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A week of violence is followed by a week of bitter accusations and fault-finding as well as efforts to bridge the gap. The gap is more easily analyzed at this moment. However, at no other time are we sure to blame the human excesses on the other party, the opposition. Are we really speaking of facts or is it a projection of self on to the motivations of the “other”?

With conflicts simmering around the world, the latest addition of clashes following kidnaps and deaths of Israeli youth, add another to the blend. Provocations seemed to have been timed to the deaths, as though it was part of the plan to attack on the streets of Jerusalem and in the south with rocket fire.

Attempts to establish calm, to impose penalties or limitations, especially where personal security is concerned, will often inflame the situation. Saturn-Moon trine the Sun (soft aspect) but Uranus is in square aspect to the Sun (hard aspect). The Sun in Cancer is protective of home and family, or personal integrity. The Moon in Scorpio moves forward to form a trine aspect with the Sun later in the day, bringing a sense of a short-lived Pyrrhic victory, proving a point and drawing support or condemnation.

The planets Saturn and Uranus are stationary at the end of the week, and will change direction next week. The two will be in close aspect (quincunx also known as an inconjunct – aspect 150 deg) so as to blend and trade off, as it were, in the change of direction) Saturn will turn direct giving stability more leverage, while Uranus turns retrograde. While we are not out of the woods yet, it’s another stitch in the tapestry, building the life and the world,

Wednesday July 9th – this is a day of open controversy, as the Moon in Sagittarius will be sure to engage in questions of political or religious matters. Religious leaders are requesting consolation and peace. The square of the Moon to Neptune occurs before the Full Moon phase, and while the Sun square to Uranus is still in effect. Redemption comes with recognition and forgiveness. The results of the conflicts today shape the world of tomorrow. The release of captives, such as the school girls in Nigeria, can never resolve the effects of the Boko Haram invasions on their villages. Their lives are changed forever.

Thursday July 10th – It has been said that one must suffer to be beautiful, and it seems the inverse of that is also true, in that beauty suffers a great deal in life. Venus, the planet of peace, beauty and poetry, love and attraction, finds a voice as the Moon opposes the position in Gemini, while it approaches a trine with Mars in Libra. Both Gemini and Libra are air signs, emphasizing the conversational abilities, although Libra is active and aggressive, while Gemini is prone to indecision. Mars, balancing war and peace, would want to bring along reluctant Venus in Gemini, convincing the dear friend ( or open adversary) of his or her advantages to do so.

Friday July 11th – The Moon in Capricorn will meet with the power, a collective force of mind- Pluto. Is the situation able to be resolved? Can order (Capricorn) be maintained, is conflict unavoidable? Something must be done, and the hour for action is at hand. A truce may be offered, as the waring sides are notoriously unmatched. The mood is for peace, not war.

July Full Moon 2014

July Full Moon 2014

Saturday July 12th – The full Moon in Capricorn, suggests a summit with a truce proposal. The greatest hour is during the darkest times, and amidst all the conflict, there is a need for a rational assessment and a basis for friendship. The benefits of working together outweigh the consequences of conflict. Uranus and Mars are in wide opposition, With Venus and Mercury in Gemini, the will for adjustment and friendship are there redeemed. Will and Fate are brought together as the Moon in Capricorn, adjustment with Pluto and disposed by Saturn, set the stage for future conditions. This remarkable chart shows the benefits of alliances, peace and beneficent power that speaks for the people (democracy) rather than for power and control.

Sunday July 13thVenus and Mars are in a harmonious relationship that becomes exact today, and the announcement of the settlement could be at no better time. The Moon moves into Aquarius, and Mercury enters Cancer, as peace (Moon in Aquarius) will bring more security (Mercury, Sun and Jupiter in Cancer). More progressive standards (Saturn in Scorpio) are put into place, seeking to address long-standing issues., to disarm the radical elements ( Uranus in Aries).

Monday July 14th – Our traveling Moon in Aquarius is on a mission – quincunx the Sun today and will trine Venus in Gemini as well. World peace is not made in a day, so efforts to achieve a small step towards peace are vital. Working on issues of power and sovereignty are are applicable in relationships and everyday matters. Freedom within limits and acceptable to both sides are goals for us all.

Tuesday July 15th – the Moon meets up with Neptune today, a fitting response to the difficult scenes of conflict, as more humanitarian concerns, which the universal solvent that Neptune represents, acceptance of the passage of time, life and human endeavors. We feel the sorrow, the suffering and pain of humanity.

Have a good week in togetherness.







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