Week of March 18-24 2015 New Moon in Pisces a Total Eclipse


The marking of time in the cycles of the planets’ revolutions seems always to coincide with social and political cycles. A New Moon marks the beginning of a growth cycle, and the total eclipse in Pisces can bring extra attention to settling old affairs. As Mars in Aries strikes a new path ahead of the transforming or reformer Uranus, new intentions and departures from the old ways are initiated this week. The path has been made clear, while the old ways may still cling to us, and continue to crumble. Our attention is brought again to the suffering of so many, as ancient injustices and injuries are felt anew. We are humbled, if not awed by the enormous gaps in social programs. Saturn, reversing recent rulings in courtrooms, or reviewing decisions with a new light will not be uncommon during the months ahead, as Saturn will head back into Scorpio, before turning once a gain to resume it’s journey around the Sun. Saturn is a stern master, and will be likely to cause us some discomfort as we are given the results of our trials, decreasing our dividends or for some a possible lack of access to our profits. Yet, the lessons learned can be valuable and a life changer. Putting away a portion of earnings for the future would be a smart move. This will be a voluntary limitation (Saturn denotes limitation) with a thought for the future.

Wednesday March 18th – As the Moon in Aquarius was in 180 deg opposition to Jupiter on Tuesday a victory is for a democratic process was scored. Today, the Moon enters Pisces, and joins with Neptune, as we gather with friends and allies to vent emotionally our grief, or to celebrate a change of course. Letting go of old dreams is difficult, so we share among our compatriots, as the clocks and pendulums move forward. An outpouring of verbal analysis with Mercury in Pisces and evoking Neptune, we focus on lost dreams, or issues surrounding the disenfranchised millions of the global community. Old visions and plans could be bogged down in the aftermath of someone else’s victory.

Thursday March 19th – The Moon in the second half of Pisces today, is sextile to Pluto; an old demon is rearing its head. Future shock, or simply fear of the unknown puts many into a state of emotional distress. Stability will return. Avoid excessive drink and binge eating in the meantime.

Friday March 20th – The Moon enters Aries, and with a trine to Saturn in Sag, encounters new limitation, necessitating the readjustment or re-organization of plans. A working trine (a sextile aspect, called so because more effort is required to make this productive) forms from Pluto to the mid-point of Mercury and Chiron in Pisces. Production and the economy get underway again. While the Uranus square to Pluto continues, and a global economy takes more beating. With Mars having moved on from the conjunction with Uranus in Aries, the conflicts seem lighter.

Saturday March 21st – The Spring Equinox puts us back into power, as the Sun enters the sign of Aries, we set new goals and turn towards the coming season. A lunar trine to Saturn gives us focus, and indeed, a new direction. The Moon is trine Jupiter and conjunct Uranus and Mars today, giving us a Maoistic leap forward. Invigorated, and having gained optimism, we can once more be sure of finding life once again a joy. We are teased into accepting the challenges that await with quincunx aspects from Venus to Saturn and from Mercury to Jupiter.

Sunday March 22nd – The Moon enters Taurus, with a chance of a pleasant encounter, meeting a friend or soul mate at the conjunction with Venus. Imaginations soar, as the sextile aspect to Neptune is formed by the Moon and Venus, continuing for another day or so, creating good memories and shared experiences.

Monday March 23rd – Embarking on a new plan of action is favored as the Aries Sun brings additional energy for profitable actions. The Moon in Taurus now, is sextile to Mercury in Pisces today, allaying fears of the previous week. As both the Moon and Mercury are semisextile to Uranus, innovation in ingenuity are favored. Getting the plans off the drawing-board and into action can be powerfully productive, as the square to Pluto draws in a global venture.

Tuesday March 24th Venus is sextile aspect to Neptune today, as inspiration catches on, especially where reforms are made, corrections in economic woes are addressed and innovation out-paces stagnation. Uranus advances personal issues in a global marketplace. The Moon in Gemini opposes Saturn today, balancing some of the more negative qualities of Saturn – stagnation and constraint. Uranus represents the Internet, electronics, personal transformation and democracy. That is all bundled into the awakening plans for the community, as poverty and disease are reduced, while growth and innovation continue.

With an optimistic note, we look forward to an new era.

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March 17, 2015

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