Week of June 4-June 10 2014 A ‘Working Crisis’ to be Resolved

The First Quarter Moon phase on the 5th could bring a crisis to the fore. As the Moon is in Virgo, the Sun in Gemini, which are both Mutable Signs, there is flexibility that can be applied here. The Mutable Signs can fluctuate between the two forces of the Cardinal and Fixed signs, creating a new dimension for progress. Further, both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, a neutral planet  concerned with communication and understanding. More trust can be developed as barriers are broken down.

First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

The interview, a week ago, conducted by media network anchor Brian Williams with Edward Snowden, is a good example of this crisis. Here we, the public, are able to hear Snowden speak with a reporter, not a government official, about his life, his work, and his reasons for exposing secret documents to the world. This is just one of the dominating news items of the week. It is a crisis because it is revealing. 

The release of US serviceman, held for 5 years by the Taliban this week, also is in this developing lunar cycle, coming near the end of the US involvement in Afghanistan. A resolution of the prisoners, held by each side,  usually signals an end to a conflict. There may be more details known in the coming weeks, as the serviceman is debriefed. Of course, this could be of military significance, and may not be released to the public. This comes during the 1st quarter of the cycle, when Sgt. Bergdahl is released and then given medical treatment. He has not reached the US, or been reunited with his family, which will happen in the coming days and weeks.

Each of the examples involves a shift in policy, or at least in the perception of policy. The public can make a more informed analysis of the situation in the Snowden case, for example, due to the excellent interview by Williams. It may bring to awareness that the real contribution to the public awareness in this case is the media, not the revelations by Snowden. Is Snowden, in fact, a whistleblower, or a traitor? It seems in the final analysis, he has been called naive, and he may have been the whistleblower for his own position. He claims he did not release any documents that had not already been in the media, and that is probably the case. It is more his ability, and as he claims the ability of others who do not have security clearance, to access the documents that were at risk for damage that caused his defection.

Yet, it is a crisis moment in that now the full extent of his actions and the consequences will have to be brought out publicly, as the case develops further. The mutable quality here is that the media is involved, and intelligence at a basic level. Communication and change are part of the mutable elements and signs. The media is instrumental is resolving this case in a public forum. Snowden revealed that he had worked in three different positions as a spy, so he in fact blew his own cover, by discussing the details with the media. So how could he still be working for the government? He may think he is working for the American people, and the right to know, but for the US Government is questionable, unless this was part of his assignment. His claim here may be getting into the Neptunian quality of fantasy. Are his revelations, in fact productive of anything other than in his own analysis? His own imagination? Is he an idealist, who cannot live with his own job of deception, and had to free himself of the role he had undertaken?

The fact that there is access to phone records, or Internet activity could be revealing, and this was, perhaps, more or less already generally known by most of the users in the US, and worldwide. The interest in public use of communication tools that are under surveillance so that private use can be measured, and profiled in each case, as a matter for security interests, has been known since the 9/11 attacks on NY and Washington buildings. It is not just a matter of personal sense of violation for search to board an airline , subject to a profiling if one should have a nail file in his or her possession, as a matter of interest for the NSA, a wider area of interest such as what issues one may discuss, what pet photos may be displayed or persons one may communicate with, or typing habits that may persist while communicating or preparing communications with one’s high school pal, or other details that may raise concerns that we are in fact in an era of 1984, or wait, that era has passed. We are in fact 30 years post 1984. Some malicious persons may indeed pass on a virus with that cute cat photo. Don’t download. The real question is “is the government and the NSA on our side?” Or “are we the enemy?” Can at some time in the future that information be manipulated and used against an individual?

We cannot say that individuals have not been prosecuted and incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. We cannot say that information cannot be manipulated or false confession coerced. We can only hope that what surveillance there is will not be turned against innocent individuals for malicious reasons.

Wednesday June 4th – The Moon enters Virgo today, and will do some important work in response to many issues, as the minor luminary aspects each planet in turn. First, the sextile to Mercury, where information is accumulated and stored in the lunar orb of maternal understanding, then the pull from Neptune, the collective unconscious, to reflect on humanitarian needs, to remember humanities depth and struggle. The trine aspect to Venus in Taurus moderates the Neptunian concerns, bringing to mind the reality of earthy concerns, amplifying sorrow with beauty and material longing, urging us to forget the past and work for the better tomorrow. The square aspect to the Sun, the quarter-moon phase is thus loaded with a mission and a challenge. How can this be achieved and how can we also heal the sorrows?

