupiter), or redefined.

Thursday May 22nd – As legal standards (Libra) are created that are revolutionary (Uranus) there is a growing sense that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Pushing ahead in the legal oversight for drugs, however, for cyber spying and for marriage standards, increases awareness, and liberalizes laws that and places more emphasis on individual protection and freedoms.

Friday May 23rd – The Moon in Pisces forms a Grand Trine with Saturn and Jupiter for a few hours today. This gives us some feelings of euphoria, especially those with an emphasis on water signs in their natal charts. Achievements and honors are brought out and rewarded. The Moon trines Mercury to highlight animated conversations.

Saturday May 24th– the Moon enters the fire sign Aries, and later in the day opposes Mars in Libra. This is an aspect of aggression as well as resistance or blocking of energy. Debates and legal arguments take place in the higher levels of action, while violence is ignited with the less evolved manifestations. As the Moon will also transit Uranus, this may trigger some wider or more violent actions.

Sunday May 25th – As the Jupiter-Saturn trine aspect is culminating, the Moon transits Venus, and this could be favorable for a resolution of the conflict, and some reward such as rescue of hostages. The Moon (health, nurture and feminine) is disposed of by Mars (aggression) while Mars is disposed of by Venus (victory) which is also disposed of by Mars (aggression). This is a give and take, or see-saw action that can resolve a conflict, or bring to safety hostages, as I am reading this with some hope for the situation of the school girls in Nigeria.

Monday May 26th – the Moon enters Taurus today, helping to ground the anxieties of the past few days. Earth signs are inward, or centrifugal motion, and Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign. Therefore the most solid and stubborn signs of the zodiac. It is good for personal gain, accumulation of material and power. The Moon in Taurus brings greater reward and a sense of achievement and power, however ephemeral that is.

Tuesday May 27th – the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto, opposes Saturn and is sextile in aspect to Jupiter today. This again brings rewards, enhances power and will bring triumph over opposing forces, although the lack of success could also bring a crushing blow. There are always two sides to every story. Finding the balance may not be easy, but this is the true existential path of life between the light and the darkness.

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