Week of March 9th – 16th 2014 – King Putin and the Crimea

As we focus on this land, if we follow the news of late, we can learn about geography, refresh our knowledge of history and learn about the oil supplies that reach Europe from Russia. Who knew? Putin knew of course. His sour look is unchanged, his monotone voice hardly quivers. Only as his team lost in the Olympics did his face seem to sour even more. But overall, the Russians won three more gold medals than their nearest competitor, so he did not do so badly. But does it justify his attempt to expand his empire?

According to astrotheme.com, his birth time is 9:30 am, on Oct 7, 1952 in St. Petersburg (then known as Leningrad).  He has four planets (including the Sun) in Libra, which gives him that impressive composure. Saturn is sandwiched between the Sun and Neptune with Mercury just after Neptune’s placement in Libra. His capacity for a poker face, even when in a state of extreme drunkenness, would be expected. One political analyst said that his was unstable. This instability is all under the surface. Scorpio rising gives him the ability to maintain that frozen exterior, with all the energy in the unconscious, given some power of stability by the Saturn, but seething, none-the-less.

Vladimir Putin natal chart

Vladimir Putin natal chart

While the birthdate is verifiable, I do not have the verification for the time of birth. However, in this chart, Venus is fortuitously located in the first house is Scorpio, where he can appear calm, secretive, and amenable. While he never flinches, never shows a moment of weakness or vulnerability, it is all there, underneath the surface. This time and the chart does seem to fit the persona of the man.

Pluto in Leo is on the 10th house cusp, showing a penchant for power and a love of control, perhaps with ambitions of domination of wealth and glory. The weakness here for the old power of the former soviet Union, himself as world leader, first power in the world.

Obviously, he will not back down easily. He has sent forces in to the Crimean peninsula and intends to prove legitimacy with a ‘democratic’ vote. This vote is supposed to take place on March 15, just a week from now, with more Russian military personnel and equipment on the way. Democracy is a foreign concept to this megalomaniac ruler. He will speak the words calmly as he explains his legitimacy in his own world view.

What will happen after the vote, supposing the vote goes against his will? Is he going to enforce his will despite the vote? Is he even going to allow fair and honest voting to take place? The world watches and wonders.

Meanwhile, Assad is emboldened by Putin’s power grab. Putin has refused to censor Assad. They are on the same side, apparently. Or else Putin needs Assad’s friendship as a buffer zone.

Putin sent the troops into Crimea on March 1st, at the New Moon in Pisces, rather close to Neptune the ruler of Pisces. Then, as Mars turned retro on March 2nd, it transited his natal Mercury, Neptune Saturn and Sun in Libra, he faces challenges and may have to revise his moves. It’s part of the game.

As Mars travels in the retrograde direction (apparent motion) until May 21st, when it will return to direct transit in Libra, bringing it into aspect by conjunction with Putin’s Libra planets, giving him a second chance, or maybe he has another act up his sleeve. After Crimea, all of Ukraine, perhaps?

Sunday March 9th – the Malaysian airliner that just disappeared on Saturday – a tragic event marking the dangers of the sea the active water signs. The indications are that there was either mechanical failure or sabotage. While astrology can not find the plane or the perpetrators, the traces in the sea of the oil slick, are ominous, and the two traveling on stolen passports are suspicious. Uranus is in Aries, likely to cause accidental or intentional explosions, or power failures. Pluto opposed to Jupiter completes the T-square configuration, pointing to danger.

Monday March 10th – Another great week about to begin! We do need good news and good energy. Jupiter is direct in Cancer, the nurturing and protective sign. Home warmth and parenthood are again featured. The Moon transits Jupiter today, enhancing our love of home, despite the specter of worldwide danger, hunger and strife. We have a Sun-Moon-Saturn Grand Tine forming, effective for 2-3 hours in the afternoon, so make life a bit more comfortable. We have a sense of being in control, however temporary that is.

Tuesday March 11th – the Moon trine Saturn today will make the job seem organized, structured, and plans can be made. The necessity to proceed is evident, however, the awareness of difficulties is challenging, with Mercury squaring Saturn. Therefore, exceptional talent and creativeness is necessary for a successful outcome.

Wednesday March 12th – and what is Vladimir thinking about now? How will he respond to the change in his international standing? He has clung to power, played along with the West, and now he is thinking of damage control, perhaps? How will his Mother Russia be configured in the future? The Moon still in Cancer transits his 9th house of international relations, travel or legal issues. Jupiter will transit his natal Uranus (possible transformations or reversals) in mid October, just after his 62nd birthday. At the same time, transiting Uranus (present position in the zodiac) in Aries is about to align with an opposition point to his natal Sun and Mercury in Libra. This can draw out his position forcefully, and he may have to again reassess his moves. In July, Uranus will turn retrograde and re-focus on the natal Sun – Mercury in opposition until the end of 2014. He is in for some tough handling. He has acted unilaterally by striking a claim and will have to defend it or remove his army.

Thursday March 13th – a dominant configuration continues with the power-rich planets, Pluto and Uranus, indicating powers beyond the control of individual will, and involving large groups of people, and this is combined with Jupiter, bringing together an increased awareness, a social consciousness, as it were, and maybe the will to overpower forces opposing the good of society. Direction from the king, dictator or government, would be represented most easily by Pluto in Capricorn. This is the planet of the powers that be. When a home bred populace opposes that power, there can be friction, and with Uranus, the most unpredictable and erratic power squaring this opposition, there will be a violent spark, perhaps what is known as the powder keg, to set off a mass movement. Jupiter in Cancer loves security, but as a Cardinal sign, it is active and can be forceful in its will to protect. The setting of an early polling date, is a move of genius in timing. This can give the people hope that they will be able to throw off the oppressor. Saturn retro is trine (120 deg) to the Sun in Pisces,closing in on the exact parity of the aspect on Friday.

Friday March 14th – the Moon in Leo transits the degree of Pluto in Putin’s natal chart. His hopes for victory, the vote of the Crimean people to separate from Ukraine. Then the Moon enters Virgo, to let Everyman decide for himself. As observers are not being allowed into the polling area, it is unknown how fair the vote will actually be. Putin is a proud man (Moon in Leo, Sun with three planets in Libra) and would not take defeat lightly. Will he show that stoic face to the end? Can he arrange for victory?

Saturday March 15th and Sunday March 16th – fast forward to 9:00 PM Moscow time. The Moon in Virgo is trine to Pluto this evening. An easy victory seems assured. The following afternoon, the Moon will enter the Full Moon phase. The outcome of this tense campaign is held in the balance. This is the most psychotic moon of the zodiac. Pisces represents endings and instability, disintegration, while Virgo can tend to neurotic. While Putin’s strongmen are positioned to maintain order, there can be a sense that the world, and the Crimeans in particular, will have to go along with the program. There is also a sense being drugged into compliance, with the Pisces Sun and the Full Moon.

Inner circle V. Putin natal - Outer circle Full Moon on March 16, 2014

Inner circle V. Putin natal – Outer circle Full Moon on March 16, 2014


The situation remains volatile. In mid May, Jupiter will be conjunct Putin’s natal Uranus, as Mars turns direct in Libra. This will keep Putin’s forces moving, and he may attempt more power moves during June. So now the world is playing along as spectator to Putin’s game.

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