Week of May 13-20 2014 Intense Hope and Fear at Full Moon

Pluto retrograde is powerfully in aspect with Uranus. The square is a harsh aspect. While the events may be only now coming to light, that is the nature of Pluto, that hidden from view, the crimes are now surfacing. We know there is evil and depravity in the world. The extremes keep getting more extreme, and unfortunately closer to home.

Putin is said to have flip-flopped on the Ukrainian vote issue. This back-tracking was noted in my earlier overview of his chart and the transits. Mars traveling back over the Libra planets in Putin’s natal chart, and then later this month (the 21st) will turn direct and resume another reversal in plans or a new conquest for the Putin regime. Mars will also oppose Uranus again, the other highly combustible energy, the last week in June. It is this interplay that brings divisive issues to the fore, breaking up commonly held assumptions and creating divisions.

The Hot Air Balloon tragedy on Friday was the latest in a string of aviation explosions on land accidents involving transportation under this influence.

On the creative stage, Eurovision contest has favored Ukraine and shown disfavor towards Putin’s Crimea adventure. It has also supported gay activism and originality, landing a transvestite “The Bearded Lady” with the number one song.

Monday May 12th – The hard aspect between Pluto and Uranus, while weakening, is still in effect, with 1 deg and 15 seconds separating the two planets today. Unexplained or unanticipated explosions are likely to happen under this, as we have witnessed in the past few weeks. With Jupiter moving forward, the increased or group tragedy outcome is less likely. While we strive for balance, and fairness in our lives and relationships, it may be more difficult now, as the imbalances surface. Like a rocky boat, shifting weight to avoid a capsizing, sometimes gets out of control.

Tuesday May 13th – Unplanned events can be joyful. Surprise results pleasing, and even transformative. A click that makes things work, or changes perception can occur, and now there is a time-frame until the 16th of May. There may be meetings that produce results in international relations, or the opposite might be with negative results, causing more upsets. While Venus usually brings about harmony, and a bit of playfulness, Uranus may reject the overtures. Danger definitely accompanies the show at this stage. The Scorpio Moon holds secret awareness of danger. Economic gains in joint ventures are highlighted this week.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

Wednesday May 14th – The Full Moon in Scorpio brings results of impassioned pleas. Rescue missions could be effective now. Successful medical strategies or financial agreements can be reached. Internet business especially are booming, along with stock market trading. Good for spending time with a special person in your life.

Thursday May 15th – The Moon enters Sagittarius today, the sign of political and philosophical participation, as election results are made known in votes in the Ukraine. Perhaps analysis on the fairness of the vote or legality. What does it mean? Can the US intervene? Mercury in Gemini is the winged messenger on steroids. Instant communication of political upheavals or political fortunes are in the balance.

Friday May 16th – While changes may seem threatening, they could be beneficial in the long run. Political grand-standing is to be expected now.

Saturday May 17th – The denouement from the Full Moon. Pluto’, Scorpio’s ruler has a hand in this. Now of course, Pluto is not allocated to any one actor or event on the scene. It effects us all, and a political or military vie for power and influence can be the hallmark of Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn today, in square (harsh) aspect to Mars can make the balance difficult.

Sunday May 18th As the Moon transits Pluto today, it squares Venus and Uranus in Aries, also opposes Jupiter in Cancer, so that the power struggles and blocked energy of the Grand Cross is reignited. Transforming that situation can take the initiative of an artist (Venus is Aries). I hope we have some good resolutions to many problems.

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