Week of June 25th – July 1st 2014 – A Summer New Moon

Looking over the week’s progress, I can suggest that the days ahead tend to reorder our views, and being some sense of direction out of a complex situation

Highlights of the Week

Wednesday June 25th – Tensions begin to ease, as initiative is taken to act. Slowly, Mars transcends the opposition with Uranus. It appears that the reality of logic and economics speak loudly, and are able to overcome the erratic nature of Uranus in Aries. While Mars is not a brake in itself, the opposition caused blockages, which prevents runaway inflation, runaway chaos, and radical operatives. A more moderate path may be chosen to meet the goals of an army, or the individual, most likely someone in a leadership role. This, in the personal psyche, could help at arriving at a decision and taking a coarse of action leading away from conflict.


New Moon

Thursday June 26th – Experience is is a reminder of what can go wrong, in the school of hard knocks. The Moon meets with Mercury retrograde in Gemini, the air sign with the most flexibility, and we are now ready to speak, if not act. Mercury retrograde will consider for an extra moment before speaking, but then will listen closely with the emotional mind of the Moon. Reason and intuition combine to seek a course of action. Women’s empowerment are certainly an issue (re: the Mormon’s Bishop decision to ex-communicate). Could there be a decisive turn of events, a course of action to influence the Church of Latter-Day Saints to even reverse it’s call? We can all pause and think through our responses to the day’s concerns, with regards to the recent impasses we have faced personally. Iranian women claim rights to watch sporting events in public with male companions. Women’s empowerment can mean the violation of Islamic Law. Not all laws are equal.

Symbol of Cancer

Symbol of Cancer

Friday June 27th – The New Moon today at 5 deg Cancer. The first New Moon since the solstice begins the first lunar cycle of the summer. A trine to Neptune brings issues of collective suffering to the fore as we seek to bring home hostages, heal wounds, and provide basic needs wherever they are lacking. Near the close of the day in the far reaches of the Pacific, the Moon reaches and opposition with Pluto, a contradictory planet of collective power, which can both destroy and create, the infant Moon in the opening of the cycle, pleads cause, no doubt, of needs overlooked, of children and their suffering at the hands of powerful groups and authorities.

Saturday June 28th – As night turns to day, the Moon forms a brief focal point for the Uranus-Mars opposition, and could bring a brief hour or two of the Grand Cross, as she stretches across the firmament. Judgments are made at a twinkling moment of a star, inspired by months and years of pleadings, to finally reach a verdict. If the underdog is favored, given equal rights under the law, violence must cease. A trine aspect with Saturn in Scorpio, gives the powerful Cancer Moon some needed advice and strength to meet her adversaries. Transformation of the plea to include all sisterhood or all humanity can give more urgency. An evening meeting of the Moon with Jupiter, the planet that will bring justice to the just, while the Sun is trine Neptune, bringing the not forgotten humanitarian work into view. There could be a hint of hope for the suffering of the many who are lost souls.


Sunday June 29, 2014

Sunday June 29, 2014

Sunday June 29thVenus makes a square (hard) aspect to Neptune, putting more doubt and tribulation on the road to redemption. A reminder that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. What may be one man (or woman’s) eyesore, may be another man’s lifeline. A more creative view makes it a piece of art. The Moon moves into Leo before noon (US time zones), with a sextile (working trine) aspect to Venus before evening hours. Cozy up to loved ones, and enjoy an evening with a game, a story or a walk outdoors.

Monday June 30th – A contradictory day, in that personal satisfaction may not be expressed in the world at large. World issues can make us feel uneasy, and hardship seems to be on the horizon. Scientific breakthroughs may be unveiled, shifting one’s world view. Long-held beliefs are shaken, as new inventions and discoveries are made. The Moon in Leo forms and inconjunct (quincunx) aspect to Pluto, squares Saturn and trines Uranus.

Tuesday July 1st – It is possible to be somewhat pleased with a developing relationship today, as Mercury turns direct, allowing the expression of inner thoughts. Communication breakthroughs give a feeling of elation. Building a relationship takes time for trust to develop. The Sun and Venus continue in a semi-sextile aspect, while the approaching opposition of the Sun to Pluto can bring about the emergence of hidden foe.

A long week and a longer journey. Hope it ends well for your, dear readers. Thank you for spending your time here.




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