Week of March 23-29 2014 Turbulence at Sea and on Land

Pisces remains a dominant theme this week, the lunar cycle, and the transit of Neptune in its home rulership, gives us much to ponder about the sea in the infinitely expanding universal elements. As a water sign Pisces is without limits. The loss of a jumbo aircraft is, while not the expected or anticipated outcome, one of the events that falls into this sphere. Other tragic events impacting large groups of people, and events beyond control, triggered by nature or by tragic error are prevalent.

Mercury transited Neptune in the past 24 hours, as we take note and form opinions, discuss and add to the unconscious memory, the totality of humanity, the losses suffered in this cycle.

Thursday 4:PM Washington, DC

Thursday 4:PM Washington, DC

Sunday March 23rd – the Moon transits Sagittarius today, with slight tremors of power. Some find the bow and arrow ( a symbol of Sagittarius) a good pastime. The Moon enters the sign of controlled power- Capricorn, at 8:pm GMT, still early afternoon on the E. Coast USA,.to meet with the controller behind the scenes. Reflections for Jupiter opposing and Uranus conflicting are mirrored in Luna’s brow, if Pluto would but open his eyes and ears. Holding on to power, Pluto is desposed by Saturn in Scorpio ( ie, Saturn rules Capricorn the sign Pluto is stationed), so will not easily share his domain. As Saturn digs in, we can all locate that person in our own lives now. A boss, landlord or just the guy next door.

Monday March 24thConflict is everywhere if you look. Of course, the real art is in recognizing how to gently move that force aside. The Moon will give an opportunity to put more pressure with better consequences. Before 2:pm EDT the Moon opposes Jupiter and is already within orb of a conjunction with Saturn and square to Uranus. This could add instability as forces are struggling to over-power one another. It also helps to open the situation to better understanding. Sparks could fly now, although the calming power of Jupiter, protective of home and family, can draw in energy, as well as expand to meet any unwarranted blows.

Tuesday March 25th – In Europe and the Far East, the Moon is in Capricorn all morning, and begins to find results. Saturn retrograde in the fixed water sign of Scorpio demurs, keeping in the sub-conscious realm, and not divulging secrets for the moment. Mercury trines Jupiter, increasing the likelihood of enhanced communication or a find that will give some satisfaction.

Wednesday March 26th – By afternoon, Uranus in Aries is again powerful, sending orders and gaining data with the speed of a computer chip. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius along with Venus, gathers information. Brotherhood and cooperation again get into sync.

Thursday March 27th – Communication with the center of the controlled forces is now possible. (Mercury sextile to Pluto with the Moon square aspect to Saturn.) That may be a government figurehead, or perhaps the underground or unseen force that operates secretly. Mercury in Pisces can yield information from the depths

Friday March 28th – the Moon transits Neptune in Pisces, the sign of the vast waters and dangers at sea. The captives may be released, prisoners exchanged, and shifts in power result. In the afternoon hours, communication is again highlighted revealing lost data, secrets or sorrows.

Saturday March 29th – A collective rescue, a discovery of hidden resources or secret archives or perhaps the sorrows shared universally, as we empathize with the fate of victims.

Sunday March 30th – The Moon enters Aries at 1:55 AM GMT, spurring our renewal of energy. The New Moon at 18: 46 GMT is at 10 degrees Aries, close enough to Uranus at 12 degrees to show a real force, stabilizing the powers that were conflicting hereby renewing innovation and the rights of individuals, the universality of human dignity.

Hope for a better day,




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