Thursday June 5th – The time  of the quarter-Moon in the US  is 11:40 AM on the west coast, 2:40 PM in the East. A trine from the Moon to Pluto precedes the solar-lunar square, and that imaginary connection of 120 deg symbolizes the necessity for staying within legal and administrative limits (Capricorn). Furthermore, Saturn in Scorpio, and Pluto is the dispositor, so again the legality and correctness of actions in the time and limitations of the day, are impressed on the lunar orb, by the easy aspect of the trine. There is acceptance of the fate.  The Orb of individual, the Moon is the symbol of human emotions, we care, have feelings and participation in the social realm. A Pluto-Moon aspect can bring out obsessions, obsessive worry and emotional distress. However, soon after the square aspect, as the Moon is met with the Solar energy in Gemini of practical adaptation, before going on to aspect, by 60 deg sextile,  Saturn retro in Scorpio. This is a stern reminder and a distraught psyche is moderated and imbued with the work toward compliance with a stronger fate. Some reform is possible only if it is within the limits of the ruling entity. Uranus in Aries  at the quarter-Moon is exactly sextile the Sun  ( a powerful ally) and quin-cunx the Moon, an aspect that can be enlightening as well as undermining credibility. There can be effort to convince the significant party to reassess objectives. The will to innovate, to transform or liberate is met with limitations and traditional punishment is quite possible. While Snowden is charged with treasonous acts, the soldier Bergdahl has also been suspected of attempting desertion. If the are attenuating circumstances that must be considered.

Friday June 6th – while the voice of sensitivity is heard, the voice of practical advantages, and need to balance justice with basic values, as Venus in Taurus is quincunx Mars in Libra. Mars is now direct and moving forward to initialize a decision process. A plea for clemency and moderation is offered. The psyche has the three young men whose actions have altered the day. The actions of the student on a rampage in California, the soldier held prisoner for 5 years is now released and the analyst-spy who has in effect defected from the US. The rampage has left the county wounded, and awareness that the legal issues of gun availability has to be addresses. and rights that many enjoy are also being used to destroy the nation. The legal issues around the actions of the analyst-spy and the soldier, are also on the horizon. Mars is the aggressive energy, goal directed, and now turned to  ferret out the legal ramifications for the law and application of the law. The source of the law has to be the Constitution of the US.

Saturday June 7th – The Moon transits to Libra, and will meet up with Mars. Mars is attempting a balancing act in the Sign of the Scales. It can hardly be very successful given its aggressive nature. Venus is the ruler of Libra, and located today in Taurus, is aspecting Mars with a quincunx or 150 deg angle. Venus is then lending some of the qualities of firmness (Taurus) and equality needed to balance legal issues. Along comes the Lunar Orb, our own intuition, and wants to play a role. We can bring a depth of compassionate expressions (quincunx Neptune in Pisces) We bring our concerns for a wider exposure of the issues, and the participation of the citizens in the decision-making process. We express our views, discuss the pros and cons of laws and punishments. I am thinking of Jonathan Pollard who has already spent more than 30 years in jail. Obviously, Snowden doesn’t believe that will be his fate. Perhaps Bergdahl will also be judged before a military tribunal. At this stage in the cycle, the issues are developing.

Internationally, the Palestinians have declared an independent state. This will require international sanctions and legal issues will arise concerning previous treaties with Israel and other nations in the region, as well as the US. Mars is the independent quality of statehood declaring itself a state and legal entity. More legal issues arise, as Hamas and the Gaza Strip are now part of the PA with a unity government, creating a diplomatic emergency in Israel.

Sunday June 8thMercury turns retrograde at 3 deg Cancer today, as Mars and Pluto begin a week long interaction of conflict. Clearly, hopes and legal issues are not clearly defined. Issues not able to be discussed may lead to open conflict.

Monday June 9th – The Moon in Scorpio trines Mercury in Cancer today and works toward a Grand Trine with Neptune. While issues are discussed, accusations and injuries, threats and hurtful words may be exchanged. A collapse of all accords seems on hand.

Tuesday June 10thNeptune turns retrograde in Pisces. The values of caution and stability are again invoked, as the Moon is calmed by Venus opposition and then meets with the standard bearer, Saturn. More rewards seem to calm the situation, as the Moon then will trine Jupiter. While details and confirmation lag behind, for now diplomacy will seek a just solution.

While there is much more going on around the world this week, some major issues such as were here touched upon, can serve as an example of the developing issues as they are impacted by the lunar cycle of the week.

 Most of us can enjoy life as usual, with minor ups and downs.   The best to you for the week.


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