Week of March 30-April 6, 2014 – Putin’s Ice Faces Obama’s Cool

On more than one level, a breakthrough at this time is ripe. So many issues have reached an impasse. In order to move forward, some innovation is called for at this New Moon, which is conveniently conjunct Uranus. A lost aircraft with 239 people on board, a hijacked peninsula with a few million shifted about are visible manifestations of an impasse. The backlash against Putin and his regime has isolated him Internationally.

V. Putin's natal - inner circle Transits for Mar 31, 2014  -outer circle

V. Putin’s natal – inner circle Transits for Mar 31, 2014 -outer circle

Uranus in it’s present position is opposed to the Sun of Putin’s natal chart. He is under pressure to respond. The Sun and Moon and conjunct Uranus, such that the lunar cycle now beginning holds a series of unexpected moves by Putin and a tension that will result in a possible breakdown of his rule. While he is not a bad person, it seems, he is capable of kindness and empathy, he is also likely to find his international standing a bit heated in the coming weeks and months, as Uranus moves to oppose his natal Saturn and square his natal Uranus. His temper and exterior calm is likely to be shaken. While he enjoys popularity at home (transiting Jupiter is trine his natal Venus) he will not be easily diminished. His international standing, however, may prove more detrimental in the long run. As he seeks to forge a new Federation, he claims it is the western posers that are trying to put a wedge between him and his prize, the Ukraine. Can he turn matters around to suit his purpose? The opposition allows for the projection of one’s psyche onto the opposing force, and can also be defeated by the force that is created.

Will the international community be forced to internalize the concept of a renewed, greater Russia? A Federation of Russian Republics? Already divorced from the G8, now the G7, the force to isolate Putin’s Russia, is the counter-force.

Everyone with planets located in Aries and Libra in the natal chart will feel the effects of this polarity, a division among friends or internal strife, according to the houses their planets are located, and aspects from other planets natally and by transit. The planets in the center of the signs around the 9-13th degrees, are most affected,

Sunday March 30th – The New Moon at 10 degrees Aries is prolonged in effect due to the close position of Uranus at 12 degrees Aries. As the Moon transits Uranus and moves ahead, the effect is like a fusion (Uranus being likened to a fissionable material uranium). The power is now contained in the combination of the two luminaries. Thus with a soli-lunar cycle begins with transcend impact, the potential to unearth, and shake the foundations of power centers. This is a seed moment, and the power of this conjunction with the two luminaries, will be realized throughout the following days and weeks.

Monday March 31st. – Aries is a sign of direct action, goal seeking and achievement oriented. The season is delayed, as though longer in gestation, with the seeds of a new era, a new configuration of energy, possibly transforming , or setting the stage for a transformation that will be realized in the coming months and years even. Repressed feelings can now be released, repressed forces ready to ignite, as the Moon squares the outermost planet, Pluto. Some form of the intentions inherent are now visible.

Tuesday April 1st – As the Moon enters Taurus, the fixed-earth sign, the Sun and Uranus move between popularity and power (Jupiter and Pluto). Existing powers are carving out their spheres of influence as the eruption of new forces, yet unrevealed, seek to capture a balance. The USA is Uranian in nature, and the responses to the crisis in the Ukraine that President Obama is working to formulate, are starting to be realized.

B. Obama natal inner circle Transits for mar 31 2014 - outer circle

B. Obama natal inner circle Transits for Mar 31 2014 – outer circle

Wednesday April 2nd – solidarity is taking shape. The signs are everywhere. The Moon in Taurus first trines Pluto, then opposes Saturn in Scorpio as the issues move from generalities to the particulars. At the same time, the Sun and Uranus unite to hold the focal point of an increasingly close Jupiter opposition to Pluto. Power and popularity are polarized, and yet move in tangent, as Obama’s cool focuses on Putin’s ice. Putin has an aristocratic demeanor, while Obama’s appeal is both universal and earthy at once. Putin is calculating and hungers for power, while Obama stands at the center of the nations of established power.

Thursday April 3rd – the Moon moves into Gemini. Putin and Obama both have the Moon in early Gemini in their natal charts. Yet, their former friendship has turned to rivalry. They can understand one another intuitively, yet their views are polarized. Obama’s natal Sun is trine the Uranus – New Moon, while Putin’s Sun is opposed to the same point in Aries. This helps bring their differing views and relative power into focus. Putin uses the formation to increase his personal hold on power, transforming himself as well as his nation’s role in the world. Obama is able to ally himself with power, using his position to adapt and direct the forces that are emerging.

Friday April 4th – While Putin has gained popularity at home, Obama suffers from low approval ratings on the home front. Putin has proved himself glamorous in returning his nation to a greater world power, whereas Obama lacks the warmth of strong Congressional backing at home, according to opinion polls. Yet, he has the power of two democratically elected terms, whereas Putin has shifted his role, using his personal power to stay in office for fifteen years, with two terms as Prime Minister and two terms as President, he has had a leading role since 1999. His present term as President will end in 2018.

Saturday April 5th – Venus, the ruler of Libra, moves from Aquarius to Pisces today. Victims of the disasters that struck during the previous lunation are mourned as the hope for more survivors diminishes.

Sunday April 6th – the Moon enters Cancer, its home turf, blending with Jupiter, and giving a boost to the magnanimous response, and may mediate with power that is usurped through force. A change on the home front is good for Obama, but could lead to a deflating of support for Putin. This is the crisis of the 1st Quarter Moon, as cool meets ice, succeeding in melting some of the ice, at least around the edges.

Our own personalities, and those of families and friends, have a wide measure of individuality. The major forces of the forming configurations, as the New Moon conjuction will unfold to a 4-sided structure on April 22, during the 4th Quarter Moon, as Mars retrogrades to 13 deg. Libra to form the 4th Cardinal point. This could mean some resolution of the issues initiated now, at the New Moon .

Another monumental week. Hope you are well aspected for the ride





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