Week of July 30-Aug 5 2014 First Quarter Lunar Phase Indicates Escalation


Intensive work by mediators, primarily US Secretary of State John Kerry, find it difficult to produce lasting results. The lunar cycle is in the first quarter, and that is typically a developing stage or process. Looking at the chart for the first -quarter Moon aspect on August 4th , the two areas that stand out are the planets in Leo and the planets in Scorpio. They are in a hard aspect, a square aspect, to one another. It is the Sun and in it’s own sign Leo, and therefore radiant and strong, versus the Moon in Scorpio, combined with Saturn and Mars, the two planets in astrology that are called malifics. Pluto is the despositor of Saturn and in Capricorn, it is the only planet in an earth sign in this chart. Venus in Cancer, on the other hand, is in a wide opposition to Pluto. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is in Scorpio, and flanked by Mars and Saturn in this chart. It certainly looks as though instinct (Moon) is working against reason (the Sun). However, we must remember that the planets are active in all psyches and thus the conflict is within. We believe, optimistically, that good will prevail. That in the end, Pluto is a benign ruler working for order, and will not be allowed to achieve an evil goal.


1st Quarter Moon - august 4, 2014

1st Quarter Moon – august 4, 2014

Wednesday July 30th – The Moon transits Virgo, and Virgo loves details. Our run-away impulses with Uranus in Aries, which always precedes careful analysis, can use this Moon creative aspect (the quincunx) to unlock some secrets or solve a difficult personal problem. Fine tuning a work proposal can lead to a work of a genius. The Moon also opposes Chiron, offering more opportunities to repair and heal through work. The square of Mars to Jupiter in this picture, can make this a monumental 5 star success, and earn you even greater praise. Mars is the dispositor of Uranus, and will try to out-shine the best, so tone down the energy so that the Virgo ideas can emerge. Mercury in Cancer is the dispositor of the Moon, so the timing of the issues relating to security (Cancer) are put in place.

Thursday July 31st – The Sun in Leo is in it’s own sign, as is Neptune in Pisces. The Sun is a symbol of life, and individual consciousness, while Neptune is the collective unconscious. They were in a quincunx aspect on Tuesday. The aspect is still in effect, although weakening. The Sun has no exact aspects today, while the Moon is sextile to both Mercury and Jupiter. This shows that active emotions and more intuitive or reflective speech are driving actions. Jupiter in Leo is disposited by the Sun, while the Moon is the dispositor of Mercury, in the final degree of Cancer. The solar force is pulling away from the lunar, reflective source. Nervous habits may surface, as there is a feeling of insecurity. Belief systems are being challenged. Both Mars and Saturn are in Scorpio, the former pressing the action button, the latter contains, directs and focuses energy, preferring a cautious approach. The two will come into direct conflict when the conjunction is reached on the 24-25th of August.

Friday August 1st – The Moon is in Libra, providing for a wide Grand Cross, as the Moon will first square Pluto in morning hours in the US, afternoon in the Middle East. One should not mistake a willingness to evaluate, with a willingness to compromise. Venus square Uranus at the same hour, which can ignite passions. As the Moon transits to oppose Uranus, later in the day, and Venus moves beyond the square to Uranus, a calmer view can be taken.  The tendency is to mirror the opponent, however, unable to meet half-way or see the other side of the coin. Later in the day, Venus forms a Grand Trine in water signs, with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. The inner feeling is for healing, but the circumstances are difficult and some denial along with privation, limitation and deep seated resentment. Mercury has moved into Leo, as the balance seems to shift from a lunar (emotional) to a solar (rational) approach. The information gathering process, the work to understand and empathize, moves to a pro-active stance, to show a hand of assertiveness, and to reach conclusions.

Saturday August 2nd Mercury combines with Jupiter to make generous offers, to lead a client to a better deal, or simply a promise that can solve issues of a conflict. Finding a humanitarian basis can ease the destructive impulses, leading to a path for healing. The Sun, now quincunx Pluto, does not take a direct approach. Appointed leaders are able to move into a situation without casting blame. This is face-saving for the opponents.

Sunday August 3rd – The Moon enters Scorpio this morning, conjuncts Mars, and squares Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in Leo. Again, violence can erupt, disagreements over offers and terms between opponents in mediation attempts could trigger violence, or a resumption of violence. Powers are pressing onward while Mercury gains prestige in words and actions for the two sides. Each side in the argument is able to gain support. A more empathetic approach would be easy, but may not produce the desired results.

Monday August 4th – While independent actions have been the predominant choice, the 1st quarter Moon, represents the unfolding crisis in negotiations, and the lunar conjunction with Saturn is a symbol of an impasse. Stability is the desired outcome, while rejection is low on priorities. Attempts to smooth the road can be met with rebuffs at this time. Power and dominance is again an issue, although it is an asymmetric race. Shared values are, however, able to maintain allies, and common goals can be re-established. Humanitarian issues outweigh the military gains, or what one may achieve in argument.

Tuesday August 5th Mars square to Jupiter and Mercury in Leo, and also trine Neptune in Pisces, reinforces the concept that endless energy may be consumed by careless action, and as a war casualty. The race to quell the flames may not be successful at the moment. The Full Moon on August 10th show the Moon at 18 deg Aquarius, and the Sun at the opposite point in Leo, forming a T-square with Saturn at 17 deg Scorpio. Some stability may eventually be reached at the Full Moon phase.

Although the week seems to resolve around conflict, that may not necessarily be your experience. You may be an observer of others’ actions. Meanwhile, world-peace eludes us.

With Hope,


July 29, 2014


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